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Saul Griffith: Climate Change Recalculated Good evening. How are we for signal, very good, I am Stewart Brand from the Long Now Foundation. You maybe wonder what this Twitter thing is about. This data, it turns out is helpful helpful for funders of Long Now and of these talks. They could find out what the sort of watershed of people that feeds into this of event is. How many people have been the one of these before? Effects of Global Warming Weathering the Storm: Building Business Resilience to Climate Change Businesses face growing threats from extreme weather and climate change: damage to facilities, loss of water or power supplies, higher costs, and disruption of supply and distribution chains. In a major report, Weathering the Storm: Building Business Resilience to Climate Change, C2ES provides a detailed snapshot of the state of resilience planning among a cross-section of global companies and outlines steps companies can take to better assess and manage their growing climate risks. The report includes a comprehensive review of resilience practices among S&P Global 100 Index companies and detailed case studies of six companies in diverse sectors: American Water, Bayer, The Hartford Group, National Grid, Rio Tinto and Weyerhaeuser. It also draws on input from a technical workshop with representatives of a wide range of industries. Key Findings: Recommendations: Create a clearinghouse for reliable, up-to-date data and analytical tools. Additional Resources: Opening Remarks

100 | Solutions Sustainia100 2016 This is the year of ‘Systemic Opportunity’! Now in its fifth year, the Sustainia100 has tracked more than 4,500 solutions to date from all over the world. This year’s edition features solutions deployed in 188 countries, and more than half come from small and mid-sized enterprises. Showcasing everything from health solutions that tackle climate change, to renewable energy products that alleviate gender inequality, this year’s publication presents 100 solutions that respond to interconnected global challenges and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Solutions you must know about! Celebrating the TOP10 sustainability solutions and project of 2015. Be inspired! Get inspired by real solutions! The 2015 Sustainia100 study features 100 new stories from the forefront of sustainability innovation. The Sustainia100 is a FREE publication! SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. Be Inspired!

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media | Connecting scientists, journalists, and communicators World Meteorological Organization Extranet | Climate change: A patchwork of emissions cuts The last thing that most people recall about United Nations climate-change talks was the meltdown four years ago in Copenhagen, when presidents and prime ministers at the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) failed to deliver the strong, binding treaty that the world had been led to expect. Negotiations have, in fact, continued, and governments have set another deadline: a new global climate agreement in 2015. With this latest round of talks nearing its midpoint, hints of a way forward are beginning to emerge. The path that they suggest is at once encouraging and underwhelming. Governments are yet to formally agree on anything. In the emerging model, which has been advanced by the United States among others, the efforts of countries would be tracked under agreed rules. Having learned hard lessons in Copenhagen, governments are tempering their expectations this time around. Twists and turns Building ambition Leading emitters China.

ZOOM: Home Carbon Visuals: Home Observatoire national sur les effets du réchauffement climatique – ONERC | Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Énergie et de la Mer Rapports « Le climat de la France au XXIe siècle » Le ministère en charge de l’Environnement a sollicité, en 2010, l’expertise de la communauté française des sciences du climat afin de produire une évaluation scientifique des conditions climatiques de la France au XXIe siècle. Jean Jouzel a été chargé de diriger cette expertise, réalisée par des chercheurs du CNRS/INSU/IPSL et LGGE, de Météo-France, du BRGM, du CEA, du CETMEF et du CNES. La série « Le climat de la France au XXIe siècle » rassemble les résultats de ces travaux. Elle fournit les indices climatiques de référence qui doivent servir de base à l’élaboration des mesures d’adaptation au changement climatique. Cet outil est indispensable aux nombreux acteurs de l’adaptation que sont, notamment, les collectivités locales, le secteur économique public et privé, les associations, les services de l’État. Cette action a bénéficié du soutien financier du ministère en charge de l’Environnement.

Addressing the barriers to climate investment CDKN aims to help decision-makers select and deploy financial instruments – such as grants, concessional loans, equity and guarantees — to fund climate adaptation and mitigation activities. This guide summarises the barriers to financing mitigation and adaptation activities, as well as discussing factors to consider when selecting and implementing financial instruments. The key financial instruments and modalities considered in this guide are discussed in relation to the Green Climate Fund, but the lessons are applicable to other channels for climate finance. This Guide concludes that understanding barriers related to mitigation and adaptation at the project level is important to identify those projects where investment subsidies will be most efficient. About CFAS by: CDKN | on: 3pm, November 8, 2013

Climate Centre - Training Welcome to our Climate Training Kit! Climate change is one of the main global issues of the 21st century and severely affects the lives of millions of people. Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world need to address these rising risks. This kit is designed to help trainers within the Red Cross Red Crescent design their trainings or workshops on climate risk management. Please read the user guide before using the Climate Training Kit Products for more information on what this kit can offer you. We are grateful for the (financial) support of the Canadian Red Cross, which enabled the development of the Climate Training Kit.