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RSS Feeds Directory for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

RSS Feeds Directory for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
You can use this feeds directory to determine the RSS feeds of any of your favorite online service be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or something else. If you are old school like me and still prefer consuming online content through RSS feeds, this directory is for you. Most of the popular online apps and services – including the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, offer RSS feeds but the problem is that you have to be a near geek in order to discover any of these feeds. Hence, I compiled this directory that will probably help you find XML feeds for your favorite online services without digging into the complex APIs. 1. Replace “relevance” by either “published” or “viewCount” to order search results by the upload date or view count of videos respectively. 1. To get the ID of any Facebook Page, go to and replace Digital Inspiration in the URL with the username of any Facebook Page. 1. Pinterest RSS Feeds 1. Image RSS Feeds for Instagram, Picasa and Flickr 1. 3. 1.

Agency Support | SXS Events | Event Production, Event Lighting, Drape Hire, Outdoor Stages and Complete Event Services | 0870 080 2342 We are a vital tool for agencies who provide, but are not specialist experts in, events. We work as a seamless extension to your team to deliver comprehensive and value adding solutions. If your projects and clients demand you to organise events, you will find the support and assistance of SXS one of the most useful resources you have. For our agency clients we provide: If you already have preferred suppliers, why not get a proposal and quote from us for your next project? Youy may be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer! 3D Visuals > Custom Truss > Contact Us Please get in touch to chat about your next project.

First step in creating a radar is a process of discovery Submitted by Howard Rheingold on Thu, 06/16/2011 - 02:56. Consider a topic in which you have a continuing, long-term interest. For me, that might be the use of social media in learning. You can start from any of the points I recommend -- search, blogs, Twitter, social bookmarking, etc. - but sometimes you can go directly to the stream you want. 1. 2.

Here's 4 new Social Media apps to check out today My bookmarks folder is crammed full of social media tools and apps. There's well over 2,000 links stored from research and testing over the last three years. I love playing with and testing new apps and tools, and I'm more than happy to pay a few bucks to get the premium sauce too. Over the weekend I've added 4 more apps to my list, their pretty handy so check them out. FRUJI - Professional Social Media Statistics Fruji analyses all your followers and then reports back on; Followers, FollowingTweets, RetweetsVerified Accounts that follow youList membershipsNew followers and UnfollowersMost popular followersMost valuable followersIdentifies likely Marketing accounts (even follow/following numbers) Annual premium account costs $25USD. I like it because it collects data from all your followers not just the last 1,000 or a percentage of so it's as accurate as can be. Mention - Social Content Curation and Engagement Centre I could almost migrate from Sprout Social over to Mention today.

Case Study: MTV MTV Networks (@MTV) is a global leader in entertainment content. The annual Video Music Awards (VMAs) is always one of the network’s highest-rated shows. Their challenge Since 2007, MTV has pioneered the use of Twitter at the VMAs, and ratings soared when the network began to integrate Twitter even more fully to drive engagement. Leading up to the annual awards, @MTV wanted to take their social TV approach one step further and create groundbreaking interactive experiences. Their solution @MTV worked with Twitter’s content and programming team to develop interactive experiences that allowed viewers to engage with and actually influence the live broadcast. The Twitter Tracker site integration had three major components: Buzz, Paparazzi and Hotseat. Buzz encouraged viewers to tweet about VMA celebrities. The Paparazzi feature on the Twitter Tracker site distributed backstage photos to users in real-time and encouraged viewers to retweet those photos. Their results 3 keys to success

Netvibes Tutorial - masey is a custom made home page solution that allows you to create a personalised page filled with content that you find useful… that is relevant to YOU! It’s ideal for your browser homepage and can be accessed from any web enabled computer anywhere! I LOVE this service so much! I love it to the point that I have put in a few long hours compiling a dead simple tutorial covering the basic steps you need to take to ensure a rich “Netvibes” experience for yourself. If you find this tutorial helpful, please share it with others via Facebook or Twitter using the buttons provided above. Where to Begin: 1. A. B. <img src=" alt="Sign In" width="183" height="49" style="float: right; margin: 0px 0px 15px 15px;" />Click on the”Sign In” link at the top right of the screenUnder the "New User" heading click the “Sign Up Now!” C. Save this email in a folder where you will find it again in case you forget your login details 2. A. B.

20 Ways to Build Your Online Reputation in 10 Minutes a Day August 12, 2012 20 Ways to Build Your Online Reputation in 10 Minutes a Day By Gihan Perera in Branding Joining a network like Twitter or Facebook isn’t enough to build an on-line reputation; you have to participate in it as well. That’s obvious, but this is one area that worries some people who think they need to spend all day on these networks to build their reputation. That doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, note this quotation attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” This is usually quoted as a warning about the one bad deed, but you can also think about the many good deeds. Let’s look at 20 easy, practical ways to participate in various on-line communities. LinkedIn 1. 2. 3. 4. Twitter 1. 2. 3. 4. Facebook 1. 2. 3. 4. Reviews 1. 2. 3. 4. Commenting 1. 2. 3. 4. That gives you 20 ideas you can use immediately to build your on-line reputation – and that’s just a small sample of what you can do.

