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Learning how to use Drive, Sheets, Forms, Docs & Slides. Google Sheets Features and Formulas for Teachers: More You Didn’t Know Existed. Last year we learned something: educators are using Google Sheets for all sorts of things.

Google Sheets Features and Formulas for Teachers: More You Didn’t Know Existed

Grading, quizzes, progress tracking - even lesson planning. Our piece on little-known features and formulas for educators went over well enough that our readers have told us they’re ready for round two. And we’re happy to oblige. Please find new tips and tricks below ideal for the Google Sheet-using educator. Notification Management More than one cool thing here teachers should have on their radar. Linda Dougherty: How to Design Posters in Google Drawings. Pages This Blog Linked From Here Saturday, January 16, 2016.

Linda Dougherty: How to Design Posters in Google Drawings

15 Awesome Blogs to Follow for All Your Google Needs. Pinterest Ready for more ways to keep up with all things google?

15 Awesome Blogs to Follow for All Your Google Needs

I follow several websites and blogs that help keep me abreast of the latest Google updates, as well as, cutting-edge classroom integration ideas. The Google Docs and Drive Challenge. Tutorial: Collaborating with Students Using Google Drive. So I've been raving about Google Drive all week!

Tutorial: Collaborating with Students Using Google Drive

I can't get enough of what it has done for me as a teacher and for my students as they are working on their essays! One of the things that we talked about last night in the #ELAChat (English Language Arts Chat) on Twitter is that so often teachers are not given opportunities for professional development. We're told to implement this and that technology with no real training. That being said, I thought I would put together a quick tutorial for how to set up and implement Google Drive in the writing classroom.

Here is a video tutorial on implementing Google Drive: If you don't have time for the video, here are a few screenshots to get you started: 1. 2. >"Can edit" means the person they are sharing the document with can edit original content. >"Can comment" means the person they are sharing the document with can comment on the document but cannot change any original content from the owner. 3. Self Evaluation Rubric. When assigning students projects that have a rubric, I recommend having students self-evaluate against the rubric.

Self Evaluation Rubric

This helps students to make sure they have addressed the project requirements and to conduct self-reflection. Create a Google Sheets spreadsheet for your rubric. Have a column for the student to indicate their level on the rubric and a column to justify their choice. The same rubric can be used by you to evaluate the student against the rubric. Include a column for your score and comments. In this template, you will want to create the rubric, place points possible in H3, and place the assignment name in J1.

Create A Table Of Contents In Google Docs. Teach for Google. Groups Help. “Google It” Better With Google Search Education. As librarians, one of our key missions is to equip students with the skills necessary to locate and synthesize the information.

“Google It” Better With Google Search Education

We want to teach our students to access high-quality resources and use databases to conduct research. What do our students want to do? Just Google it, of course. I find many of my students lack the ability to conduct simple searches on Google to find the answers they are seeking. I’ve watched my middle schoolers repeatedly type in the question (verbatim, including the question mark), expecting to find everything they could possibly need to know to answer their question in the top three or four results. Google Search Education has as collection of Search Literacy Lesson Plans on topics including picking the right search terms, narrowing a search to get the best results, and evaluating the credibility of sources. Adding Subtitles to Videos in Google Drive. Chrome (Browser and Chromebook) Extensions - my favorites and recommendations.

10 Teacher Hacks for Google AppsLearn2Earn Blog. The ability to collaborate and access documents in the cloud with Google Apps has transformed what I can do with my students.

10 Teacher Hacks for Google AppsLearn2Earn Blog

And, as a Google Certified Teacher, I utilize these tools in my classroom on a daily basis. I’ve learned the intricacies of these apps and discovered a variety of teacher hacks that make them even more effective for teaching. How To Integrate iPads With The New Google Classroom. With the recent announcement that Google Classroom will be available to all Google Apps for Education schools by the week of August 11th, schools that have also adopted iPads are interested in exploring the platform to determine if it will integrate into their existing deployment to provide a helpful and approachable workflow solution.

