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Hillary Clinton spoke out about her loss to Donald Trump, citing James Comey, Wikileaks and Russia. Journalist Christiane Amanpour and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the Women For Women International's luncheon on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton spoke out about her loss to Donald Trump, citing James Comey, Wikileaks and Russia

No, Bill Clinton Does Not ‘Know How’ To Fix The Economy. This is In Real Terms, a column analyzing the week in economic news.

No, Bill Clinton Does Not ‘Know How’ To Fix The Economy

Comments? Criticisms? Ideas for future columns? Email me or drop a note in the comments. More Economics. Hillary Clinton and the 2-for-1 presidency. On The Trail On the Trail HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. — The notion of a 2-for-1 Clinton presidency is back.

Hillary Clinton and the 2-for-1 presidency

Recalling sunnier days of growth, low unemployment and budget surpluses under her husband, Hillary Clinton is telling Americans that Bill Clinton will be "in charge of revitalizing the economy" if she wins the White House. What his work would be remains unclear: not a cabinet post, she indicated. But, as she has been saying for months, she expects him to play a leading role. Bill Clinton reigned over a strong economy, especially in the final years of his presidency, yet his economic legacy is mixed. Clinton Defends Death Penalty to Man Who Wrongly Served Years on Death Row. Presidential contender Hillary Clinton was forced to defend her stance on the death penalty at Sunday night’s Democratic town hall in Ohio, after being confronted on the issue by a man wrongfully imprisoned for 39 years.

Clinton Defends Death Penalty to Man Who Wrongly Served Years on Death Row

The man was Ricky Jackson, who, upon being freed in 2014, had served more time in prison than any other inmate in the U.S. who has been exonerated. “I spent some of those years on death row,” he told Clinton Sunday night, choking back emotion. “I came perilously close to my own execution.” “In light of what I just shared with you and in light of the fact that there are documented cases of innocent people who have been executed in our country, I would like to know how you can still take your stance on the death penalty,” Jackson asked. Albright Declares: 'Special Place in Hell' for Women Who Don't Vote Clinton.

Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea for Hillary Clinton to invite Madeleine Albright to campaign for her in New Hampshire.

Albright Declares: 'Special Place in Hell' for Women Who Don't Vote Clinton

Hillary Clinton: ‘I am a progressive who gets results’ Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton told a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire (AFP Photo/Justin Sullivan) Hillary Clinton laid into her Democratic challenger, accusing Bernie Sanders of trying unfairly to hog a progressive mantle but admitting she had work to do to win over young voters.

Hillary Clinton: ‘I am a progressive who gets results’

“I am a progressive who gets results and I will be a progressive president who gets results,” she told a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire, where she is fighting against Sanders’ dominance in local polls ahead of next week’s state primary, the second contest in the 2016 race for the White House.

Clinton defends Wall Street speaking fees: ‘That’s what they offered’ Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night defended accepting huge speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, arguing that it won’t influence the way she treats the banking industry.

Clinton defends Wall Street speaking fees: ‘That’s what they offered’

Speaking at CNN’s Democratic presidential forum, anchor Anderson Cooper pressed Clinton on whether it had been a mistake for her to reel in more than $200,000 per speech for three speeches to the Wall Street giant. "Look, I made speeches to lots of groups. I told them what I thought. Hillary, why are you always lying? Bill Clinton's Former Adviser: Hillary Is The Most Qualified Candidate Since Washington.

Hillary Clinton Speaks About 'New Beginning' With The Press. By Amanda Becker WASHINGTON, March 23 (Reuters) - Likely U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made light of her sometimes contentious relationship with the press during an appearance at a journalism awards ceremony Monday night.

Hillary Clinton Speaks About 'New Beginning' With The Press

"My relationship with the press has been at times, shall we say, complicated," Clinton said at a dinner celebrating the award of Syracuse University's Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. Hillary: a Disaster in the Making. One longs for a candidate for president of the United States possessing those rare traits of statesmanship, honesty and integrity.

Hillary: a Disaster in the Making

One looks back in vain to see such an example, and the near and far horizons offer no such hope, either. We will take no time looking at the GOP (Generally Opposed to Progress) candidates, either announced or still keeping everyone on the edge of their seats as they ‘decide’ whether or not to toss their hat into the soon-to-be-crowded ring. Most, including Florida Governor and brother of one of the nation’s worst presidents ever, Jeb Bush, and New Jersey Governor, the obnoxious blowhard Chris Christie, have already decided, but enjoy the spectacle of endless conjecture.

So they wait. Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit. Hillary Clinton ran onto the playing field this week, Rock and Roll Part 2 blaring in the background, and started lying within minutes of announcing her entry into the presidential election campaign.

