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Beginner Tutorials: Short Videos to get started Follow these four short videos and you'll have three working apps to show for it! After building the starter apps, which will take around an hour, you can move on to extending them with more functionality, or you can start building apps of your own design. Get started now with Video 1 below. Trouble with the Text-To-Speech player on your phone? Get help here. What Does ‘Design Thinking’ Look Like in School? Design Thinking Getty Images Design thinking can seem a bit abstract to teachers. It’s not part of traditional teacher training programs and has only recently entered the teachers’ vernacular. Design thinking is an approach to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, conceiving original ideas, lots of experimentation, and sometimes building things by hand.

Get Ready To 3D Print With A Kinect Sensor And A Web Browser ~ Gadgets And Technology Posted by Kapil Garg | Friday, August 02, 2013 Typically scanning and 3D printing an object is a complex process but this could be made simpler if 3D printing company Volumental is successful in crowdfunding the development of a web app which would allow users to scan and print 3D objects using nothing more than a Kinect sensor and a web browser. Volumental's 3D Scan-to-Print web app will finally make this fantasy a reality as they are creating the world's first browser-based 3D printable model creator. Though the company already has a web service that allows people to upload scanned 3D models, Volumental says that it needs to refine an app which is better able to differentiate a thing (toys, pets, family members are among the suggestions) from its surroundings in order to be able to print the object in isolation.

The top 10 cloud-based tools for developers Nothing is hotter right now than developer tools. More individuals are learning to code, and companies are hiring the best of them to build new cloud and mobile apps. Hackers and investors alike are beginning to figure out that whoever makes the best tools stands to make a huge amount of money. With CloudBeat 2013 around the corner, VentureBeat is creating an index of the most exciting cloud-based services for developers. Mobile Sign Up Forms Must Die It’s hard to get people to download your mobile application. But if they do, what greets them when they open it up for the first time? A step by step tour? A sign up form?

Storage - App Inventor for Android Table of Contents File Non-visible component for storing and retrieving files. Use this component to write or read files on your device. The default behavior is to write files to the private data directory associated with your App. The Definitive List of Colleges that Offer Free Online Classes Are you eager to broaden your horizons, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an expensive degree program? If so, you’re in luck. 25 Tools to Publish an eBook Many tools exist to help create, publish, and sell an ebook — from producing the text to managing the sale. Here is a list of tools to publish an ebook. There are tools to create and format ebooks, platforms to publish and distribute ebooks, and online retailers to sell ebooks. There are a variety of do-it-yourself tools, as well as customized services to develop your ebook quickly and professionally. Getting Started ePub Wiki. ePub is the official standard format by the International Digital Publish Forum.

5 Collaborative Code Sharing Tools Sharing code can be one of the toughest parts of managing a big project: a lot of collaboration tools have a way to share written content and images but they don’t handle code particularly well. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. The following tools make it much easier to share code, whether you just need to pass along a snippet or you need to handle forks of existing projects, and several of them also offer ways to keep code private, with appropriate security measures. Creating color palettes with adjustment layers Recently, it came in handy for iStat Menus 5, where we have 14 base colors with 4 variations on each. The 56 resulting colors form iStat Menus’ colors and themes. Base colors To get started, choose some base colors and draw large blocks as shape layers in Photoshop. These don’t need to be final — rough approximates will do. Place them in a horizontal row.

Using TinyDB in App Inventor – App Inventor 2 – Learn to Code! (This post was completely rewritten and updated on October 30, 2015) What is TinyDB? TinyDB is a simple “database” that stores data on your phone or tablet. Unlike program variables that go away when your app is finished running or your phone is re-set, values stored in TinyDB remain on your phone for use the next time your app is run.

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