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Dovetail Coffee Table. 100 Handmade Gift Tutorials. AMF (Almost Free) Pocket Hole Jig. Think outside the box with 115 gallon reef bowls. Hi! My name is Dave Lackland and I was raised and educated as an artist. I have 30 years experience creating and maintaining marine aquaria so when it came time for a show case system in my own living room, it had to be something different, something that would make friends and visitors smile and /or laugh. Living in the subtropics of the Florida Keys, I was eager to employ natural sunlight as the primary light source for the project, yet was indecisive as to what shape, form or size. Rectangular and square systems are the norm, I had set up my share of those, I’d seen many well done cylinders, so that was out. I knew the bowl was out there, the vessel itself, something pre-made for a different application. I contacted the manufacturing company and explained what I wanted. Now that everything was in place, it was time to add water and test the structural integrity of the bowls.

The 2 bowls are a single system sharing a communal 65 gallon sump, skimmer, and chiller. 24 Highly Creative and Clever Gardening Tricks Tutorials to Enhance You Garden. Some cool DIY projects from imgur. Rubik's cube chest of drawers. Unsurprisingly, there are lots of bits of furniture around that are based on the Rubik's cube; coffee tables are particularly popular, and for 980€ (!!) , you can even buy a Rubik's cube locker. I wanted to do something different, and use lazy Susan bearings to achieve at least one axis of rotation - they're cheap, really strong, and add a wacky dimension to a chest of drawers.

The design is simply three boxes, each containing a single drawer. Their construction is basic - they're made of 1/4" and 1/2" plywood (which you should get precut at the lumber yard into two 2'x8' sheets), and assembled using a brad nailer and wood glue. This method of construction is super fast and precise, and results in really strong objects. The main challenge in this build is cutting the pieces with high precision - if you can't cut plywood to within 1 mm, you should probably practice on something simpler until you can. This guy turned his truck into something awesome. If you've always wanted a camper but have never been able to afford one, then here's an idea that may inspire you. Have you ever thought of building one yourself? Well that's exactly what Redditor tylerthompson21 did.

He turned an old truck into an adventure machine! With a month of hard work, dedication and several different materials, he built his very own DIY adventure truck. This awesome truck has everything you could possibly need for a fun road trip by yourself or with a friend. The frame for the pull out drawer. The frame has been bolted together with angle iron to allow easy removal. Skateboard bearings are used for the drawer slides. The drawer slide consists of a 1×1 tubing.

The drawer gets installed. The drawer has compartments and a lockable handle which is designed for truck boxes. The right forward hatch to hold a battery. The back left hatch which is perfect for storage. The tuck box lock. The latch. A lock to secure the drawer. Latches to prevent the drawer from sliding. Mosin Nagant Rifle Crate Coffee Table « AIM.

A customer of ours put one of our Russian Model 1891/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle Crates to good to good use. We have heard of this being done before, but Spikes08 was kind enough to post about it on and then allow us to repost on our blog. Check it out: PSA: If you are reading this, please do the following three things so we might preserve the freedoms we have left. 1. Register to vote 2. Now on to the substantive post 5k. I original saw this piece of awesomeness you see below on arfcom. Now my photography equipment consisted of an IPHONE 4, so the pics are not as crisp as what you see above. First you start with a basic crate. You can see here some of the wear on the outside. I went to Lowe’s and got some paint matched, then painted the outside.

Rifles came in around this time. Couldn’t resist putting them in the crate at this point. Then couldn’t resist cleaning the rifles. Next I decided that I wanted some feet for the table. Table was now starting to come to life!!!!!! D.I.Y Inspiration from Make Your Own Background From Styrofoam. I had seen several very nice backgrounds made from styrofoam in various tanks so when I bought my new 720 liter I decided to make one. This is how it went. I bought six thick pieces of Styrofoam that measured 120x60x10 centimeters and one beer.

The Styrofoam will become the background for the tank and the beer is for drinking while working on it. Since the tank measures 200x60x60 centimeters I had to cut them to fit the tank properly. Since I needed to place two pieces on top of each other I placed the joints uneven to make it stable. Before finally placing the sheets together I applied plenty of silicone sealant. Now the sheets of Styrofoam are glued together. Three sheets covering the whole length of the tank and some extra pieces at the far ends where I plan to cover power heads, heaters and other equipment. In this corner I will place the hose from the canister filter and a heater. I have now started the actual carving; there are a lot of Styrofoam pieces flying around.

All done. High Functioning Coat Hooks. Back in Los Angeles, any old coat rack or a few hooks by the door would do. Most of us would just toss a jacket in the back of the car in the winter months. But here in Vermont we need a little more. Many of the vernacular farm houses I visit have at least a half dozen hooks per person lined up in their mud rooms. My wife and I each will have several different coats, jackets and vests in play all winter long.

Add to that assorted scarves, hats and gloves, several of each for both of us, and your average coat rack doesn’t stand a chance. The bench by our door spent the whole winter covered in coats hats and gloves with the overflow often spreading to the back of the sofa in the living room. Materials, for each hanger you'll need: One cleaned or refinished paint can. 2 screws long enough to reach into wall studs. Tools: Long handled screwdriver or screw gun with sufficient extensions to reach bottom of can. Step two: locate and mark stud position on wall for upper screw position.

