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40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools

40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools
Last month I shared 40+ networks that you could consider depending on your niche or interests. As part of my commitment to this community, I shared that I will expand on this list throughout 2012. So here is the first addition to that build! The topic- Curation! I thought I would focus on curation because a) I have a favorite site and b) there has been a lot of “press” on Pinterest as a curation tool and as a result I thought the timing was right. What is social media curation? Today, with the exponential growth of social networks and blogs, it can be overwhelming searching for information on the internet. Recently, I had posed the question : What is a social media curator” on Linkedin . Why curate? Curation provides another offering for your on-line audience. Curation sites The number of curation sites and tools have grown dramatically. Changing gears a little bit, I would like to share that I am intrigued by Bookriff which is very new site and start-up. Now that is quite the list.

irmavermaat : 40 Social Media Curation Sites... What is Content Curation? What is Content Curation? Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Though it is still considered a "buzz word" by many in the content world, content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence. Unlike content marketing, content curation does not include generating content, but instead, amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion. Who Are the Content Curators? Content curation is all around us. Many of us have been participating in content curation for years without even knowing it. What are the Secrets of Successful Content Curation? It is no secret that there is a lot of information on the internet. For most companies, content curation is being used to drive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What are Some Helpful Content Curation Tips?

Pearltrees Pearltrees est un service web de curation qui permet d'organiser, d'explorer et de partager des contenus numériques. Son concept repose sur l'idée que la multiplication des contenus (pages web, images, vidéos, fichiers ou notes personnelles, etc.) rend nécessaire une organisation humaine du web. Le réseau d'utilisateurs de Pearltrees s'étend aujourd'hui à de nombreux pays : l'application a été remarquée en France[1], dans la Silicon Valley et est maintenant utilisée dans plus de 150 pays. Au-delà de sa version d’origine, Pearltrees propose une version éducation pour les établissements scolaires et une version entreprise pour toutes les autres organisations. Pearltrees a été lancé en 2009 par Patrice Lamothe, aujourd'hui président-directeur général de la société, Alain Cohen, directeur de la technologie, Nicolas Cynober, directeur technique, Samuel Tissier, responsable de l'ergonomie et des interfaces, et François Rocaboy, directeur marketing. Historique[modifier | modifier le code]

Content Curation versus Content Aggregation: A Velvet Mr. T Painting Two posts brought to my attention the discussion starting to take root about the worlds of content aggregation versus content curation. A post on the Poynter blog back in early October points to the work of journalists engaging in curation via Twitter as a way of “filtering the signal from the noise.” The phrase used was “curation is the new aggregation.” A more recent post on the blog by Roger Hart delves more into the world of content curation in a broader sense, stating that it is a bit of a flavor-of-the-month. I would disagree with that sentiment, having discussed this for years. My experience with curation is more specific. Daily, and sometimes twice daily, it is my job to draw from a set pool of content, radio programs’ arts and entertainment segments, and publish them into a CMS with text and audio. Over the past few years, publishing content in this manner makes me a curator of sorts. Curation and aggregation are similar in but a few ways. So. [velvet Mr.

hypercuration : L'impatto della Content Curation... Trapit Nouveauté Gmail : les correspondants ne sont plus automatiquement enregistrés dans les contacts | Presse-Citron Gmail vient de pratiquer un petit toilettage de son service et propose quelques nouveautés cosmétiques destinées à en alléger et faciliter l’usage. Parmi ces nouveautés on notera surtout une nouvelle option, qui permet de choisir maintenant si l’on souhaite que Gmail enregistre automatiquement tous ses correspondants dans les contacts pour une saisie semi-automatique ultérieure, ou si on souhaite le faire au cas par cas manuellement. Jusqu’à présent, toute personne à qui vous envoyiez un email était automatiquement enregistrée comme un contact. Une fonctionnalité très pratique mais qui pouvait conduire à une inflation très rapide et incontrôlée de votre liste de contacts, remplie partiellement de personnes avec qui vous n’avez échangé qu’une fois dans votre vie, et qui ne sont ni vos amis ni même des relations professionnelles intéressantes. Avec cette nouvelle option, Gmail permet donc de désactiver cette fonction parfois quelque peu envahissante. (source)

How Educators Use Pinterest for Curation Digital Tools Jody Strauch By A. Adam Glenn The phenomenal growth of Pinterest has sparked interest among millions of users. It’s also spread to journalism educators, who are increasingly experimenting with it in the classroom. The social network launched two years ago, but in recent months has drawn red-hot excitement for its unique visual, topic-based curation approach. Now journalism school faculty are increasingly in on the act. One early adopter was University of Southern California’s Andrew Lih, who last October, long before he and many others knew the site would become a blockbuster, introduced it to online students in an entrepreneurial class to gather what he called a “mood board” for a project on public art. Aggregating images to share with students is an increasingly common classroom use for the tool. Jody Strauch at Northwest Missouri State University has used Pinterest to show good design work to her media design classes. Pinterest is not without its drawbacks.

hypercuration : Content Curation with Pearltrees... Welcome to Posterous Spaces 2013's Top Android Apps In a year that saw Google Play finally pass the one million milestone in terms of live apps, it’s fair to say there’s a deluge of file-managers, smart calendars, funky cameras, games and more to sift through to get to the real gems. So here’s a quick snapshot of some of the more notable apps to launch for Android in 2013. For the most part, these are all available globally, though a handful are restricted to certain markets – these are clearly marked. F**k it, we'll do it live! Our biggest ever edition of TNW Conference is fast approaching! In no particular order… Cal To-do list startup Any.DO spun out a brand new smart calendar app called Cal this year, representing the “first in a suite” of standalone apps from the Israel-based company. It’s worth noting that although it is indeed a ‘standalone’ app, insofar as it’s a separate entity to Any.DO, there is actually a fairly tight integration between the two apps – so you will be asked to sign-in using your Any.DO credentials. ➤ Cal Simplenote