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- Online coding environment - Sumo. The 8 Best Sites for Quality HTML Coding Examples. - Discover your power to change the world with code. What is TwilioQuest?

- Discover your power to change the world with code.

TwilioQuest is an educational video game designed to teach a new generation of developers how to change the world with code. TwilioQuest prepares you for real-world programming by helping you configure a local development environment and introducing tools used by professional programmers around the world. From learning how to use your terminal, to coding in Python, JavaScript, and PHP, TwilioQuest will help you develop practical engineering skills.

The story so far... More and more of our lives are lived inside computers. The power of code is so potent, it has attracted the attention of those who seek to greedily expand and jealously defend their own power. Full Stem Ahead. Full Stem Ahead Boolean Girl Presents: Full STEM Ahead Register for our free, live instructor-led online series.

Full Stem Ahead

Kids learn to Code, Build, Invent, and Animate. Each episode is age-appropriately tailored for ages 8 to 18. Join us! Episode 18: Python Projects. 2018 state of cs. Microsoftguidetoinclusivecomputerscienceeducation. Mouse Membership Comparison. Mouse Create Coding Course. Sign up for a Mouse Create Spark membership to get access to this course, or email with questions!.

Mouse Create Coding Course

Just looking for a new version of X-Ray Goggles? Try it out on now: The Coding course gets youths familiar with one of today’s most valuable 21st century skills. Youth learn front-end web design skills with activities on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, programming experience in the command line using high-level languages, and basic computer programming processes. Best Apps and Websites for Learning Programming and Coding. Code for Life. Made with Code. Solving Problems with Coding in the Library. Teach Computer Science & Coding to Kids.

SAM Labs Raises $8.9M Series A2 Round to Introduce Coding Kits to More Schools. In front of Joachim Horn lay several white blocks small enough to fit in the palm of his hand.

SAM Labs Raises $8.9M Series A2 Round to Introduce Coding Kits to More Schools

He attached an equally small wheel to one of the blocks, and with some taps on a tablet computer, the block became a working motor and the wheel whirred to life. It was a simple demonstration of products sold through his company, SAM Labs, which sells kits to teach hands-on lessons around designing, building and tweaking programs. Horn believes simplicity is a key to making science and technology interesting to not only students, but their teachers. “There is a misconception that you need to be very technical to teach STEAM,” says the 28-year-old CEO of SAM Labs.

“We want to deliver tools to empower any teacher.” That simplicity has also won over investors, too. Founded in 2014, London-based SAM Labs has grown quite a bit since its first financing—a Kickstarter campaign that brought in about 126,000 pounds (about USD $200,000 at the time). Uncover Modern Python With This Free Ebook! Advertisement Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a popular design paradigm in which data and behaviors are encapsulated in such a way that they can be manipulated together.

Uncover Modern Python With This Free Ebook!

For anyone with basic Python skills who is new to object-oriented programming, this free ebook is a must-have. Each chapter includes relevant, step-by-step examples and case studies, with the overall ebook forming an in-depth, working program that’s completely free to download. By the end of the book, you will have learned object-oriented principles in-depth using Python syntax, and will be able to create robust and reliable programs confidently. We notice you're using an adblocker. I've whitelisted MakeUseOf. Grasshopper: Learn to Code Review for Teachers. Grasshopper is one of the best learn-to-code apps out there.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code Review for Teachers

Rather than playing games that involve coding concepts or code-like blocks, students will work with blocks of real JavaScript code (with the real syntax, punctuation, etc.) to solve clearly designed and interesting challenges. Quizzes along the way reinforce and highlight a conceptual understanding of items like variables, loops, and arrays. Construct 3 Review for Teachers. Construct 3 is a 2D game engine that can be used to design and create your own games, such as puzzles, platformers, role-playing games (RPGs), shooters, racing games, or even storybooks.

Construct 3 Review for Teachers

Construct 3 also includes the Box2D physics engine for creating physics-based games. The development environment runs in a browser with both online and offline file saving, so it can be used on just about any operating system, including Chrome and Android. When students create a new game, they'll create a background, add objects, and then give behaviors to objects. The Coding & Gaming Shelf. The Computer Science & Game Design Shelf. How to Introduce Students to Coding With Mozilla's X-Ray Goggles.

6 helpful videos for coding, STEM, and more. 4 Fun Coding Sites for Learners to Develop Their Skills. ITCH - Scratch teacher dashboard. Embeds: Video, Audio and iFrame Elements. Some of the Best Books for Teaching Kids Coding (2017 version) December 23, 2017 Below is a collection of some of the best books to help your kids learn coding.

Some of the Best Books for Teaching Kids Coding (2017 version)

Kids will get to learn the basics of computer coding through a wide variety of interactive visuals, engaging games and project-based activities. They will also get to experiment with different softwares and programming languages such as Python, Java, Scratch and many more. Links to the books are under the visual. Check them out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page. Computer Science Education Week. Help us grow the celebration of computer science by hosting a computer science or coding event in your community.

Computer Science Education Week

Or, check out the resources below for ideas: TechJam with Girl Scouts of Greater New York and Vidcode! Careers in Tech. Computer Science Education Week. Elementary School Middle School High School Looking for resources specifically for AP Computer Science Principles A in Java?

