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Kay, SO. This is a really exciting post. Remember Brittany and Paul’s super cute, ultra whimsical wedding we posted a while back? The one with the HUGE PAPER FLOWERS? DIY paper flowers by Brittany | DIY Wedding DIY paper flowers by Brittany | DIY Wedding
I’ve been saving up my paper rolls in hopes of making something with them. I decided to make these little ornaments after folding, bending, cutting and just messing around with the rolls. My little guy helped me out. Here’s what you need: paper rolls craft acrylic paint ink marker (optional) hole puncher strips of fabric, ribbon, yarn, twine (whatever you like) water-based, nontoxic satin varnish (optional) 1. Fold paper roll as seen in first image. 2. Creative Kismet » Blog Archive » recycled paper roll ornaments Creative Kismet » Blog Archive » recycled paper roll ornaments
[ please give me a vote for the contest if you like the instructable, thanks] I always wanted to do this project but in all the guides i always found that you need some kind of wood cutting skills and/or tools. So … I decided to make a simple hydraulic robot with cardboard, reinforce and hold by duct tape that anyone can do. Duct tape not only is strong but also looks pretty cool; it gives the robot a cool metal like look and it holds everything together really good. Hydraulic robot made of cardboard and scotch duct tape. Hydraulic robot made of cardboard and scotch duct tape.
Paper Sculpture
George W. Hart is a professor at Stony Brook and is one of our favorite artists, making a wide variety of stunning geometric sculptures. On his of his many works that has particularly captivated us for some time is a sculpture called Frabjous. When we realized that George had posted a template for this sculpture we dropped everything, grabbed the cardboard and hot glue, and raced to build our own. You’ll need papercraft type building materials: Paper, cardstock, or cardboard, and tape or glue. Also good scissors and/or a hobby knife with sharp blades. Making a Frabjous Making a Frabjous
Frabjous Sculpture by virginia Found it really helpful to get the spiraling right by labeling a dodecahedron (inspired by the explanations from the Evil Mad Scientists, which has great CAD illustrations you should check out) and marking the corresponding parts of the sculpture. You can download the pdf of the dodecahedron I used (with typed numbers) with some extra instructions below. This is just taped like hinges on the inside (not hot glue gun-ed.) I plan on re-designing and making another out of wood! As soon as I decide how to connect the parts cleanly together. Any suggestions? Frabjous Sculpture by virginia
Mantis - 3D puzzle by Neophyte
This sculpture is 12 inches in diameter, made of walnut. The parts lock together without glue. It is a puzzle/sculpture which can be disassembled and (if you are clever) reassembled. Egg Heads -- sculpture by George W. Hart Egg Heads -- sculpture by George W. Hart
Tumbleweed Twelve ornate pieces cut from one eighth inch thick steel are assembled to make this 7-inch diameter sculpture. I cut the parts from a sheet of steel using a computer-controlled plasma cutter. The image above shows the process. Tumbleweed -- sculpture by George W. Hart Tumbleweed -- sculpture by George W. Hart
72 Pencils 72 Pencils The above instance was commissioned by John Sullivan, with specially printed ISAMA pencils. The view shows how it looks along a three-fold axis of symmetry. For some viewers, part of the interest lies in the form of the interior. The four hexagonal tubes are hollow, so the sculpture as a whole is hollow. But, what shape is its cavity? What would someone on the inside see?
Dragon Fly puzzle by Neophyte
Image of Iris Business Card 4 Leaf Version
Member: dombeef
Planetary Gear Business Card - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog If you are looking to impress you can make a cool Planetary Gear Business Card. If that isn’t for you then have a look at this circuit board business card or this metal business card that belongs to the Woz. "Cut from card or bristol and assemble like a sandwich. The middle layer needs to be appreciably thicker than the others; I cut it twice and glued the bits together, but I recommend using thicker paper board. Planetary Gear Business Card - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog
Image of Planetary gear calling card
How to Make Homemade Paper By Marrianne Saddington December/January 1993 Five gallon plastic vat is filled with three quarts of pulp and cold water filled to within 3 inches. Although making paper is a common enough activity, few are familiar with the techniques involved. As a calligrapher, I was initially drawn to making my own paper so that I would be able to practice my art on interesting and unusual paper. Rendering lard and making lye soap are among the useful tasks homesteaders and small farmers can le... How to Make Homemade Paper
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