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apr 27, 2014 composing the items in various creative arrangements brings to mind the youthful game often played with » 11 shares an adaptive reuse project which creates a coherent and active environment for the GIPES intstitute in » 36 shares the humble home exhibits an array of natural materials whose form and organization enhance the experience of »

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iF design award 2012 - hansgrohe prize winners may 31, 2012 iF concept design award 2012 hansgrohe prize winners ‘washit’ by ahmet burak aktas, salih berk ilhan, adem onalan, burak soylemez of turkey grand prize winner the theme for this year’s hansgrohe prize focused on the topic of making the act of showering a more pleasurable and ‘greener’ experience. held in connection with the international iF concept design award for young talent, out of the vast number of entries submitted 150 shortlisted projects were evaluated by a jury; andreas haug, phonex design, stuttgart; jan heisterhagen and dr. carsten tessmer, both of hansgrohe SE, schiltach who awarded the following prizes to six international teams: top entry, ‘iWashit’ designed by ahmet burak aktas, salih berk ilhan, adem onalan, burak soylemez of turkey is a shower / washing machine combination. greywater from a shower is collected, cleaned and filtered to be used for doing a load of laundry.

latest projects by michael young ‘city speed’ for giant by michael young michael young has recently launched some new projects. the british designer who has practices in iceland, the UK and asia works on a range of projects, from interior spaces, transportation, electronics, bar ware to architecture. Christian Andersson Everything looked the same Self Portrait / Living Fossil Reanimator Black Box Cool Tools Lots of ideas for last minute holiday shopping There is still enough time to buy cool tools as gifts and have them arrive before Christmas. Here’s our complete list of gift ideas for 2016.

tomás amat estudio bases the cicada pavilion on insect morphology sep 17, 2015 tomás amat estudio bases the cicada pavilion on insect morphology tomás amat estudio bases the cicada pavilion on insect morphology photography by david fruto based on the morphology of an insect, the innovative structure called ‘the cicada’ have been designed by tomás amat and pablo belda of tomás amat estudio. located on the gardens of a former tobacco factory in alicante, spain. the large, external area has been transformed into a cultural space where this distinctive addition offers a kiosk-bar and restaurant service. the project is based on the morphology of the insect innovative technology was utilized in the various applications of material

I Like Your Flaws I like how you mispronounce words sometimes, how you fumble and stammer and stutter looking for the right ones to say and the right ways to say them. I appreciate that you find language challenging, because it is, because everything manmade is challenging. Including man, including you. When you sleep on your side, I like to map the constellations between your beauty marks freckles pimples, the minuscule mountains that sprinkle your back.

The Power of Metaphor : Word Count Michael Lydon, a well-known writer on popular music since the 1960s, has for many years also been writing about writing. Lydon's essays, written with a colloquial clarity, shed fresh light on familiar and not so familiar aspects of the writing art. Here Lydon explores how metaphors have the power to "fuse fact and fancy." Architecture Firm Snøhetta Norway’s currency just got a beautiful makeover courtesy of Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta (the pixelated side) and Norwegian graphic design firm The Metric System (the photo side). Snøhetta is the architecture firm currently working on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art expansion, and the designs they submitted are images of Norway’s coast pixelated according to the Beaufort wind scale. More images below. Snøhetta’s Website Via: The Atlantic and Eric Wada

This Easy Morning Stretch Will Revitalize Your Body, And Give You A Boost Of Energy! The Sun Salutation: (Surya Namaskara) is a sequence of twelve positions performed in a continuous flow. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the entire body, while alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing. The world’s largest Delta 3D printer can print nearly zero-cost housing out of mud The future of affordable (and sustainable) housing may lie with 3D printing. The World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) has unveiled the world’s largest delta-style 3D printer, which can build full-size buildings out of mud and clay for nearly zero cost. The massive BigDelta printer stands 12 meters tall (40 feet), and it's nearly completed its first house at a cost of just 48 euros so far. Italian innovator Massimo Moretti launched WASP with the goal to “create a means for affordable fabrication of homes, and provide these means to the locals in poverty stricken areas.”

Aerial Photos of Giant Google-Funded Solar Farm Caught in Green Energy Debate One big problem with renewable energy projects is that they have to go somewhere. They have to occupy a part of the very environment that their proponents are often trying to save. Photographer Jamey Stillings beautifully captures this tension in his images of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS). Underground Home Designs - Swiss Mountain House Rocks! Like this article? Share it: In underground home designs, this unusual house plan is the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This underground home, located in the Swiss village of Vals, is set amidst a cluster of mountain houses and if you don’t look carefully you might miss it! The most striking thing about this stone house is the majestic Alpine view through a wide, elliptical opening in the hillside, revealing spacious outdoor entertaining areas that lead to the home’s main entrance.

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