How To Integrate iPads With The New Google Classroom

While there are currently a number of workflow solutions and Learning Management Systems that work well with iPads, Google Classroom will likely become a top contender for iPad classrooms because of the integration with both the Google Drive and Google Docs iPad apps as well as any number of iPad creativity apps. While there is not an iPad app for Google Classroom, the web interface works seamlessly and allows students to turn in any assignment or file that is in their Google Drive account as illustrated by the video below. Students access Google Classroom through the web on iPad. Learn the new Drive interface in the Chromebooks monthly update [November] These are the Chromebook-related updates from the month of October through early November.

Learn the new Drive interface in the Chromebooks monthly update [November]

Keep up to speed, and check out last month’s updates. November has been a light month for Chromebook updates, but here are the notable ones: How to play back all the changes you made in a Google Doc. If you use Google Docs in the Chrome browser, a cool new extension will allow you to play back all the changes that you've made in a document as if it's a movie.

How to play back all the changes you made in a Google Doc

Writer and programmer James Somers reverse-engineered Google Docs and put together Draftback, which reveals a character-by-character history of documents. Here's how it looks when you play it back: Staring at a blank word-processing document can be a pretty intimidating starting point for a writer. By the time you've actually hammered out some words you're OK with, what you originally started typing is probably quite different from what's on the page. This allows you to experience your entire creative process all over again, hands-free.

10 Important Google URLs That Every Google User Should Know. Which websites and apps have background access to my Google account? Pro tip: Project your Chromebook screen. Andy Wolber highlights three ways that you can share a Chromebook screen to a projector. "See for yourself," I said as I projected a shared Google Doc on the screen. I copied the document's shareable link, pasted it into Google's URL shortener (, then copied and pasted the short link back into the document. "Type the link into your browser, then edit," I said. Within a few seconds, several animal icons appeared in the upper right portion of the screen. (These "anonymous animal" icons display when someone accesses a shared document while not logged in to a Google account.) Because I had connected my Chromebook to a projector, everyone in the room could see the document change as people made edits. To share a Chromebook screen to a projector, you need one of the following: a cable, a Chromecast, or an Apple TV and an app.

Apps Status Dashboard. <div id="aad-nojs">Please enable javascript to see the table containing service performance information. </div> Office online. Google Tools. Google Docs CHEAT SHEET! - Shake Up Learning. Youtube - highfill2013. Extensions, Add Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom. Google Apps for Education has totally transformed the way we teach and communicate inside and outside of the classroom.

Through tools like Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Earth and Blogger, we can create authentic learning experiences for our students more than ever by promoting collaboration and helping them access their work anywhere and anytime. Teachers can utilize all of Google’s resources using Google Classroom, a simple management tool that gives teachers the ability to stay organized, assign projects and give feedback within the platform. Google Chrome also has a library of special tools you can access through the browser called Apps, Extensions and Add-ons that can make your life in the classroom easier. Plus, when you use Chrome, all of the apps, extensions and web history are stored in the cloud, so wherever you login, they are literally at your fingertips. WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker. - The Best Google Apps For Google-ly Teachers.

0 Comments October 16, 2014 By: Patricia Brown Oct 15 Written by: 10/15/2014 9:43 PM ShareThis What a fabulous day of sharing and learning at the Google Apps for Education Summit in St. I had the opportunity to present... Here we go! Convert all your tabs into one list with Onetab How many times have you had 30 or more "very important" tabs open in your browser at one time? You can save the list, restore the list anytime you want, or send that list to others by sharing it as webpage.

Onetab also works in Firefox. You will not lose your list of tabs if you accidentally close the OneTab window, if your browser crashes, or if restart your computer. Build reading comprehension with Informational text through Newsela. 5 powerful things you didn't know Chromebooks could do. The now-familiar knock seemingly started when the very first Googley laptop rolled off the line. “Sure, Chromebooks are nice, but they can’t run Photoshop.” Well, that just isn’t true anymore. Nor are many other Chromebook myths. A Simple Visual Guide to Create Google Custom Search Engine for Your Class Blog or Website.

Chalkup - Distribute & Grade Assignments in Google Drive Without Using Scripts. Instructional Technology QuickGuide - Google Slides#slide=id.p. This is How to Use Google Drive with Edmodo to Share Docs and Assignments with Students.