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Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

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Weapons of Mass Deception WMD, a 100 minute non-fiction film, explores this story with the findings of a gutsy, media insider-turned-outsider, former network journalist, Danny Schechter, who is one of America's most prolific media critics. Schechter says he "self-embedded" himself in his living room to monitor media coverage, by fastidiously tracking the TV coverage on a daily basis. He wrote thousands of words daily about the coverage for, the world's largest online media issues network, and then collected his columns, blogs and articles in a recently published book, EMBEDDED: Weapons of Mass Deception (Prometheus Books). He has continued his one-man investigation with WMD, a two-hour indie non-fiction film that asks the questions that his media colleagues refused to confront before, during and after the war.

Aiming for “Transfer” with Educational Games: the wrong question As mentioned in previous posts, I recently presented a paper at CHI 2011 (available online for free here). At both the academic session itself, and through bumping into people afterwards, one question kept coming up. It is a question that I have often fielded whenever talking about educational games, but which I did not address in the CHI paper (there’s only so much you can fit in a conference paper!) The question is generally along the lines of how to ensure that what people learn while playing a game “transfers” to the real world.

Online game seeks to empower Africa Jane McGonigal is trying to use an online game to help people in Africa solve real-world problems. "Urgent Evoke" is an online game that seeks to cure real-world problems Players earn points by responding to weekly challenges The game begins on Wednesday; it focuses on Africa, but anyone can play The World Bank Institute spends $500K on the game as an educational tool (CNN) -- Some people think of online gamers and see gaunt loners huddled in dark rooms, the sad blue glow of the computer screen on their faces as their lives pass them by. Fred’s 10 Rules for Working With Axure p>I’ve been working with Axure for seven years now, and I’ve learned a thing or two about working with it efficiently. What follows are 10 rules that will help you build your Axure prototypes efficiently too. Rule #1: De sign Outside of Axure

McGonigal CookieRolling For more detailed rules of this personal game, click here. To read Camus' existential in non-cookie text, here. To learn about the history of the essay, here. For the artist's bio, here. For WHY, here. Read me. On Piracy And The Future Of Media Each day, millions of youths from Canada and around the world download music and movies off of the Internet. This epidemic of unauthorized downloading has been cited by the record and film industries as being the prime cause for billions in losses. Politicians have come under tremendous pressure to pass legislation on the issue. But despite all the media frenzy on the piracy crackdowns, there's been very little attention to the topic itself. At the very best, news reporters regurgitated the contents of an industry press release. There was nothing of substance, which is where this documentary fits in: we wanted to cover the issue in-depth.

Networked Learning Design - Occasional rants - Why serious games work - an over-simplified view I've just been working on a presentation for a client about what serious games are and how they work. It's been really fun. One thing that I think confuses people, or perhaps overwhelms them, are the large number of ways in which games appear to support learning. For example, James Paul Gee lists no less than 36 learning principles. Ning Partners With Pearson To Sponsor Free Network Access For Ed When Ning shuttered its free service for creating social networks back in April, educators and schools who were using the platform expresses their concern at the company’s decision to include educations networks created by schools and colleges in this group. When Ning eventually rolled out its premium pricing structure in May, the company announced that it had partnered with an education company to sponsor networks for primary and secondary educators but didn’t reveal the name of the sponsor. Today, Ning is announcing that Pearson, a education-focused publishing company, is sponsoring network costs for Ning Mini platforms for educators come July.

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