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Antique Stereo Cabinet - Before & After | Queen of Everything. * There are affiliate links within this post * I’m sure many of you belong to one (or if you’re me, twenty) Facebook “garage sale” groups. Or you check out Craigslist regularly. Or you go garage sale/estate sale shopping. Or you go curb shopping. Don’t act like you don’t know what that is! A lot of times, I just glance at the items and move on. Imagine my husband’s surprise when I texted him and told him he needed to pick up an antique stereo cabinet for me on his way home.

Luckily (or not so luckily?) We had some furniture rehab drama along the way, but I am so happy with it – I just want to sit and stare at it all the time now. Anyway – I know you want to see pictures, so here you go! This is not my stuff – this is the picture that was on the Facebook group. After removing the hardware I was able to remove (the front doors are “faux”, and I could not figure out how to remove the hardware – and the handle on the right? I just should’ve chosen a darker color. Well, it was Brittaney. Vertical Storage From Old Dresser Drawers. By Becky Striepe on January 7, 2014 If you live in a small space, storage is at a premium. Vertical storage is a great solution for fitting more stuff into less space! Just like vertical gardening, vertical storage takes advantage of height to help maximize a small area.

Store-bought vertical storage solutions can be a little bit pricey, but when you make your own from reclaimed materials you save money and reduce your environmental impact! Bing, bang, boom! I love these sweet vertical shelves that Samantha at the Douangphilas made out of salvaged dresser drawers. Keep an eye out for dilapidated old furniture, because even if you can't salvage the whole thing, this tutorial shows that you can even use parts to make something wonderful.

To make your own vertical storage from old dresser drawers, you will need: old dresser drawersdamp rags, to clean your drawerspaint and paint brushessandpaperfabric or contact papercoat hooks and screws (optional)long screws to mount the drawers to the wall.

Laundry Room Makeover

How to Upgrade your Builder Grade Mirror - Frame it! I love framed mirrors in the bathroom but I really don't like the idea of ripping out a large builder mirror to replace it with a smaller framed one. Not only is it hurting the environment, it hurts my pocket book. So at our first house we framed our builder grade mirror with some cheap MDF molding and ever since, we have been hooked on this cheap, but with a huge impact, solution.

I saw on Our Suburban Cottage, over a year ago, an amazing mirror that she created in her bathroom. Using her design, my husband was able to create this stunning addition to our master bathroom's mini-reno. I fully intend to redo everything out of this bathroom when time and money permits; but for now we had to do cosmetic changes that have made this bathroom livable for a few years. We did two bathrooms with this type of frame. Before (when we bought the house): After (after some minor and inexpensive changes): Method: Paint all the trim both back and front. Isn't it absolutely AMAZING!?!? What do you think? KMS Woodworks' Profile | Nederland, CO. Overview: Originally from Michigan, I moved to Colorado in 1991 to be closer to the mountains I love.

After working in the corporate world of Biotechnology for 12 years I started my own carpentry and woodworking business. In addition to basic handyman tasks I specialize in Custom Furniture, Tile and Hardwood Flooring, Kitchens, Baths and Decks. I was inspired for this career change after a 960 sq ft addition to my home. I hired a framing crew to dry in the space but have completed all of the rest myself. (It was a couple years after this project started that I found my new career) We recently purchased over 40 acres of land in Northern New Mexico and have started a small off grid cabin.

Our long term plans are to relocate there and build a larger off grid home. Favorite area of home improvement: I love working with natural Stone Tile...The more exotic the better. Tiny Polaroid Magnets | { Ambrosia Girl } Hi there! It’s felt like forever since I’ve last blogged, and has felt like an eternity since I’ve done anything crafty and nifty. Since my morning sickness has gone into full speed (yes, we’re expecting our third this fall!) I haven’t felt like myself. But nothing like inspiration to wake one out of a reverie — or nightmare, in my constantly sick state.

I came across these DIY Pantone chip magnets on How About Orange and wanted to do something similar. The idea of mini Polaroids dotting my fridge sounded cute to me. You will need: Cardboard (mine was the backing of a sketchbook — much thicker than the back of a regular spiral bound notebook) or 2-3 sheets of white cardstock or poster board spray-mounted together to use as a sturdy backing to the magnetsOpaque white marker (necessary only if your cardboard is not white) Craft knife Metal straight edge/ruler Clear packing tape or frisk film. Step 1: Download a Photoshop file of the Polaroid frames below. 487 Comments. Easy and Affordable Rental DIYs. I was recently asked by Hometalk to put together a board full of great DIY ideas for rentals! I was so excited because it can be really hard to find affordable DIYs and tips for people who are renting and deprived of wall paint!!

If you've never heard of Hometalk it's an awesome website--it's a place to check out some amazing DIYs (you don't have to have a blog to post projects or questions!). You can clip your favorite posts to your own boards (similar to Pinterest) to keep track of your ideas! So definitely check it out! Without further's my new Hometalk board! What do you guys think of these ideas? Make sure to set up a Hometalk account and follow me on Hometalk (here), as well as here at my blog, to see all my DIYs and the great ideas I find! Check out the great projects where I link up! My DIY Project. My DIY Project2. Four DIY Projects. Date: September 18 2013 | Author: Jessica | Category: Curious Have you been around the DIY block a few times? Gotten crafty when it counts? That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you’ve done it all! Here are four functional home items you didn’t know you could DIY: Air Freshener.

Laundry Detergent. Toothpaste. Stainless Steel Polish. DIY/ Towel Bar..etc. Second Chance to Dream: Recycle Project: Pop Cans turned Garden Art. Hi Everyone! With Earth day one week away I have a super fun recycling project to share with you. It's Garden Art from Pop Cans or Soda Cans as some might say. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE gardening. I LOVE spring, the new life spring brings. Gardening gives me an excuse to get out there and enjoy this new season.

My hubby also likes to garden and we have 9 LARGE garden beds on our 3 acres that we play in all summer. I wanted to come up with some fun garden art that I could make and enjoy. You'll need to gather your supplies. Spray Paint- if you're like me you have a large collection to choose from Acrylic paints Clear spray finish Left over molding or dowel rods Tin Cutters Gloves Bottle caps- I bought mine. Pop Cans- You'll need one for each flower To begin: Cut the top of the pop can off using your tin snips. I then cut strips down to the bottom cutting into the bottom so that they would lay flat. I then gave them a good coat of spray paint in my chosen colors. See.... Friday: Easy, frugal DIY towel bar: aka, The best towel bar in the whole wide world of history. When my daughter was a little girl, her way of saying something was the most awesome thing possible was to declare it “the best ___ in the whole wide world of history.”

We are happy to say that our new towel bar is the best towel bar in the whole wide world of history. For us, anyway. It’s turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the renovated bathroom. It’s frugal and green, it functions exactly the way we wanted it to, and it’s pretty stylish (we think). First, the function: (because function is always first) More than anything, Rita and I wanted a towel bar that would hold all the towels we wanted without any doubling-up or fussy folding. It’s super-sturdy ,and despite the long stretch between ends it doesn’t flex or dip a bit. Before coming up with this, Rita and I did look at quite a few towel bars.

This early-demo shot shows our pathetic old towel bar. We couldn’t find anything long enough, though. A trip to Home Depot’s plumbing section was in order. You get the idea.