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Validation Board - FREE tool for testing new product ideas, stop wasting time and money

Validation Board - FREE tool for testing new product ideas, stop wasting time and money

Ex-Foursquare Designers Focus On Sunrise, Want You To Do More With Your Calendar Two of the team of eight designers at Foursquare have recently left to focus on Sunrise, a calendar product to do more with your calendar, with data from Google Calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. They currently offer a daily email and are actively working on the next version. According to them, the calendar can be a very powerful tool and nobody has figured it out yet. “Calendar apps today are mostly broken as they don’t show you useful information, even though you spend a lot of time adding items every day,” UX designer and developer Pierre Valade said in an interview. “That’s why we first created a daily email combining all the information available on Google Calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn and Eventbrite, and presenting it in a compelling way,” he continued. It first started out as a side project while working at Foursquare. They focused a lot on the user experience and design, with Jeremy Le Van handling design and Valade development.

comercial.fromdoppler ¿Por Qué Elegir Doppler para tu Campaña de Email Marketing? Doppler es la mejor manera de gestionar tus Campañas de Email Marketing de manera integral. Crea, envía, mide y optimiza tus Campañas maximizando su viralidad y tus ganancias como nunca antes. Crea tu cuenta GRATIS en minutos y descubre el poder del Email Marketing. Sin límite de envíos. Más intuitivo y fácil de usar • Contamos con una Interfaz dinámica, amigable y con acompañamiento en el paso a paso. • Editor de Templates Drag & Drop sencillo y poderoso. • Templates y layouts prediseñados para tí. Campañas para cada necesidad Sin trucos. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ y mucho más… ¡Integrados a tus Campañas! Prueba y Error: el ABC del Email Marketing eficaz. Mediante la Campaña Clásica, podrás mantener informados a tus clientes sobre novedades y promociones. La Campaña Social te permitirá integrar fácilmente Social Media a tus acciones de Email Marketing viralizando tu mensaje. ¿Qué pasaría si enviaras ese email con otro asunto?

On Sale At Last: Twine, Your Gateway To The Internet Of Things A year ago, two MIT Media Lab graduates raised half a million dollars on Kickstarter to create Twine, a cigarette-pack-sized chunk of Internet magic that promised to turn any object in your home into a web-connected, interactive "smart product." Want your basement pipes to send you a text message when they’re in danger of freezing up, or your garage door to ping you if you forget to close it? No problem: With Twine, building your own personal "Internet of things" is supposed to be easier than programming a VCR. And now that the product is available for purchase, it looks like creators John Kestner and David Carr have very nearly delivered on that ambitious promise. How do you get a non-hacker to even understand a device like Twine? With product design that would make Steve Jobs proud. But Twine is also intriguingly mysterious: Flip the rubbery, featureless box over on its back and two instructions reveal themselves: "Place this side up," and "go to"

Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity The Secret, Selfish Side Of Social-Curation Sites Here’s my beef with social platforms today: I don’t think they’re very social at all. As much as Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest promise a way to connect, they’ve also promoted a disconnect--sharing on different platforms, proving a fragmented sense of keeping tabs on any social network. We can track our connections’ job promotions on LinkedIn, photos from their new office on Facebook, and hear their celebratory music on Spotify--but what about how these all link together? And what about the platforms themselves? Unfortunately, competition currently drives their existence. Specifically, these days every startup, brand, journalist, etc. has set out to associate themselves with the craze that is “social curation": What is this Pinterest? It’s not social, it’s selfish. Social curation companies like Pinterest, Storify, and Foodspotting are essentially creating hubs for crowdsourcing interests like wedding ideas, hipsterized photos, and tweets that appear social on the surface.

Misadventures in VC Funding: The $24 Million Moz Almost Raised Date / / Category / Startups Over the course of this year, I’ve written a couple times about raising a potential round of venture financing for my company, SEOmoz. At last, the saga’s over, I’ve been released from terms of confidentiality and I can share the long, strange story of how I first rejected, was eventually persuaded, but ultimately failed to raise a second round of investment capital. photo credit My hope is that by sharing, others can learn from our experience and possibly avoid some of the mistakes, pitfalls and pain we faced. Raising money for a startup is an inherently risky proposition. Do We Really Want to Raise a Round? In November of last year, 14 months after my previous failed attempt to raise capital, we started receiving inquiries from a variety of firms – venture capitalists and private/growth equity investors, asking if SEOmoz was interested in pursuing funding. The week of May 8th, I met with 3 investors in New York City and one in Boston. Narrowing Down the Field

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