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With the power to cross borders and languages, music serves as a compelling tool for unlocking creative potential. Creativity: Music to My Ears is a six week course designed to explore several factors that stimulate creativity in individuals, teams, and organizations. In each session we will focus on a different variable related to creativity, such as reframing problems, connecting and combining ideas, and challenging assumptions. All of the projects in this experiential course will deal with some aspect of music, including listening, creating, and sharing. No musical talent is required - just an interest in exploring the role that music plays in our lives. To deepen your understanding of music, throughout the course we will include video clips from experts in the music industry, including world-renowned Warner Music recording artists, Stanford music scholars, and industry executives who work to bring new and innovative musical expression to a global audience. « Less

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pour appliquer By James M. Lang For two years I taught in a special program in which the same cohort of students took two consecutive courses with me: freshman composition in the fall and introduction to literature in the spring. In the composition courses, I worked hard to help students move beyond the standard strategies they had learned in high school for writing introductory paragraphs: Start with a broad statement about life ("Since the beginning of time, people have been fighting wars ...") and narrow down to a specific topic. In both years that I taught the two-course sequence, I was startled to see many students come back from winter break and—on their very first papers in the spring class—revert directly back to those tired strategies that I had worked so hard to help them unlearn in the fall. One such student came into my office early in the spring semester to show me a draft of her paper, and it included a lame reverse-pyramid (i.e., general to specific) introduction.

Şcoli gratuite online - Scoala Mea - Liceul Meu danutz96, pe 14th April 2012, 10:48, a scris: Tu vorbesti de exceptii.Am intalnit rar profesori pe care daca ii intrebi ceva la ce nu ai inteles,sa nu iti explice. Da, despre excepţii am spus încă de la început că e vorba aici. Despre focus pe calitate, şi pe înţelegerea materiei de către elev. Reciteşte subiectul şi comentează on-topic. outils dessins Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. If you find yourself bored at work and have the artistic streak in you, you should probably busy yourself with working on a drawing project you can later show off to your friends. Instead of going the traditional way and sticking to pencil and paper, you should explore the arena of computer aided drawing. Chances are you do not have software installation privileges on the work computer you use therefore online tools would be the best way to go. Below you will find my gathered list of 15 online tools for sketching and drawing.

outils dessins et_peinture 1- Sketchfu This is a great free web tool that allows users to easily draw and create sketches and share them with others. It requires a sign up. 2- Sketchpad Sketchpad is a cool platform that you can use to make awesome drawings using text and a wide range of colours and patterns. pour diagrammes The best thing about Diagramly is how accessible it is. You just click a URL, and you’re in. There’s no download, no account registration, and you don’t even need Flash to use it. It really couldn’t be simpler to get started. The Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. World Tour 2010 HDTV 1080p x264 -CMEGroup The E.N.D. World Tour (also known as The Energy Never Dies World Tour) is a concert tour by American hip hop group, the Black Eyed Peas. The tour supports the group's fifth studio album, The E.N.D., which was released in June 2009. TRACKLIST...::::Intro "Let's Get It Started" "Rock That Body" "Meet Me Halfway" "Alive" (snippet) "Don't Phunk With My Heart" Freestyle Rap segment (BBMe) "Imma Be" "My Humps" "Missing You" Solo "Bebot" "Mare"

Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes 3841 tombs and monuments listed. Thanks to 10 years of collected research, Dassault Systèmes was able to reconstruct the Giza Necropolis as accurately as possible. TZM Response To ‘Kony 2012′ Campaign Recently, a viral phenomenon flared up as a result of a video campaign entitled ‘Kony 2012′, which encourages the viewer to become passionate about chasing down a man named Joseph Kony, who is apparently involved in gang warfare, rape, severe child abuse, slavery, murder and the like in Uganda and it’s neighbouring countries. This is obviously extremely inhumane and abhorrent behaviour to say the least. The methods in which the film presents the problem are very emotive, and judging by the public response, appears very effective on pulling on the viewer’s heartstrings. The suggested method of then bringing KONY to “justice” is a mass publicity campaign and hence political pressure plus funding to the affiliated organisations, via military intervention. So essentially the solution is to catch the “Bad Guy” and therefore this behaviour we want to see eradicated will no longer exist.

SushiBot Serves Up An Order Of 3,600 Per Hour The SushiBot moulds rice mounds by the thousands so sushi chefs don't have to. Talk about “fast food,” a Japanese company just unveiled its SushiBot at the World Food and Beverage Expo in Tokyo. The countertop-sized robot makes the chef’s job easier by balling rice up into the small elongated mounds upon which fish and other ingredients are placed. At 3,600 mounds of rice per hour, it’ll be all the chef can do to keep up. The rice formations are taken from a large inner bowl with care so that not even a single grain of rice is damaged, according to Takeshi Kawamata, a representative of SushiBot maker Suzumo. New Energy Movement - technology assessment New Energy Movement has established itself primarily as an educational resource and advisory body seeking to inspire an energy revolution. Amongst our Board members and associates are individuals who have distinguished themselves as teachers, innovators, authors and world renown speakers. Familiar with the vast array of New Energy principles and technologies, we are continuously engaged in the study of these emerging developments. It is the immediate-term goal of New Energy Movement to identify and publicly disseminate the technologies that have proven to be truly unconventional advances in the science of energy generation.