Computer Science Education Week

See the AP Computer Science A Resource Page For school counselors and administrators. Made with Code. A most magical Hour of Code with littleBits. Join millions of people worldwide who will spend an Hour of Code learning how to program, a partnership between Computer Science Education Week and We’ve curated a collection of learning activities so you can participate at home, in school, or at your makerspace. All of these inventions guide you through each step so you can easily adapt them for your learning space.

You can start with the beginner challenge from maker librarian Colleen Graves, then move on to the Nerdy Teacher’s more advanced challenge, the In or Out Sign. Save the screen time for later – working with physical objects to learn abstract computing principles is key to addressing all the learning styles in your classroom. Are you participating in the littleBits Magic of Invention Challenge? Thinkersmith's Unplugged Hour of Code Activity. 6 Surprising STEM Stats and Why They Matter to You – Ozobot. It’s definitely a term you’ve heard before with some importance attached to it. But what is STEM exactly and why should it matter to you? Well, I’m glad you asked… First, let’s talk basics: STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering and Math There are many highly technical, overly involved ways to explain STEM; but basically, it is a core teaching curriculum based on the four disciplines that make up the acronym.

But, why STEM? There is no getting around it. Learn to Code with CODExist: the Birth of Bot. Learn to Code with CODExist: the Birth of Bot. Microsoft Educator Community home - Microsoft in Education. Teach students to code - Microsoft Education. Edsurge. CreativeComputing20141015.

Creative Computing. 7 units44 activitiesremixing encouraged download the Scratch 3.0 version of the guide> help learnerscreate new worldswith computing download the Scratch 3.0 version of the guide. Computational Thinking. In our conversations with Scratchers, we heard young designers describe evolving understandings of themselves, their relationships to others, and the technological world around them. Salesforce Donates $8.5M to Computer Science Education. What’s the Difference Between Coding and Computational Thinking?

Edsurge. Wants Mandatory Computer Science Classes in Schools. To music artist, technology can change the world. On Tuesday,, the former Black Eyed Peas singer whose legal name is William Adams, dropped by the Apple Store in San Francisco’s Union Square for a screening of the music video for a new version of the group’s 2003 hit Where Is the Love? He was joined by Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts, and discussed why the proceeds from the song would go toward education programs and initiatives through Adams’ foundation. Swift. Introducing Swift 5.1. App Lab. App Inventor. Get Started. CodeHS - Learn to Code at School or at Home. Curiosity Machine.

Learn to build Android apps. Stencyl: Make iPhone, iPad, Android & Flash Games without code. GameSalad - Make Games for iOS, Android & HTML5 - Drag & Drop - No Coding Required. Game creation for everyone. GameMaker: Studio. Last updated: 02/04/2019 We (meaning YoYo Games Limited, company number 05260718) use technologies on our website and mobile services (which we'll call the Services) to collect information that helps us improve your online experience. We refer to these technologies, which include cookies, collectively as “cookies.”

This policy explains the different types of cookies used on the Services and how you can control them. Teach yourself to code. Why Kids Should Make the Video Games They Love to Play. Teaching Kids to Code. Every era demands—and rewards—different skills. In different times and different places, we have taught our children to grow vegetables, build a house, forge a sword or blow a delicate glass, bake bread, create a soufflé, write a story or shoot hoops. 9 great free activities for Hour of Code. Annual Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week, encourages educators and students to participate in one hour of coding Computer science skills have enjoyed more time in the spotlight as educators, policymakers and celebrities tout the importance of coding and programming skills.

Learn to Code by Doing. Vidcode. Pencil Code. Code Avengers: learn to code games, apps and websites. Coding Boot Camps Fast Track Females into Innovation. By Natalie Shoemaker The gender gap is Silicon Valley, where fewer than one in five technical employees are women, is no longer a well-kept secret.

But we can't just blame the computing industry for its dearth of female workers. The problem starts in school. As of 2012, the National Science Foundation reported only 18 percent of computer science degrees were obtained by women. Some institutions have been able to bring women back into the fold and bring those graduate rates up to 38 percent. In these programs, most people don't have the same prior experience with computers as someone who may be a CS major in college, which is what makes coding boot camps so attractive to women. Teaching Kids to Code Has Never Been So Easy. High Schoolers to Choose Whether to Learn Coding in Lieu of a Foreign Language. China Is Teaching Kids to Code Much, Much Earlier than the U.S.

The Future of Creativity Depends on Kids Who Can Program. Why the Future Will be Made by Creators, Not Consumers. The Best Apps and Services for Learning to Code. Hour of Code - Russ Kahle. Trinket. CodeMonkey. TouchDevelop.

Beetle Blocks - Visual code for 3D design. Three million open jobs in U.S., but who's qualified? Three million open jobs in U.S., but who's qualified? Youtube. TED talks on computer science. 15+ great resources for introducing coding to the classroom. A vocational school for aspiring programmers. Untitled. Mushroom Learning. Download Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 from Official Microsoft Download Center. Unity - Game Engine. Tululoo HTML5 Game Maker.

The Game Creators - Make Your Own Game - Computer - Design and Making Software. Make Your Own Game with RPG Maker. MicroWorlds EX. GameSalad - Make Games for iOS, Android & HTML5 - Drag & Drop - No Coding Required. Game creation for everyone. Computer Programming. About. GameMaker: Studio. Gamestar Mechanic. Code as a Second Language. ESA LOFT Innovation. AgentSheets. Teach Coding in the Classroom: Resources from ISTE '14.

Outreach Programs of Victor Norman @ Calvin College. Hackety Hack!