Setting up a premium rate service - PhonepayPlus If you want to set up a premium rate service in the UK, you need to follow a number of steps: 1. Read our Code of Practice and guidance The Code of Practice sets out the rules for the premium rate industry, such as clear and accurate pricing. 2. You may need to get our permission to set up some services, where consumers need extra protection. 3. You must check the background of premium rate organisations that you intend to contract or have commercial arrangements with and ensure consumers are not put at risk. 4. Before providing any services, you need to register with PhonepayPlusPhonepayPlus, unless you are exempt from registration. 5. After you’ve registered, you must submit details of your premium rate service and numbers online within 2 working days of them being active. Get advice from PhonepayPlus We can give you free advice to ensure your service follows our Code of Practice. *Calls provided by BT will be charged at up to 5p per minute. Useful links

Search operators - Web Search Help You can use symbols or words in your search to make your search results more precise. Google Search usually ignores punctuation that isn’t part of a search operator. Don’t put spaces between the symbol or word and your search term. A search for will work, but site: won’t. Refine image searches Overall Advanced Search Go to Advanced Image Search. Search for an exact image size Right after the word you're looking for, add the text imagesize:widthxheight. Example: imagesize:500x400 Common search techniques Search social media Put @ in front of a word to search social media. Search for a price Put $ in front of a number. Search hashtags Put # in front of a word. Exclude words from your search Put - in front of a word you want to leave out. Search for an exact match Put a word or phrase inside quotes. Search within a range of numbers Put .. between two numbers. Combine searches Put "OR" between each search query. Search for a specific site Search for related sites

Who Are the Real Online Influencers? [INFOGRAPHIC] As the web's capacity for pageviews increases, marketers are becoming less interested in reaching as many people as possible, and more interested in reaching the right people. According to Deanna Brown, the CEO of Federated Media, that's why context is so important — the ability serve high volumes of advertising continues to expand, but the real value for a brand is to surround its message with the right context so that it reaches the most influential people among customers. Yet, while most marketers agree that reaching influencers is important, they question how to measure influence and how to determine the most influential people online in the first place. Are you influential if you reach a massive number of followers? The infographic below, from influence marketing firm Crowdtap, sheds some light on the current predominant thinking regarding how to reach influencers. Image courtesy of Flickr, GOIABA (Goiabarea)

Audience text to live stream I think it's a bit easier to think of this as two separate parts - posting tweets, and showing tweets. To show tweets, you'll need to pick a way to isolate a stream of tweets and get updates to that stream when new tweets are added. Since it doesn't sound like you'll be following the folks in the exhibition, or adding them to a Twitter list, you'll need to tell your attendees to Tweet in a specific way, such as @mentioning your username, or tweeting with a specific #hashtag. To render a list of tweets containing a hashtag or mention, there are many options. Using this kind of setup, you actually do not need to do anything at all to let folks post to the feed - any Twitter client should be capable of performing the appropriate @mention or #hashtag reference, including SMS.

Google Search Operators The following table lists the search operators that work with each Google search service. Click on an operator to jump to its description — or, to read about all of the operators, simply scroll down and read all of this page. The following is an alphabetical list of the search operators. This list includes operators that are not officially supported by Google and not listed in Google’s online help. Each entry typically includes the syntax, the capabilities, and an example. allinanchor: If you start your query with allinanchor:, Google restricts results to pages containing all query terms you specify in the anchor text on links to the page. Anchor text is the text on a page that is linked to another web page or a different place on the current page. allintext: If you start your query with allintext:, Google restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specify in the text of the page. allintitle: allinurl: In URLs, words are often run together. author: cache: define: ext: group:

Social Media Companies: A Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC] So you're new to this whole social media thing. Maybe you're savvy enough to know your Facebook from your Twitter, your Pinterest from your Spotify. But what about Tagged? Xing? Never fear. This comprehensive infographic whipped up by social media strategist firm Hasai, below, serves both as a cheat sheet for the newbies and a scorecard for old hands; there's sure to be a stat that surprises even the most jaded social guru. Checking Usernames | Matt Massaro Check username? Claiming all of your usernames can help you in several ways. Whether you are branding yourself or your company going through this process can help you get found online. I would recommend doing both your business and your personal name. If you are looking for a job or are in any position in a company where people are going to search your name on Google you will want to make sure you own what is going to come up. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, and even a bunch of other Social Media sites come up in the search results. You would be surprised how many people/businesses I help that have over 100 likes on their Facebook page and haven’t claimed a username for it. Claim your username on the main social media sites first. That should be enough to get you started…. and keep you busy for a while! Tags: blog, check username, checking usernames, claiming username, helpful tips, tips, tutorial, username, usernames

10 Ways Social Media is Transforming our Culture and World It’s 2012, and yet I feel more calm about our future than ever before. The Internet has saved our asses, and we should celebrate. I’ve been on the Web for a long time, but every once in a while I have one of those tremendous moments when I have a mental flashback to these last 20 or so years… It happened today… one of my favorite Adele songs, writ large in a YouTube fan culture spectacular. Someone had pruned the 71 best YouTube covers of the track from the 350,000 or so available. Woven into a mash-up of all the covers in perfect synchrony. A Snippet of Magic I think it must have been magic that produced it. I mean, even if I had the skill, would I spend that time on a small gift to the Internet? But that’s what we’ve been doing. Leveraging the power of six degrees of separation. Uniting in common purpose and effort in ways that we had been rapidly losing. New Possibilities Created by Connections 1. 2. That will serve us well. 3. 4. We learn from each other. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. That’s amazing.