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Springpad: An Intelligent Online Notebook for Everything Online notebooks are a dime a dozen, with Evernote at the head of the class and at least 17 other eager alternatives close behind. So, do we really need another one competing for our online filing needs? We'll leave the answer to that question up to you, but we certainly think that Springpad, an online notebook that collects and manages tasks, web notes, and events in a super clean and user-friendly Web interface, is worth a nice long look. Once you create an account you can start creating notebooks or pages. Since Springpad handles each type of media intelligently, lists come with dynamic checkboxes, events include email or SMS reminders, contacts can be pulled in via Gmail and associated with pages or tasks, and restaurant data comes directly from Yelp. We're big fans of Springpad and the limitless ways we can use it, and we can only hope that they'll add import and mobile access options to future releases. More Research Resources From Mashable

10 ways to make Android faster, more productive, and more secure than the iPhone | Mobile Technology IPhone users love to brag about their phones. They line up around the block and stand in line for hours when a new one is released. Yet, for many users, Android is clearly the superior platform. Yes, its Achilles' heel is a big one: security. iOS vs. Yet, Android's openness also provides serious benefits. To continue reading, register here to become an Insider It's FREE to join Network World - IPhone users love to brag about their phones. With a little tweaking, you can speed up and optimize Android in ways that will make iPhone users' heads spin. Make your Android faster 1. One of the major benefits of using the popular browser Opera Mini is that its cloud engine compresses data by as much as 90%. The advantage for Android users: the ability to use Opera Mobile instead of Opera Mini. 2. Apps like Android Booster and Android Assistant give you the power to automatically kill apps that run in the background, gobbling up battery life and draining CPU. 3.

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GQueues - Manage tasks & to-do lists with your Google Account TasteKid Latest TwitChimp List Curation, Search and Discovery Features Announced is a new capability designed to help make Twitter better serve several niches of the community. TwitChimp makes it easy for experts on any topic to create curated lists of Twitter accounts to follow. These lists are then made easy to discover, which helps those seeking producers of relevant content. Although Twitchimp is still in beta, its most recent delivery of features has made it a very powerful capability that can help you make the most of Twitter right now. An ability to easily create and curate feature-filled lists of twitter accounts on any topic you desire. Summation of top concepts/words and hashtags in tweets for an entire list, and a hotlinking of those words to Twitter searches. Generation of statistics for lists and users in lists. An ability to discover lists by category. Search tools enabling lists to be found by keywords in the list or by bios of users. User profile pages with stats, bios and links. An ability to embed lists on any site on the Internet.

WebApps - annuaire des applications et sites Web 2.0 - Content Hub and Identity Management Platform Socialcam Looking for Monthly Active Users (MAU) or Daily Active Users (DAU) for an app or a developer? Subscribe to AppData and gain access today. For more information please visit our TOUR or PRICING pages: TourPricing You can also contact us at (415) 230-2558 or email us at Sample Application Profile Sample Developer Profile Description Share video with friends and family.

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