30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer. Make a Rustic Wood and Leather Hanging Shelf | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: how-to, diy, recycle, rustic. Often, the hardest part of creating and designing DIY projects is sourcing the right materials. Finding something strong yet workable, with just the right amount of visual character can actually be harder than you think. So, what I love about this rustic storage project is its embracing of its worn materials - the weathered look of the wood and leather belts are part of the design, and the measuring and angles are more suggestions and ideas than hard rules for success.

Plus, it only uses a handful of used (read: inexpensive) materials and a hammer and nail, so it's achievable by nearly anyone. DIY Project: Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf [ ] How To Mix Chalkboard Paint in Any Color. We love using chalkboards as backdrops for displays and parties (like this one here!). So we were super excited to learn that you can create your own custom colors-and it's really easy! We first learned how from Martha Stewart whose tutorial you can read here. She recommends that you use latex paint, but we tried it out with acrylic paints with much success. Here's how you too can create your own chalkboard paint... Supplies: 1/2 cup acrylic paint (choose any color you like, or mix colors together to make the perfect shade!) , 1 tablespoon unsanded grout (this can be purchased at most hardware/home improvement stores, we got ours at Home Depot), mixing cup or bowl, spoon, paint brush and an object or board you plan to paint on. 1. 2.

Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. Have fun creating any color combination you like!! Scratch Off Tickets. Put this in your ‘party planning’ list: Homemade scratch off lottery tickets on Artmind (the trick: you mix metallic paint with liquid soap for the scratch off part).I can think of lots of fun ways to use these. copyright 2014 liz stanley // all rights reserved. Anthro-Inspired Mirror. You all know we love a good Anthropologie knockoff around here – so a couple of days ago when I was browsing online I came across this mirror.

Oh I definitely need that. Hold the presses – did that say $498??? Huh. We can do better than that. :) So after scouring the thrift shops, cutting myself on mirror glass, and overcoming an unreasonable fear of Mod Podge, here is my version! (Bear with me here – taking a picture of a mirror is a bit tricky. Ready for the tutorial? You’ll need: A MirrorEasy Off Oven CleanerFabric (enough to cover the frame and the back of the mirror)Mod PodgeA Staple Gun or other framing tool I went searching for a method to removing silvering and came across a great tutorial at Mitzi’s Collectibles.

I started with a frame that I found at the thrift store. Obviously not clean. We actually had to ask on this one – because it just said 1951. $19.51 seemed way to high – and it was. Start by taking your mirror out of the frame. Lay your mirror down on a protected surface. Hollow out the light bulb. In the beginning I found the directions at TeamDroid to be a great help on how to do this.

Now that I've done it over a dozen times it's routine. With practice this becomes quick and simple. There is another instructable describing how to hollow out a lightbulb here to get another perspective on it. Teamdroid linked to a GE tech spec on your standard bulb here. A lot of the time you are poking around inside the lightbulb trying to break off the internal glass bits.

Do this over a trashcan and often shake the lightbulb out over the trashcan to get rid of the glass shards. Wear safety glasses at all times. First, grip the metal circle with a blob of solder in the middle at the bottom of the lightbulb with your pliers and gently pry it up from the dark purple glass insulator.

Once that is done, take your carbide scribe and over a trash can, pry into the hole you just made in the purple glass insulator and break up that purple glass. Now you have a hole in the bottom of the lightbulb. How to Transfer a Photograph Onto a Block of Wood. 35 Amazing Uses For Old Pallets. Mini USB powered Tiffany Lamp. (Note: Use a pencil and draw very lightly and be careful not to get the surface of the ball too smudged up with pencil lead.)

Start by drawing a line round the equator of the ball. Use the seam as a guide. Then from the North Pole draw lines down to meet the equator at the quarter hours so that you have four equal segments. Now further divide each of those segments into three small equal sized segments so that in all you have 12 segments. about 2 to 3 mm below the equator line draw another line round the circumference.

Below the lower circumference line draw little scallops round to line up with the small vertical lines. About 10mm down from the North pole draw two concentric circumference lines. Draw out the Coca-Cola logo. I simplified the logo mainly because of the small size and the complexity was at the limit of my skill and the equipment i had. Before & After: Crazy Beautiful Toy Kitchen :: Green Your Decor.

23.2K Flares23.2K Flares × LOOKING for more DIY play kitchens? Click here for a roundup with lots more projects, photos and ideas, including a DIY toy workbench for a little boy! And if you like this post, Subscribe to Green Your Decor for more DIY projects and green ideas! I like to think of myself as pretty crafty. I often see items in a store and think of a way (or find a tutorial) so I can make it myself. But no way in the world am I THIS crafty. I usually post the “after” picture first, with a before picture later.

Gorgeous! Read the details at Giggleberry Creations. Looking for more DIY projects? 20 Easy DIY Art Projects for Your Walls. Bare walls looking sad and lonely? We’ve got you covered with a bunch of DIY art projects for your walls that are simple and pretty inexpensive. Most of them don’t require you to be an amazingly inventive artist to make them too, so those of you who missed out on the creative genes can still make your walls look awesome. Get ready to get crafty with these 20 easy wall art DIY ideas: 1. Find and print out cool typography, hang it up with clipboards source: 2. Source: 3. Source: 4. 5. 6. 7. Source: 8. Source: 9. 10.

Source: 11. Source: 12. Source: 13. 14. 15. Source: 16. 17. Source: 18. Source: 19. Source: 20. Source: Featured photo credit: Gallery Wall Art Diy/Jobcogs via Paracord Rifle Sling.

Easy Paracord Projects.