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PVC Projects

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PVC Dremel drill press. Materials: 2"x1"bushing 1 1"cross 3 1"x3/4"tee 1 1"x3/4"bushing 3 1"x3/4"bushing spgxfpt 1 1"pipe 4 1/2"long (Class200pe grade) 1 1"pipe 2"long 2 3/4"crossing 1 3/4"tee 7 3/4"elbow 3 3/4"plug mpt 1 3/4"pipe 20 1/8"long 1 3/4"pipe 11"long 1 3/4"pipe 2 5/8"long 1 3/4"pipe 2 3/4"long 1 3/4"pipe 5"long 1 3/4"pipe 7"long 2 3/4"pipe 6"long 1 3/4"pipe 2 3/8"long 2 3/4"pipe 1/2"long (Class200pe grade) 6 1/2"elbow 4 1/2"pipe 11 1/2"long 2 1/2"pipe 4 1/4"long 2 1 1/2"conduit clamp 2 rubber stopper 1 springs (from 4"sprinkler body) 2 9 1/2" x 8 1/2" board 1 5" x 6" board 1 Tools: drill+bits dremei+bits pvc cutter screw drivers countersink sand paper wrenches measuring devices pencil glue screws Tips: 1)The spring is from 4" sprinkler body. 2)The 1 1/2"conduit clamp is just fitting Dremel 4000.

PVC Dremel drill press

You can find in electrical department of hardware store. 3)Class200pe grade pipe inner diameter is bigger than sch40 grade. Some parts have to be Class200pe grade. How to make an Elevated Dog Bed. The speeder, a pedal car built from a plastic drum. Everyday Uses for PVC Water Pipe - Thomas Tilley. 2006 - Present What can't you do with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe?

Everyday Uses for PVC Water Pipe - Thomas Tilley

The ubiquitous blue PVC water pipe can be seen along most streets here and appears to be one of Thailand's most abundant un-natural resources. A wide variety of different connectors are available and apart from carrying water it is also used as a cheap construction material that can be used to make everything from clothes dryers to Wheel chairs (PDF), Crutches, flagpoles and shop signs.

Of course on the Internet you can also find some other very cool and creative things made from (non-blue) PVC pipe including: Halloween costumes like Ben Hallert's Matrix APU and Aliens Exo-skeleton Power Loader, another power loader costume, single and multi-guitar Guitar Hero stands, a laptop stand, flutes, and even a shaving stand.

Below you will find, in chronological order, some of my own (mostly original) creations made from PVC water pipe including: Marshmallow Shooter Plumbing Soccer Goals Cricket Wicket Basketball Hoop. DIY Toddler Chairs {Made out of PVC Pipe} My mom made a chair out of PVC pipe for me when I was about one year old and I actually still have it (the fabric is worn and it's in pieces right now.)

DIY Toddler Chairs {Made out of PVC Pipe}

The Little Lady played with it until I decided to do an update. Plus, I wanted to make one for her cousin for his first birthday. These would make great beach chairs. They'd be great for camping too. Don't you remember being a kid and loving things made just your size? The Little Lady had to sneak into almost every shot. I was bummed to only find PVC with printing along the sides, but that didn't bother me too much, because I knew spray paint would solve all my problems. These chairs are pretty easy and require very basic sewing skills. You will need one piece of sturdy fabric such as corduray, denim, or upholstery. Once the fabric is cut, fold right sides together hot dog style and sew the long sides together. Then, move the seam so it is in the center and iron seams open. Sew shorter sides together. Build a Dog Cot for around $10. · PVC pipe 1-inch (inside diameter determines the size) schedule 40 (thick wall).

