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Image Crop Tool.

Image Crop Tool.
Change the aspect ratio of a photo You have a landscape photo, but need a square crop for your Facebook profile. Or, you have a portrait photo, and want a nice 4:3 landscape crop for your latest presentation slides. Croppola will find a well-balanced part with the desired aspect ratio within your picture - quickly and painlessly. Enhance your holiday pictures or snapshots You took snapshots of your kids playing on the beach, and want to improve the framing.

Funtastic Photos "The fun & easy way to edit, print and share photos on your Mac" - Ohanaware Version: 1.0.9 (released May 29th, 2012) Version Changes: *** Please note that this release is Intel only and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer **** Now uses the latest Facebook upload methods.Now includes support for Twitter.Fixed some bugs with the Specific Size method.Now includes Soft Focus v4.Changed some of the Toolbar Icons.Removed Picasa upload tool.Other minor bug fixes and improvements. Requires: Intel based Mac with 512mb of RAM & Mac OS X 10.6 or newer. Using Curves in Photoshop When you need to adjust the contrast, your first choice for the job is should be levels. However, when there is no spare room at the ends of the histogram, it's time to turn to the 'curves' tool where you can adjust selected parts of the tonal range. You can open the 'curves' window by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+M in windows or cmd M on a Mac.

Cheapstamatic » Una aplicación multi-plataforma gratis en línea que le dará a tus fotos un lindo efecto antigüo, retro/vintage. Google acquiert Odyssee, une application pour stocker ses photos directement sur ordinateur Nouvelle acquisition par Google. Le géant américain a mis la main sur Odyssee, une société éditant une application gratuite du même nom qui sert à sauvegarder automatiquement sur l’ordinateur les photos et vidéos prises grâce à un terminal mobile. Le montant de la transaction n’est pas dévoilé. Lancée début novembre, cette application prend le contre-pied de toutes celles proposant un stockage en ligne, dans le «cloud». L’application pourrait être directement intégrée au service Google+ photo.

Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. ← Transparency color. Used as background since this image contains transparency. Photo Editing Made Simple - Free Online Photo Editor Seene, l'application qui transforme votre smartphone en appareil photo 3D Seene est une application photo qui se démarque de toutes celles présentes sur le Play Store. Elle a en effet pour particularité de prendre des clichés au rendu 3D, donnant ainsi une impression d’immersion totale. Si le futur de la photographie passe par la 3D, Seene fait alors office de précurseur dans le domaine. L’application permet en effet, très facilement, de prendre des photos avec un rendu 3D assez bluffant.

Create your tilt-shift picture Move the vertical slider on the right of the original photo to select the area in focus. Use the "Preview" button to see the results, then click on the required image size and press "Download" when done to process the image and get a download link. Site members get unlimited downloads up to 21MP (5700 pixel length/width) and can access over 50 bokeh styles, click here for details. Processing and downloading hi-res images may take a few minutes, depending on original photo size and other factors. A download link to the most recent hi-res file processed this session will appear in the "Recent hi-res:" area. The size of the main selected area can be adjusted using the horizontal slider, from "narrow" (focusing on a small area) to "wide" (focusing on a larger area).