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Online Education, Courses, Search, and Reviews

Online Education, Courses, Search, and Reviews
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CourseBuffet | Find and compare free online courses from Coursera, Udacity, edX and more Start your virtual certificate wall or login Log in to Accredible forgotten log in details? Loading courses... Lab Safety: The Interactive Game of Don’t Endanger the Owls May 3 — (Starts in 11 days , length: 0 weeks) Self-paced — no deadlines All Dates $0 p/mfree Course Subject Course Provider Language Course Characteristics free Sort by: No courses match these criteria — try changing your preferences above and to the left! There are no more courses to load that meet your search and filtering criteria INFORMATION Online Courses News, media & press kit Terms & conditions, Privacy Policy – Free Online Courses Built by Professors Reviews for Getting to Know WordPress: The Basics | Knollop A verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who complete this course. Learn how to use WordPress to build a website in this comprehensive introductory course. No prior experience necessary! STAY UP-TO-DATE! What are the requirements? Take this course at Udemy 14 do's and don'ts of successful tech integration At the start of the 2015-2016 school year, every classroom in the school will have a high-quality widescreen projector, 62 iPads and 62 Chromebooks are onsite, every teacher will have a laptop, the school’s computer labs will offer 32 updated desktops, and internet access will have tripled. “Now I feel that we can delve into using the tools and really incorporating digital citizenship into everything that we do,” he said. Administrator do’s and don’ts Downing broke the do’s and don’ts of technology integration into administrator and teacher categories. From an administrator’s perspective, barriers to integrating technology include reluctant or resistant teachers, lack of resources, lack of time to learn technology, lack of trust in students and/or staff, outdated policies and procedures, and problems with infrastructure, Downing said. Do: Start with a purposeful plan. Do: Create goals aligned to the plan. Do: Expect and embrace failure. Do: Lower the barriers to use. Teacher do’s and don’ts

CLICK HERE for an IMPORTANT NOTE about Course Search Engines Free Online College Courses Available from Prestigious Colleges and Universities You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The best things in life are free!” but you might be unaware that some online college courses fall into that category! Several of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S. now offer various classes over the internet – for free! The college experience is changing, and all college students are no longer twenty-somethings that live on campus in dorms, thanks in part to the recent trend in distance learning and the availability of online college classes. The Rising Trend of Online College Programs Although the thought of taking classes online was initially a foreign concept when things were first getting off the ground, online college programs are now considered just about equal to their physical, on-campus counterparts. Free Online College Courses Online college courses really can bring the classroom to your living room with a simple click of the mouse, but cost is still a major factor that keeps people from enrolling in college.

Muse University Want to learn the skills you need to succeed at your career, but don't have the time or money for semester-long classes? At Muse University, stodgy, expensive, and time-consuming education is a thing of the past. Here you'll find classes designed for your busy lifestyle: They're short, they're smart, and they're delivered straight to your inbox. The best part? Kick Start Your Job Search Have you been putting off your job search because the process feels too daunting? Management 101 From being a strong leader to dealing with those situations that aren't in your employee handbook, this month-long class will give you the tools you need to manage like a boss. Land That Promotion You're looking to move-up but you aren't sure how to start climbing that ladder. Hack Your Work Life Are you always wishing there was just a little more time in the day? We'll be adding more courses very soon, so check back often!