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit

"There's something wrong," she told a crowd of Iowans, "when hedge fund managers pay lower taxes than nurses or the truckers I saw on I-80 when I was driving here over the last two days. " Oh, right, that. The infamous carried interest tax break, the one that allows private equity vampires like Mitt Romney and Stephen Schwartzman to pay a top tax rate of 15 percent while all of the rest of us (including the truckers Hillary "saw" – note she didn't say "hung out with Bill and me over chilled shrimp at the Water Club") pay income taxes. The carried interest loophole is an absurd, completely unjustifiable handout to the not merely well-off but filthy rich, and it's been law in this country for about three decades.

Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not Fuck This Up For Me’ WASHINGTON—After several seconds spent sitting motionless and glaring directly into the camera, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly began Sunday’s video announcing her 2016 presidential bid by warning the nation not to fuck this up for her. “Listen up, assholes, ’cause I’m only saying this once: I’ve worked way too goddamn hard to let you morons blow this thing for me,” said Clinton, repeatedly jabbing her index finger toward the viewers at home while adding that if they thought she was going to simply sit back and watch them dick her over like they did in 2008, they were out of their fucking minds.

“Seriously, don’t you dare even think about it. Hillary Clinton: The Merciless, Unrelenting March To The Presidency. Hillary Clinton's Ideological Vortex of Power and Planning. Just trust her. Truly, just trust her: to know precisely how much energy we ought to use, where it should come from, how it should be generated, how we should get from here to there, and the effects that her plan will have on the global — the global!

— climate, not just in the near term but decades or a century from now. If you do this, you will have embraced “science,” “reality,” “truth,” and “innovation,” and, also, “our children.” If you don’t go along, you not only reject all those good things; you are probably also a “denier,” the catch-all epithet for anyone doubtful that the brilliance of Hillary Clinton and her czars know better than the rest of humanity how to manage their energy needs into the future. Hillary Clinton delivers the ultimate Keystone dodge: “If it’s undecided when I become president I will answer your question” Hillary Clinton’s going hard after GOP climate deniers. She’s out with an ambitious, if vague, plan to radically boost renewable energy generation in the U.S.

She calls climate change “the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face as a nation and a world.” But the Democratic candidate is refusing to give environmentalists everything they want. On major issues considered top priorities by many environmental groups — the Keystone XL pipeline and the Trans-Pacific Partnership — Clinton’s been conspicuously mum. And Tuesday, she made it clear that we’re not going to get a “yes” or “no” answer on whether the pipeline should be proved until she’s president — if that happens, and if the issue’s still on the table then.

Hillary Clinton Is Pitching Herself To Millennials. WASHINGTON -- Is Hillary Clinton actually moving left, and if so, why? The answer is yes, though not on every topic. And the reason is to push young voters' turnout and grassroots organizing enthusiasm as close as possible to the levels that President Barack Obama enjoyed in 2008. “After two terms of President Obama, it won’t be easy, but our challenge is to again excite the passion of the youngest voters,” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told fellow Georgetown Law Center alums at a luncheon last week.

The campaign aims to fire up millennials with both a tailored approach to the issues and innovative use of technology. Your frivolous summer plans will not stop Hillary Clinton’s relentless march to the White House. Hillary Clinton Would Only Nominate Justices Who Favor Overturning Citizens United: Report. In a private meeting with fundraisers on Thursday, Hillary Clinton said that she would nominate justices to the Supreme Court who support overturning Citizens United, according to anonymous sources who heard the remarks and spoke to the Washington Post. Citizens United is the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that made it possible for individuals, corporations, associations and unions to donate unlimited amounts of money to Super PACs to get candidates elected. The case began when a conservative organization, called Citizens United, produced an unflattering film about Hillary called "Hillary: The Movie. " The Federal Election Commission claimed that the movie violated campaign finance laws prohibiting ads mentioning candidates and funded by corporations or nonprofits from airing 30 days before a primary or 60 days before a general election.

Citizens United challenged the FEC ruling in court, claiming a violation of their right to free speech. Fellow Democratic candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Immigration. Hillary Clinton Agrees With Elizabeth Warren On Trade Dispute With Obama. Hillary Clinton is opposed to a critical piece of the Obama administration's Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would give corporations the right to sue sovereign nations over laws or regulations that could potentially curb their profits. The policy position is contained in her book Hard Choices, and was confirmed to HuffPost by a spokesperson for her presidential campaign. Obama and congressional Democrats are locked in a bitter public feud over TPP -- a deal between 12 Pacific nations -- with much of the controversy derived from concerns it will undermine regulatory standards.

Clinton writes in her book: Currently the United States is negotiating comprehensive agreements with eleven countries in Asia and in North and South America, and with the European Union.