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Noobs on Ubuntu, Mint and Debian, HD Wallpapers, Tutorials

Noobs on Ubuntu, Mint and Debian, HD Wallpapers, Tutorials
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Xubuntu 13.10 - Same again please bartender ~ Everyday Linux User Introduction I reviewed Xubuntu 12.10 just over a year ago and it is still one of the more popular articles on this site. Last week I installed the latest version, Xubuntu 13.10 to see if much has changed. In my previous review I installed Xubuntu on an older computer but this time I have gone for running Xubuntu on the Toshiba Satellite Pro L870. (Intel i5, 2.5 ghz processor, 8 gb RAM, 750 gb hard drive). Not brand new but solid enough specifications. What was new in Xubuntu 13.04 Some of you may have already tried Xubuntu and you might just want to know what is new. This section shows what changed between Xubuntu 12.10 and Xubuntu 13.04. Xubuntu 13.04 was labelled a maintenance release with few extra changes but according to the website: Gnumeric and GIMP are reintroduced on the ISONew application versions: Catfish 0.6.3 and Parole 0.5.0 with many bug fixesUpdates for the Greybird theme and a new wallpaperDuplicate partitions are no longer shown on desktop or ThunarUpdated documentation

Official Ubuntu Documentation Android Apps on Google Play The No. 1 ebook bestseller, Sunday Times Top 10 bestseller and USA Today bestseller The real nightmare starts when her daughter is returned... A girl is missing. Five years old, taken from outside her school. She has vanished, traceless. The police are at a loss; her parents are beyond grief. But the biggest mystery is yet to come: one week after she was abducted, their daughter is returned. She has no memory of where she has been. Perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, C. Praise for Alex Lake ‘Relentlessly fast paced, a compelling plot and anxiety inducing finale. ‘Opens with a nightmare scenario and races to a gripping, horribly tense ending – I think I actually stopped breathing several times. 'With an unrelenting sense of urgency, this brilliant book will get under your skin. ‘This is creepy storytelling of the highest order: spine-chilling and difficult to put down’ Daily Mail ‘A superb read for suspense fans, this taut thriller will have you racing for the finish’ Heat

Planet | Linux system debugging super tutorial Updated: June 1, 2012 In the last two years, I have introduced you to a number of so-called super-duper system administration tools. We learned how to properly analyze a range of problems by carefully studying symptoms and then isolating and fixing the root cause. We learned about strace and lsof, both immensely powerful tools. We focused on system profiling and auditing. Today, we will use all of these tools, plus the slew of tips and tricks listed in my hacking guides, all three of them, to try to resolve a seemingly impossible problem. The problem we have All right, let's assume that the startup of applications is slow. Rules! If you want to be an awesome system debugger, then there are several would-be rules you must follow whenever you are trying to resolve a difficult problem. Be methodical Having a formulaic approach may portray you as a noob - or a very efficient man. Always begin with simple tools Comparison to a healthy system Now, we're ready to dig in. Symptoms Strace Ltrace Ta-dam.

Mark Shuttleworth موقع العلوم الحقيقية Voyager 13.10 (Page 22) / Forum Ubuntu bonjour tout le monde! il y a bien longtemps que je n'ai rien posté par là, mais comme je n'ai aucun souci avec la 13.04... j’attends juste la suivante! encore merci, rodofr et les spécialistes adjoint! quel boulot! j'ai du changer de carte mère la semaine passée. alors comme je sais qu'avec W$ c'est la galère, t que j'étais au dernier top pour les MAJ de mon XP, après avoir cherché diverses solutions, je me suis lancé dans une réinstall complète, j'étais juste dans les temps, mais quelle galère pour les pilotes adaptés...! mais pourquoi se compliquer la vie avec l'ami Bill?