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100 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Online

100 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Online
Whether you’re getting ready to take an international trip or you’re just ready to brush up on your foreign language skills, there are lots of resources to help you learn online no matter where you study: Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia – anywhere! From schools to translators and dictionaries, find the help you need here in this list of 100 ways that you can learn a foreign language online. Courses & Schools Formal classes, course collections, and more can be found here. Dictionary Get quick translation resources from these dictionaries. Phrases Find out how to speak certain phrases with the help of these resources. Vocabulary Check out these sites to build your foreign language vocabulary. Vocabulary Training Exercises: This site offers vocabulary training exercises in English, German, French and Spanish.Vocabulix: Use Vocabulix to improve your foreign language vocabulary skills. Translation Libraries Study foreign language in these libraries. Travel Language

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German Articles Lite Are you ready to learn German? Welcome to Babbel. Discover Babbel's wide variety of courses and start making progress quickly. Try it now! WHAT THE PRESS SAYS“The app I’ve found most powerful is Babbel.” – New York Times“7 apps you don’t want to miss.” – Mashable"9 out of 10" – Wired FEATURES- For users with or without previous knowledge- Extensive selection of interactive courses- Entertaining listening, writing, and speaking exercises- Vocabulary trainers for a wide variety of topics- Easily graspable grammar exercises- Effective pronunciation training with voice recognition- Integrated Review Manager to help consolidate what you've learned- Synchronization between website and mobile or tablet

Open Learning Initiative At Harvard Extension School, free and open learning is hardly a new concept. In fact, the Extension School was founded with this mission in mind: to create an affordable way for any motivated student to take courses at Harvard. We stay true to this mission today, offering several free courses and nearly 800 for-credit courses at reasonable tuition rates. Explore our series of free or low-cost courses below. More on Online Language Learning Last week’s article on online language learning apparently hit a nerve; not only was it widely e-mailed, but a number of people told me about other language courses that I had missed in my research. In addition, a few factual corrections to the article are in order. Starting with the latter, the free language courses at the BBC‘s Web site may not work in all countries.

Malaysian language Pre-School in Pensiangan, Sabah with teaching materials for Bahasa Malaysia The Malaysian name for the language is Bahasa Malaysia (literally "the language of Malaysia"). This term is occasionally found in English. History[edit] Article 152 of the Federation designates Malay as the official language. 12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss Learning Spanish? Have a smartphone? Then you’re in luck. You can learn Spanish with songs and music. You have fantastic Spanish podcasts at your fingertips. And of course, you have a sea of apps for learning Spanish.

German Verbs FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to learn German - whether you like listening music from other countries, travelling abroad, working for an international company, or chatting with foreign friends. Our app encourages your kids to learn speaking German quickly. Get the FREE vocabulary app right now! Fun* Select from 7 fun games to learn in a uniquely entertaining manner.* Built-in "Spin Categories" feature allows the app to choose a random topic, subtopic and game for you to enhance your learning experience.

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MOOC Around the World - Our Global List of Distance Learning Resources, Part 2 We’re boarding now for the next leg of our journey exploring MOOCs around the world. In case you’re joining us mid-itinerary, in part 1 we had a whirlwhind three-country tour of distance learning resources from Germany, the U.K. and Ireland. This part will take us back to the continent to introduce MOOC platforms in northern and southern Europe as well as a pan-European platform based in the Netherlands. FYI, as I explained in part 1, I am including platforms dedicated to providing MOOCs as well as independent courses offered outside of a dedicated platform. I am also including some classes that have already finished if I expect them to be offered again or when the materials have been left open and accessible.

How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour (Plus: A Favor) Deconstructing Arabic in 45 Minutes Conversational Russian in 60 minutes? This post is by request. How long does it take to learn Chinese or Japanese vs. Spanish or Irish Gaelic? Pricing What happens when my subscription expires? Can I still use the themes I have downloaded? When your subscription expires you can still use all the themes you have downloaded with no limitations, however if you cancel your subscription you won’t be able to access new updates or download new themes. So, what do i get for $39?

The MOOC Guide The purpose of this document is two-fold: - to offer an online history of the development of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - to use that history to describe major elements of a MOOC Each chapter of this guide looks at one of the first MOOCs and some early influences. It contains these parts: - a description of the MOOC, what it did, and what was learned - a description of the element of MOOC theory learned in the offering of the course - practical tools that can be used to develop that aspect of a MOOC - practical tips on how to be successful Contribute to this Book You are invited to contribute. If you participated in a MOOC, add a paragraph describing your experience (you can sign your name to it, so we know it's a personal story).