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Future of Wireframing - HotGloo

Future of Wireframing - HotGloo
Easy-to-use Good software doesn’t need to be complex. That's why HotGloo is really intuitive and easy to use. You will feel at home immediately. Collaborative Wireframe in real-time with your team to get work done even faster and communicate with your co-workers via the built in chat function to avoid distraction.

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Pagination design pattern The user needs to view a subset of sorted data that is not easily displayed on one page. Use when there is more data than what is comfortably fitted into one screen. Use when the dataset is ordered into amount of interest (that usually means newest first) Do not use when you don’t want the user to pause for navigating to the next page. The Gestalt Principles The Gestalt Principles Gestalt is a psychology term which means "unified whole". It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the 1920s. These theories attempt to describe how people tend to organize visual elements into groups or unified wholes when certain principles are applied. The Rise of Interactive Quizzes Interactive quizzes involving muppets, home places and House of Cards characters have suddenly become some of the most popular content formats on the web. We look at the share figures. Speaking at the news:rewired conference in London this morning, BuzzFeed’s Editorial Director Jack Shepherd said that the site now treat the quiz as a legitimate story format. Their recent ‘What State Do You Actually Belong In?‘ quiz has just become their most-shared post ever, a week after it was first published. Meanwhile, The New York Times’ most popular piece of content in 2013 was also an interactive quiz (which was designed by a then intern), which attempted to parse readers’ US state of origin through a number of entertaining steps (it seems as though identity quizzes have the most resonance on social media).

SDK Before installing Android Studio or the standalone SDK tools, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. This is the Android Software Development Kit License Agreement 1. Introduction 1.1 The Android Software Development Kit (referred to in this License Agreement as the "SDK" and specifically including the Android system files, packaged APIs, and Google APIs add-ons) is licensed to you subject to the terms of this License Agreement. 2.

One Site Fits All: A Responsive Solution With 56% of American adults owning a smartphone and 34% owning a tablet and with 1.2 billion devices projected to be sold in 2013 , smartphone and tablet access continues to skyrocket. Users are increasingly accessing online information through a multitude of devices that are of all shapes and sizes. Breadcrumbs design pattern The user needs to know his location in the website's hierarchical structure in order to possibly browse back to a higher level in the hierarchy. Use when the structure of the website follows a strict hierarchical structure of similar formatted content. Use when the structure of the site is parted in to sections which can be divided into more subsections and so on Use when the user is most likely to have landed on the page from an external source (another site deep linking to the web page in question). For instance from a blog or a search engine. Use when the page in question is placed fairly deep into the hierarchy of pages and when no other form of visual navigation can show the details of the same deep level. Use together with some sort of main navigation.

Five Ways To Prevent Bad Microcopy Advertisement You’ve just created the best user experience ever. You had the idea. Description Whether you take photos to be creative or just for fun, now is your chance to keep doing what you love to do and be rewarded, recognized, and engaged by your favorite brands! SnapMyAd is a free mobile app that allows you to take photos of your real brand experiences and exchange them for real brand perks. Awesome right? In turn, the brands can use the photos for ads and other marketing material with your consent. It’s a win/win for both parties in a snap! How You Do It

Green Map Green Maps are locally created environmentally themed maps with a universal symbol set and map-making resources provided by the non-profit Green Map System. Based on the principles of cartography a Green Map plots the locations of a community's natural, cultural and sustainable resources such as recycling centers, heritage sites, community gardens, toxic waste sites and socially conscious businesses. Tagline[edit] UX of Software Things If you’re part of a team that build software products, you’ve probably heard about UX before and you know it’s kind of important. But often in stand-up’s, I hear developers say: “the work I’m doing at the moment doesn’t really form part of the UX”. Just the other day a developer said to me that he was doing work that wasn’t part of the UX. He was optimising the speed of database queries, so that the reports in our system can load faster to lessen the load on our servers. Naturally, I explained to him that his work was indeed part of the UX, because it would directly impact users in a positive way. I’ve had many of these types of conversations in the past where people aren’t aware that their work affect the user experience – and I feel it’s important to understand this for two reasons:

Easy-to-use Good software doesn’t need to be complex. That's why HotGloo is really intuitive and easy to use. You will feel at home immediately. Collaborative Wireframe in real-time with your team to get work done even faster and communicate with your co-workers via the built in chat function to avoid distractions. Independent Work on your projects wherever you are and whenever you want. Your account is accessible 24/7, regardless which operating system or browser you are using. Interactive Good UX is all about interactions. Link elements to pages in your sitemap or set up different user scenarios with states, viewstacks and much more. Bulletproof Say goodbye to lost work. Built in auto-saving and additional backups of all your work on secure servers is what makes HotGloo really safe and secure. Тип: Online Цена: 14$/месяц by viktory12345 Feb 10

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