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Wrong Side of the Art - high resolution posters for horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, adult and B-movies.

Wrong Side of the Art - high resolution posters for horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, adult and B-movies.
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Glitchosophie Une thèse communément admise, notamment théorisée par Husserl dans La phénoménologie comme science rigoureuse, présente la philosophie comme la première et la plus importante des sciences puisque c’est la seule à se comprendre elle-même. Pourtant, sa capacité à se penser elle-même représente aussi son plus grand problème. Ici, nous nous écarterons de la question classique : « qu’est-ce que la philosophie ? » pour nous intéresser plus précisément à définir ce qu’est l’expérience philosophique en elle-même. Superplay philosophique « In this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend :those with loaded guns and those who dig. »Blondie¹ Toute recherche philosophique commence par la remise en question de ce qui est admis. Le superplay est une pratique consistant à terminer un jeu parfaitement, il se divise le plus souvent en deux catégories, le highscore et le speedrun. Glitch cartésien « There is always the chance thatyou will go too deeply in the darknessAnd not come back »Hubert Selby Jr.²

Film Poster Paintings from Ghana In the 1980s video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinema” operators in Ghana to travel from town to town and village to village creating temporary cinemas. The touring film group would create a theatre by hooking up a TV and VCR onto a portable generator and playing the films for the people to see. In order to promote these showings, artists were hired to paint large posters of the films (usually on used canvas flour sacks). The artistic freedom that these artists were given allowed for the creation of some very interesting and sometimes bizarre posters that, as screenwriter Walter Hill wrote, were quite often “more interesting than the films.” Most of these posters come from the book Extreme Canvas: Movie Poster Paintings from Ghana that Will from A Journey Around My Skull linked me to. Cujo (Lewis Teague, 1983) The Terminator 2 (James Cameron, 1991) Deadly Prey (David A. Evil Dead II (Sam Raimi, 1987) Demonic Toys (Peter Manoogian, 1992) Eaten Alive (Tobe Hooper, 1977)

AFA - art for adults Ren Hang aka 任航 (Chinese, 1987-2017, b. Chang Chun, Jilin province, China) Photography Vintage Movie Posters * CineMasterpieces * Original Movie Posters * Hollywood Film Posters * Old Movie Posters For Sale * Star Wars Posters * James Bond Posters * Cinema Posters * Antique Movie Posters * Film Posters * Classic Movie Posters * Buy Movie Po modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource Pierre Faucheux – Index Grafik Photographie du portrait, circa 1955. © DR – Selon l’historien du graphisme britannique Richard Hollis, Pierre Faucheux serait le graphiste français le plus important après Cassandre. Figure majeure de l’édition française au lendemain de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, surnommé Monsieur Couverture par Jacques Chancel dans une de ses Radioscopies de 1978 ou encore l’homme aux 100 000 couvertures, Pierre Faucheux (1924-1999) renouvellera profondément le livre et le design graphique. Son travail pour le Club Français du Livre ou le Livre de Poche a laissé dans nos bibliothèques, de nombreuses empreintes de ses expérimentations visuelles, revisitant les avant-gardes et les courants artistiques de son époque. En marge de son atelier, il développa un travail visuel constitué de collages et d’écartelages photographiques. « Typographe, graphiste, urbaniste et architecte, Pierre Faucheux a fait ses armes à l’École Estienne. – Julie Kervégan cit. – – cit. –

MOCA | The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Rockin' Jelly Bean Art Graphics tabrown portfolio New Horizons: Index?order=downlinkDate&page=1 The images posted at this website were taken by the LOng Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) on the New Horizons spacecraft. LORRI is the most sensitive and highest resolution imager aboard New Horizons. In fact, it is one of the most sensitive and highest resolution imagers ever flown on a planetary mission. LORRI is comprised of a Ritchey-Chrétien telescope and a 1024 x 1024 pixel (optically active region) CCD detector operated in frame-transfer mode. The telescope has a 20.8 cm diameter primary mirror, a focal length of 262 cm, and a three lens field-flattening assembly (see Fig. 1). The location of LORRI on the New Horizons spacecraft is showing in Figure 2. LORRI does not have any color filters; it provides panchromatic (black and white) imaging over a wide spectral region extending approximately from 350 nm to 850 nm. LORRI has a 0.29° x 0.29° field of view, and each pixel subtends 0.00028° x 0.00028° (1.02 arcseconds x 1.02 arcseconds). About Posted LORRI Images Q1. A1. Q2. A2.

Design Search Code Manual - Table of Contents - Introduction 1. The General Guidelines provide broad instructions and procedures for coding and interpreting the design search codes. 2. Each design search code is a numerical classification index that codifies design figurative elements into categories, divisions and sections. For example, a five-pointed star would be coded in category 01 (celestial bodies, natural phenomena and geographical maps), division 01 (stars, comets) and section 03 (stars with five points). The design code manual also contains explanatory notes and specific guidelines that provide instructions for specific code sections, cross-reference notes which direct users to other code categories, sections and divisions, and notes describing elements that are included or excluded from a code section. 3. The individual coders for design trademarks have been instructed to look at the designs from two aspects. This design is retrieved because it has the image of an elephant in the mark.

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