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Deep Spirits: Quest for Truth, Exploration of Beauty & Magic of Life

Deep Spirits: Quest for Truth, Exploration of Beauty & Magic of Life
DeepSpirits is about digging deep into the human mind, exploring spirituality and consciousness, transcending, finding practical solutions & applications in daily life, redefining beauty, making a difference... There are 3 paths in front of you... The Master of Dialogue The European philosophical tradition is a series of footnotes to whom? Plato of course. The inventor of questions, the provider of answers and the master of dialogue.

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What it means to "hold space" for people, plus eight tips on how to do it well - Heather Plett When my mom was dying, my siblings and I gathered to be with her in her final days. None of us knew anything about supporting someone in her transition out of this life into the next, but we were pretty sure we wanted to keep her at home, so we did. While we supported mom, we were, in turn, supported by a gifted palliative care nurse, Ann, who came every few days to care for mom and to talk to us about what we could expect in the coming days.

Meditation Exercises These meditation exercises have been taken from Shakti Gawain's book Creative Visualization. Meditation is a major key in using creative visualization. These meditations will help you touch the core of your being, that divine center in all of us. I have chosen these meditation exercises because they are my favorites and because they are wonderful if you are getting started in your meditation practice. The Expert Enough Manifesto The Expert Enough Manifesto is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Feel free to share the work anywhere, please just link back here if you don’t mind. New: order the Expert Enough Manifesto as a poster at CafePress! Perfect for your home, office, studio or wherever you want a reminder about the brilliance inside you. This is what we’re all about.

The Eight Circuits of Consciousness The four evolving future 'brains' are:V. THE NEUROSOMATIC CIRCUIT When this fifth "body-brain" is activated, flat Euclidean figure-ground configurations explode multi-dimensionally. Gestalts shift, in McLuhan's terms, from linear VISUAL SPACE to all-encompassing SENSORY SPACE. A hedonic turn-on occurs, a rapturous amusement, a detachment from the previously compulsive mechanism of the first four circuits. I turned this circuit on with pot and Tantra. 7 Signs Your Havingness Level is Dangerously Low » BAD WITCHES witchery Published on December 20th, 2014 | by Carolyn Elliott Your havingness level is an internal barometer of how much good stuff you allow yourself to have before your “too good to be true!” alarm bell goes off and you start unconsciously freaking out and rejecting that good stuff. The “good stuff” that a low havingness level will cause you to reject may be just about anything – love, money, sex, fun, creativity, joy. People often have a high havingness level for some arenas and a very low havingness level for others.

The Path From Human to Buddhahood 1. To practice Buddhism is to learn from the Buddha In discussing the Path from Human to Buddhahood, we must first recognise that we are human beings. As human beings who would like to practice Buddhism, what are the things that we should try to learn? 25 Best Movies About Education Ever Made When it comes to education, it seems as though there are always interesting issues to discuss. Issues of inequality, teacher pay, and other hot button subjects are always being tackled. This happens in real life, of course, but it also happens in the movies.

Chakra From an 1899 Yoga manuscript in the Braj Bhasa language. Their name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning", but in the yogic context a better translation of the word is 'vortex or whirlpool'.[1][note 1] The concept of chakra features in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism.

25 Social Media Channels You're Probably Not Using Now Chances are your small business has used social media in one way or another. There are the big guns like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And other familiar names like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine. However, these are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to all of the social media channels out there. Check out our list of social media channels you’re probably not using and see if any have potential for your business. Pheed

Paul R. Fleischman: The Experience of Impermanence (excerpted) In the Pali Language of ancient India, the word vipassana literally means, "to see things as they really are." Also called Insight Meditation, Vipassana is the primary technique taught by Gotama the Buddha twenty-five centuries ago. This article explains how Vipassana meditation can be understood through Western psychology, and why it leads the meditator away from narcissism to mature, social love. By walking down the path of Vipassana meditation, we arrive at experiences that season and mature our personalities. 50 Visually Appealing CSS Tutorials & Techniques If you are looking for in-depth articles on the inner workings of flexbox, or a comprehensive explanation for using CSS regions, then this is definitely not the post for you. Instead, we have squarely put our focus on those CSS tutorials that not only make the smaller details of the web visually appealing, but are also really useful. You know what we mean… fantastic text effects, innovative button styles, space-saving navigation systems, subtly animated form elements… that kind of thing.

Om...Aum What is the meaning of OM? The whole world has evolved from Om; The whole world is sustained by Om; The whole world will merge into Om- In Om resides my strength. -Sivayave."OM TAT SAT OM" Aum: Often spelled Om. The mystic syllable of Hinduism, placed at the beginning of most sacred writings.