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Home Food Places Lentil As Anything The Edible Schoolyard Project The Original Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California Seventeen years ago, Alice Waters was quoted in a local newspaper, claiming that the school she passed every day looked like no one cared about it. Neil Smith, then principal of Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, contacted Alice with the acre of blighted land on the school's grounds firmly in mind. He wanted her to see the school and perhaps find a way to help. Recognizing the potential of the idea, Zenobia Barlow and the Center for Ecoliteracy provided funding for the Edible Schoolyard Berkeley's (ESY Berkeley) first full-time garden director, David Hawkins. In the fall of our third year, the kitchen became a reality. Many of the school’s teachers, increasingly comfortable with hands-on learning, collaborated with David and Esther to generate garden and kitchen lessons linked to classroom studies. As the garden grew so did the program. Chez Panisse Foundation School Lunch Initiative

Shanaka Fernando – August 24th event | TEDxMelbourne Shanaka Fernando is a revolutionary. For many years he has been well-known in Melbourne, Australia, as the pioneer of the Lentil as Anything pay-as-you-feel vegetarian restaurants. In recent times he is becoming influential as a public speaker and motivator.. Shanaka inspires by example. Born in Sri Lanka, since his late teens Shanaka has travelled extensively throughout countries including Kenya, Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia, curious about the culture of people living more closely with nature, people who have little contact with civilization. Shanaka was named Local Hero in the Australia Day awards in 2007 for his non-profit, socially responsible Lentil As Anything restaurants. “You get fed and treated with dignity even if you don’t have any money, and the colour of your skin and your education and your beliefs only put you on a par with everyone else.” Shanaka lives and promotes a simple lifestyle and resided in a tent for three years in the dunes behind a Melbourne beach.

Forms of Chipotle Peppers and Their Uses - Chipotle Peppers Chipotle Peppers take many forms, from chipotle pepper powder to chipotle peppers in adobo and each one can be used effectively in many dishes. Dried Chipotle Pepper Pods The standard way to find them, there are several varieties of chipotle peppers, each with their own nuances. In general they have a nice smokey flavor with medium heat (compared to some of the hotter peppers). Chipotle Peppers in Adobo These are chipotle peppers that have been stewed in a lightly seasoned liquid, normally a vinegar mixture. Chipotle Pepper Chili Powder One of the easiest ways to get the flavor of chipotle peppers is to use the powdered version. Chipotle Pepper Hot Sauce Another convenient way to get chipotle pepper flavor is through chipotle pepper hot sauces. Explore More About Chipotle Peppers with These Books The Pepper Pantry: Chipotles - 50 Great Recipies Crazy for Chipotle Beginning with Chiles: How to Roast, Peel and Prepare Chile Peppers Love Chile Peppers?

Projects | The kindling Trust As well as developing and working towards the long term vision of Kindling, an important part of what we do is to work on projects here in Greater Manchester, where most of us are currently based. The eight projects we are presently prioritising are: FeedingManchester - a series of events looking at practical and strategic ways to increase access to sustainable food in Greater Manchester. FeedingManchester website - a website for all those that love food and want to eat sustainably. It provides extensive information about buying, growing, cooking, eating and loving local fresh produce for Greater Manchester. Forgotten Fields - a collection of projects across Greater Manchester looking at the region's food heritage. Greater Manchester Land Army - a pilot project to explore ways to establish an army of volunteers to support local organic growers and farmers. Manchester Veg People - a new collective of local organic farmers & growers supplying Greater Manchester.

Radical Social Entrepreneurs This site is about helping turn social entrepreneurs into radical social entrepreneurs. To learn more about each, check out our page “What is radical social entrepreneurship?” It’s simple. Technology is moving quickly, but our social systems — governance, law, community, education and culture — are not keeping pace. Apps, gadgets, and innovative tech are wonderful — but they will not solve the major problems of our time. We need radical innovation in law, education, community, culture, and governance. Anyone with a curious mind and a heart for good can become a radical social entrepreneur. Join us in going radical.

Lentil as Anything - Everybody deserves a place at the table - book by Shanaka Fernando “When money loses its value, the goodwill and kindness we extend to each other will emerge as the ultimate and most sustainable currency of exchange.” Shanaka Fernando is often hailed as a modern-day revolutionary. As the founder of the Lentil As Anything community restaurants in Melbourne that feed thousands every week, he advocates a unique business and life perspective. Entrancingly honest and refreshingly candid, Shanaka’s memoir hints at the roots of his early social awakening with tales of a 1970s childhood in Sri Lanka. Shanaka’s example of what can be achieved based on an inclusive ‘people-first’ philosophy will inspire, challenge and provoke insights and questions that are undeniably worthy of attention. "Fernando is one of those rare pioneers who are prepared to live by their convictions, flaunt social convention and challenge the status quo. Shanaka Fernando is a revolutionary.

How To: Work with Canned Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce Every time I write a post including canned chipotle peppers I think we should really have a resource post for those who aren’t familiar with them or might even be afraid to try something new. So here we go! What are they? Chipotles are small peppers (often jalapenos), usually 2-3 inches long that have been dried by a smoking process that gives them a dark color and a distinct smoky flavor. The canned variety we are talking about are canned in a red sauce that has a fantastic, smoky flavor as well. Where do I find them? Are they spicy? Is there an alternative? How do I handle them? Most recipes call for a very small amount and I feel like it’s a waste to buy an entire can. Me too! Line an ice cube tray with plastic wrap. I really like to have my sauce and my peppers separated because I have a lot of recipes where I just use the sauce, and others where I use the peppers, and some where I use both. I pulse it a few times until they’re very finely minced. Here’s some of our favorites!

Repair Café Fusion Sundays Dublin - Event NoticeSunday June 10 201211:00 AM World Culture Market Fusion Sundays is a world culture market, focusing on ethnic diversity and integration in Ireland. The market will host an array of stalls from around the world, selling a rich selection of arts and crafts, clothes, food, handmade products, and traditional ware. Fusion Sundays Is Back! Fusion Sundays Market is focusing on the ethnic diversity and integration in Ireland. Enjoy homemade organic Okra Burgers from the Japanese Bakery, or relax in the Moroccan tent with some real Arabic mint tea and baklavas. Stalls from around the world will present a rich selection of arts and crafts, jewelry, traditional ware and much more. There will also be a laughter Yoga session and Samba drumming workshops throughout the day. A Spanish/Irish puppet show will entertain the Kids, while live music on the world stage gives the market an authentic ambience.