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Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence

Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence
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We Love This British Actor. We Love Him Even More After He Held Up These Bits Of Paper. Last week, dressed in a fully zipped hooded jacket, he sent this message to photographers: Click image to Zoom This week, he took his message even further, holding up more paper signs that attacked the UK government over its abuse of civil liberties. He approached a group of photographers holding a paper addressed to British Prime Minister David Cameron that read: "Questions we have a right to ask in a democracy." Here, one tweeter tells us the story as it happens. "Hard drives smashed, journalists detained at airports. ... Here's what was written on that paper: Here the tweeter continues to decipher what the bits of papers say. And when he finished off his political statement, he returned to filming "Sherlock." Oh look, British actor Martin Freeman joins him at the end as they continue filming.

High school fashions, 1969 Fashion, Vintage High school fashions, 1969 i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella? no indeed! these are high school fashions in 1969 photographed by arthur shatz for life magazine. Subscribe to posts via Email arthur shatzFashionhigh school fashionlife magazinelife magazine archivessixtiesVintage Wednesday 20 April, 2011 Previous Post Next Post You Might Also Like Turned Out by Maya Thursday 17 November, 2011 glee Monday 31 May, 2010 creatures of comfort Tuesday 6 April, 2010

Assad : prenez les gaz mais laissez-moi les bombes ! Assad : prenez les gaz mais laissez-moi les bombes ! Les autorités syriennes ont accepté, ce 10 septembre, de placer leur arsenal chimique sous contrôle international, conformément à la proposition faite la veille par la Russie, et qui pourrait permettre d'éviter des frappes occidentales. Le ministre syrien des Affaires étrangères, Walid Mouallem, a donné cette information en précisant que l'objectif était de "couper l'herbe sous le pied à une agression américaine". A Washington, la proposition russe a été accueillie plutôt favorablement. Elle permet à Barack Obama d'éviter, pour le moment, de risquer de se voir refuser par le Congrès d'engager le pays dans une action militaire contre la Syrie. Reste à savoir dans quel délai et comment l'arsenal chimique syrien peut être totalement neutralisé.

40 Witty Campaign Posters for a Cause Non-profit organizations use posters to deliver a particular message. These help inform people about current issues, problems and even the possible consequences of their actions. With a sentence that contains strong words or images, these posters give more impact than common commercial posters. To give you an idea, here are 20 sample campaign posters to provoke your imagination. Enjoy! Wildlife is becoming harder to find in Vietnam. Winter. Who are the real monsters? When they speak, we listen. Shit is not a cool band. Say no to child labor. Can you treat yourself better than your doctor? Nothing we do will ever bring them back. Please don’t dive with white sharks. All under 25 who are sexually active should test for Chlamydia every year and avery time they change partner. For some people, life is that expensive. Preparing today reduces the consequences of disaster tomorrow. Two thirds of college students in Mississippi don’t smoke. Please clean up after your dog. One mistake is all it takes.

President Obama’s Brilliant Strategy No One Seems To Recognize Article Mirror As the media interprets recent events as Obama’s march to war, America and the world falls for it hook, line and sinker. Say what you want about Obama but he is a very smart man. He would never ask permission he did not need from Congress to launch a strike on Syria unless he knew beyond a doubt he could get it. That is if his real intentions were to actually carry out military operations. But why on earth does it appear he wants this war? After agonizing over this question over and over I began to realize there is only one logical explanation. Cue the British Parliament to provide Obama with the perfect out. So why then does our president appear to be beating the drums of war? If this sounds like an improbable scenario I ask that you to ponder for a moment the potential outcome: And there is even the added bonus that the GOP weakening the push to shut down the government over the debt ceiling will not proceed with the intense battle anticipated.

Can motors in wheels spark electric car revolution? There may have been more alluring electric cars on display at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, but the beauty of this prototype lies in its performance. The SIM-LEI can travel 333 kilometers (more than 200 miles) on a single charge, say its Japanese creators SIM Drive, and it also boasts supercar-like acceleration -- 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. The key to these remarkable statistics lies not, as you might expect, underneath the hood but in its wheels. Most electric vehicles house a single motor in the area vacated by the petrol engine, but the SIM-LEI has four motors, which fit in the hubs its wheels. Each one delivers 65 kilowatts, giving the car a total output of 260 kilowatts, compared with the 80 kilowatts of output available in, say, the Nissan Leaf. A 24.5 kWh battery sits below the floor along with inverters and controllers, which fit into a unique steel monocoque helping reduce weight, according to SIM Drive.

L'impact de la première guerre mondiale sur les fait divers criminels Grime-fighting garments aim to purify air Polymer chemist Tony Ryan and fashion designer Helen Storey have joined forces to create clothing which can purify the air. Catalytic Clothing contains the same nanotechnology found in self-cleaning paints and glasses but applies it to clothes via a special fabric conditioner. A catalyst -- titanium dioxide -- applied during a normal home washing cycle breaks down harmful airborne pollutants when exposed to ultraviolet light. Ryan discovered that treated jeans were particularly good at absorbing pollution. Although only small amounts of pollution -- around two grams per 500-gram pair of jeans -- is removed from the air, Ryan and Storey say if the technology was worn widely then city pollution could be reduced. A short film featuring British model Erin O'Connor and music by rock group Radiohead was released in 2011 to promote the idea to the public. But together, Helen Storey and Tony Ryan are fusing style and substance to create clothes that purify the air we breathe.