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Liquid waste management services WA | Western Resource Recovery The Best Waste Management Services - SITA As waste levies rise and commitment to environmental sustainability grows, councils and commercial enterprises are increasingly investigating ways in which they can reduce disposal costs and integrate environmentally sustainable waste management plans. SITA aims to maximise the volume of waste that is sent for recycling and resource recovery. However, we understand that sometimes there is waste that cannot be recovered and we can provide a solution to assist. We assess your needs to determine the right service type, container size and collection frequency for your site. Collection Systems General Waste is collected in the following systems which can be adapted to suit your site: Rear Lift System Front Lift System Bulk: Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) Compaction System Please refer to our collection services brochure below for more information. Fleet Technology Collection Scheduling Equipment Equipment Delivery Containers will be delivered by a crane vehicle commonly know as HIAB. Acceptance Criteria

Quality Solid Waste Management Solutions and Efficient Recycling SUEZ Seminar Series - September 2015 The potential and the challenges for Western Australia WA has the highest rate of waste generation per person in Australia. With a rising population and an ambitious waste diversion target, a new approach to waste management is required. The Perth SUEZ Seminar on 18 September explored the role Energy from Waste (EfW) can play in the waste hierarchy. The panel of experts discussed the merits of energy recovery while also exploring key issues including the technology, financing, and community attitudes. Don’t re-invent the wheel on EfW Joyanne Manning, Associate Principal, Planning and Management at ARUP says Australia has a huge advantage as it moves into Energy from Waste – the ability to learn from global experience. “Europe is 20 years in front of you so you can look to the proven and ready access to data from the plants there,” Joyanne said. The facility would recover valuable materials and energy from waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

Most Economical Organic Waste Management and Recycling Services Members of the Engadine West Public School’s student environmental education team, the Bright Green Sparks, came together today to plan the layout of their new healthy food garden project thanks to a SUEZ Community Grant. Through the SUEZ Community Grants program, Engadine West Public School has received a $5,000 grant which will help the school to cultivate a fruit and vegetable garden that will then be built and managed by students in years K-6. The grant will not only fund the development of the new garden beds, but also enable a tool shed to be built close to the new school garden for students to use and store equipment in. Kim Finnimore, SUEZ NSW Local Government Manager, presented the cheque to the Engadine West Public School at the School’s, Healthy Food Garden’s ground-breaking ceremony and said SUEZ was delighted to support a local school that both develops environmental awareness and inspires participation in sustainable activities through education.

Recycling in Australia - MobileMuster Australians have been encouraged as being some of the best recyclers in the world but there recycling performance is pretty dismal when compared to countries such as Sweden, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. Whilst statistics show that recycling in Australia has grown extensively in the past decade our national recycling rate remains around 52 per cent of household waste.[1] One of the challenges to increase recycling rates is to change behaviour. Programs like RecycleSmart aim to increase recycling rates through education and providing incentives to recycle through a reward system. This innovative program works with local councils and workplaces to change behaviour and reward participants to recycle more consciously. One of the fastest growing household waste streams is electronic or e-waste, which includes computer, TV and mobile phone products. [1] ABS, Australia's Environment: Issues and Trends

SITA/SUEZ Environnement Selects a New Management Group Mark Venhoek, who has an excellent track record of extensive experience gained within the SUEZ environnement group across Europe and Asia, has recently taken over the role of CEO of SUEZ environnement Australia. He was previously employed as VP of SUEZ China’s waste management, during which he demonstrated exemplary leadership of the Group’s development- acquiring key contracts and solidifying the Group’s market position, particularly in Hong Kong and Shanghai. This follows the appointment of Eric Gernath as Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ environnement North America. Original Article: SITA Australia/SUEZ Environnement Like this: Like Loading...

SITA/SUEZ Improves St Joseph’s Workshop Recycled Products Through a $2,000 Grant SITA Australia/SUEZ Environnement has provided St Joseph’s Workshop with a grant amounting to $2,000 that will make it possile for them to acquire the necessary tools, equipment and other upgrades to enhance the overall quality of their plastic recycling process, as well as the products they generate from recycled materials. Original article: SITA Australia/SUEZ Environnement