Build a Dog Cot for around $10

Can be purchased at Home Depot for about $2.48 for a 10-foot stick. · Three way corner pieces (1 inch) item # F100W3W. Can be purchased at C & S Plastics 1550 5th. Street SW, Winter Haven, Florida 33880. Phone number 863-299-6639. . · Open weave plastic mesh marine upholstery fabric (similar to Phifertex) is the best choice to use. . · Buildex Teks Lath Screws #8 X 1/2" can be purchased at Home Depot for about $5.49 a box with 260 count. . - Cordless drill with variable clutch settings - Screwdriver Bit - Screwdriver Magnetizer (optional but very helpful if doing this alone) Build a laptop stand. PVC iPad Stand "build it yourself" Pictures of a "build it yourself" PVC iPad Stand adjustable to any angle over desk, bed, chair, etc.

PVC iPad Stand "build it yourself"

Free picture and PVC project plans. iPad Stand "This is an iPad (or other tablet) stand made from PVC pipe and other common hardware. All parts are available at Home Depot or Lowes. The joints are made from two T fittings with a 1/4" bolt through the axis and lubricated with silicone grease. Built by Jim McKeown. Return to pictures of PVC projects. Homemade Disc Golf Target - Disc Golf Course Review. Loft Bed Plans: How to construct a PVC Loft Bed Projects. Relax and get satisfaction from the peace-of-mind that arrives from easy, inexpensive PVC construction. Traditionally employed for plumbing related purposes, PVC pipe is out there at most household development retailers. pretty handful of resources are needed to construct a loft bed from PVC pipe, and PVC pipe fittings make agonizing more than fantastic cuts unnecessary. Use PVC pipe to knowledge all of the benefits of an elevated loft bed—including accelerated safe-keeping plus a cool, modern ambiance—for a fraction in the professionally constructed price.

Tips & Warnings Instructions. Things You’ll Need:All PVC pipe ought to be at the least two inches in diameter. Verticals and ladder:48″ Sections of PVC pipe, ten 6″ Sections of PVC pipe, 16 17″ Sections of PVC pipe, 7 T connectors, 14 Base 1 Fit an elbow connector onto a single finish of a single 19 3/8″ part of PVC pipe. Mattress Platform 1 Place a 4-way corner connector on each ends of the 39″ segment of PVC pipe. Platform Bed Plans - Platform Bed Furniture Building Plans. PROJECTS MADE WITH PVC PIPE. Garden Hose Cart Janet in Portland, OR made this useful garden hose cart adapted from the free plans you can get here.


Thanks, Janet. Portable Bike Stand This handy bike stand was made by Gabe in Phoenix, AZ Carved PVC Pipe Kurt in Pennsylvania carves and then stains PVC Pipe to create interesting wood-like objects. Dremel Drill Press Another neat and innovative project from Johnny B. Life Jacket Cart Sports Bottle Drying Rack As a weekend cyclist, I am often at the wrath of my wife for filling up her dish drying rack with my cleaned water bottles. Loft Bed Made From PVC Water Pipe. Alex's Loft Bed Made From PVC Water Pipe When Alex was 3 years old I decided to give him a little extra room in his bedroom by building him a loft bed with a lot of play room underneath.

Loft Bed Made From PVC Water Pipe

I had been using PVC pipe for other projects and thought it would be good for this one, too, so I made some measurements of PVC pipe fittings and created some 3D CAD models so I could construct the whole thing in the computer before ever cutting a piece of pipe. PVC pipe is great stuff to work with. You can get it at any home supply store, it is cheap, strong, easy to cut, fast to glue, and there are enough standard fittings that you can make almost anything. There's no need to be particularly accurate or precise when cutting, and the fittings provide accurate 90 degree angle joints. First I measured his mattress and figured out how big the mattress platform needed to be. In the end, here's what I came up with (click the picture for a larger image): update October 2007: Update August 2008: Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects. Dog Days of Summer. We just completed a “staycation” last week while hosting a family reunion.

Dog Days of Summer

It was great! No airlines, no long car drive and no hassles. We vacationed at home! What a concept! In today’s lackluster economy, I found that many families are opting to turn off their cell phones, leave the computer shut down, and just plain relax in their own domain. PVC Pipe furniture has a loyal following of true believers.