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HOW TO: Use Old CDs for Mosaic Craft Projects - DIY Kitchen Backsplash Tips and Tricks. The grouting process posed some challenges for us, and we want to share all that here because what we learned as a result we find to be very useful for future projects. Please note that you should really be using rubber gloves or some other form of protection for your skin when working with grout. We used some unsanded grout we had from a previous project. We didn't want to use white grout because that would require more cleaning and scrubbing, and scrubbing is something we really don't want to have to do because the exposed surface of the CDs is plastic, and if that surface has significant scratches it will fade the effect of the holographic film when light shines on it. After mixing the grout, we wet the surface and then applied the grout making sure to get it in all the cracks.

The instructions for our grout said to let it dry for 30 minutes before taking the excess off. 17 Out Of This World Things To Do With Pallets In The Garden. Creating your dream garden doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming either. With these 17 amazing ideas you can create everything from outdoor furniture to decking plus plenty more. Have the garden you deserve with the best ideas the internet has to offer for upcycling pallets into the ideal accessories for your yard. Pallet Loungers – Relax in style with this wonderful DIY that even novice crafters can build. With just a couple of pallets and a few basic tools you can lounge the day away. Vegetable planter – This sturdy planter will allow the green thumbed out there to grow their own fruits and vegetables in a planter which doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your garden or you could move it with the sun!

Wooden Deck – Ideal for any garden this rustic deck will give you a great space for entertaining or just a decked area for you and the family to relax and enjoy a BBQ. Vertical Pallet Garden – Limited for space? Chicken Coop - Keep chickens? Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Pizza Oven | The Year of Mud. (The following entry is all about making a cob oven, a lovely and inexpensive outdoor pizza oven. The construction details have been trimmed back a bit, but this article should still give you a full idea of necessary materials and the building process for making your own oven!) I must admit, I’m a bit of a breadhead. Few things are as exciting to me as freshly baked bread with a dab of butter, or hot and greasy scallion pancakes, or fluffy and airy naan, or a pizza fresh from the hearth of a wood-fired oven.

(That last one trumps all the others.) I thrive on bread. I love eating it, and of course I love making and baking it, too. Earlier in the year, the idea of baking in the outdoors in a wood fired oven became something of a romanticized (in every positive sense of the word) notion to me. So I picked up a copy of Kiko Denzer’s Build Your Own Earth Oven, a little gem of a book covering the construction of cob ovens from the ground up. The Foundation The Fire Brick Oven Hearth p.s. 3 Powerless cookers you can make using scraps! You may have enough food stored away to get you through a disaster, but do you have a way to cook it? I was feeling pretty confident about my supply of food, until the power went out for 2 weeks! I quickly realized it’s pointless having food if you don’t have a way to cook it (unless you enjoy eating dried pasta and beans). To truly be a Survival Mom you need to take the next step and figure out a way to cook your food without power.

I’m spoiled, I’ll admit it, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without electricity until a hurricane swept through our town and taught me a lesson I would never forget. Immediately afterwards, I researched different powerless cooking methods so I would never be in the same predicament again. There are plenty of options out there, but I noticed many of them can be costly. No need to worry though, because I have you covered! Not only are these 3 powerless cookers practically free, you can make most of them with the scraps you have just lying around. Apple Box Oven. Build a ROCKET STOVE: An Alternative Cooking Method EVERYONE Should Have! - Prepared Housewives. DIY Quick & Easy Modern Cat House. Build Your Own Earth Oven » FreestyleFarm. Quick! Before summer is over and there is a chill in the air, you MUST make an earth oven.

Also known as a cob oven, ours is made entirely from the rock, soil and sand on the cottage property. The only items purchased were the fire bricks, woodstove pipe, and a bale of straw. Our design is based on the methods outlined in Kiko Denzer’s book, “How to Build an Earth Oven”. Invite some friends over and make it in a weekend. Flames seen shooting up into the back of the rocket earth oven via the stove pipe.

The beauty of this oven, is that Hubby brilliantly merged a rocket mass heater into the design. Hickory chips soaking, you can see the steam leaving the oven as the earth is drying. I purchased Kiko Denzer’s book, a few years ago, where it sadly remained at the bottom of our cottage “To Do” list. Italian spicy sausage (from my favourite butcher), potato, tomato and cheese pizza. Besides pizza, bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies, we’ve also been experimenting with roasting and smoking meats. The Pallet Pavilion, Germany. Organize Your Garage with This Six-Zone System.

How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates. As we all know, a new coffee table is quite expensive, so today will show a solution that with a little skill and creativity you can do it yourself. There are several options for materials, but depending on the table size, you can choose pallets or wine crates. If you choose wine crates follow the steps below … and belive me you can create a very atractive coffee table … What you will need: 4 Wooden Crates2 1x2x6 planks of recycled pallet4 Caster WheelsScrewsScrew DriverStain or Paint your choiceSatin Polyurethane How to make it: 1.

Stain or paint the crates and let them dry. 2. Source : DIY Vintage Chic. (4) Facebook. Bicycle tire dome.