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Homemade Floor (and All-Purpose) Cleaner

Homemade Floor (and All-Purpose) Cleaner
When we moved into our new house a couple months ago, I was so excited to not see one single inch of carpet in the whole place! Not the living room, not the bedrooms, nothing – woohoo! I hate carpet. But with my new-found excitement, came some new-found stress as well, since our dark-coloured floors now showed EVERYTHING. I initially tried my all-purpose cleaner, which is just a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water with some essential oils – seriously, it’s a great all-purpose spray for everyday, quick clean-ups and wipe-downs. Then, in my search for a homemade floor cleaner, I found this recipe which mixes equal parts water, vinegar, and alcohol, with a few drops of dish soap. Even the hubby noticed how clean and shiny they were, and he never notices that stuff – so I took that as a huge compliment! Where can I buy the cleaning equipment? I use my old Swiffer mop, which works just fine. This is a low-traffic area of the house (only part with nice light for pictures), hence the shine. Related:  cleaning/maintenance

Four Homemade Cleaners This was easier than I thought it would be. One of Betsy’s goals for the year was to ditch some of our standard cleaners that we use around the house and make them! Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this project mainly because I wasn’t sure that homemade cleaners would really get the job done. And my lovely wife is a bit of a neat freak so there’s no way she would use something that didn’t perform well. So a couple of weekends ago she went out and bought a few staple ingredients and some empty spray bottles and we spent a few minutes mixing up four different homemade cleaners that have since replaced 90% of the cleaners we use around the house. For the last few weeks we’ve been using them now and I’ve been so impressed by how well they are working, I thought I’d share them all with you in case any of you are interested in ditching the chemicals. The Cost of Cleaning. Basic stuff. Really Clean Cleaning. The Basics. - Homemade: How to Make 100′s of Everyday Products Mixing the Solutions.

Easy Ways to Save Energy - Products Apparently the average home has 40 devices plugged in drawing constant energy, even when they're turned off (this is called, creepily, 'vampire energy'). To combat this, Belkin has created a slew of products, in their 'conserve' line, that help consumers track, monitor and control energy use in their home. Here's the Conserve Socket, which turns off automatically after 30 minutes, three hours, or six hours of use. Here's a surge protector that reduces standby power to electronic devices like your TV and entertainment system: And here's my favorite gadget of the bunch, the Insight, a plug-in energy monitor that displays electricity consumed (wattage); the carbon dioxide produced to create that electricity; and the actual cost, in dollars and cents, of that energy use. Curious to see how this product would affect my own personal energy use: would I be so shocked by the cost of powering my always-plugged-in TV, toaster, and coffee maker, that I change my energy-sucking ways?

6 Reasons Why My Cleaning Solutions Are TOTALLY BOSS « Reasons Why Or, 6 Reasons Why These Magic Mixes Will Cause You To So Deeply Regret All Those Years and Dollars You Wasted On Commercial Products That You May Need Grief Counseling 1. They are homemade. As Pinterest users can testify, anything DIY is automatically more awesome than the alternative. [SIDE BONUS: The more stuff you make at home, the more prepared you are for the zombie apocalypse.] 2. Everything you need to mix your own cleaning solutions can be found at your local supermarkets, and you probably already have a lot of this stuff at home. Easy enough, right? Liquid Castile soap –> in the organic beauty aisle*Essential oil (choose one with antiseptic properties) –> ditto*Rubbing alcoholWhite vinegarCornstarchBorax –> in the laundry aisle by super washing sodaBaking sodaOlive oil *I can usually find these for cheaper on Amazon than in a store. 3. Before you mix up your solutions (recipes below), you have the exciting task of deciding which scent combinations to use. 4. 5. 6. Homemade = cool

Lemon Juice & Knives. Who would have thought that Lemon Juice could get rid of the rust spots on your knives? Not this girl! I am a very neglectful knife owner. It's one of my flaws that I've been working on ever since last Thanksgiving when my Mom (who bought us our knife set as a gift a while back) and I were cleaning up, I went to put the knifes in the dishwasher and she looked at me appalled and told me they should not be washed in there and needed to be hand washed. Oops! Well I've been trying since then to be good about it, but let's face the facts...I'm not. I decided to do a little Google searching and I found out that Lemon Juice is the key. Go ahead, try it.

Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipes Get fresh with these easy, inexpensive homemade floor cleaner recipes Washing your floors with natural homemade floor cleaners is great way to go green at home. Using natural ingredients and essential oils gives the whole house a clean, fresh scent AND gets rid of dirt, germs and bacteria. Not to mention saves you money, boosts your immune system and lifts your mood. Here's a couple of tried-and-true homemade wood floor cleaner and homemade laminate floor cleaner recipes you'll love. No-Rinse Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe This is one of the easiest home cleaning recipes ever - just make it right in your kitchen sink! Fill a bucket (or your sink) with hot water. That's it - just wash and let dry. Click here for some great essential oil cleaning blends or check out the list of disinfectant essential oils on the right-hand side of the page. Heavy Duty Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe Fill a bucket with hot water. This recipe requires rinsing afterwards. What Next? Homemade Bathroom Cleaners

Concoctez votre produit ménager pas cher et écolo Un bon moyen de protéger notre planète et de faire des économies, c’est de faire soi-même son produit ménager multi-usage (plan de travail, inox, robinet, lavabo, carrelage). Recette Pour un litre de nettoyant : 1/3 de vinaigre blanc 2/3 d’eau Une toute petite goutte de produit de vaisselle écolo Pour les narines sensibles, on peut ajouter, mais c’est facultatif, des huiles essentielles (romarin, thym, eucalyptus, citron…) 10 à 15 gouttes par litre. Méthode Il suffit de mélanger le tout et le tour est joué. Pour les vitres également, ce mélange convient parfaitement à un vaporisateur. Au final, je nettoie toute ma maison avec du vinaigre, de l’alcool (désinfectant), des cristaux de soude, du bicarbonate alimentaire, du sel, du savon noir, des huiles essentielles... En effet, 1 litre de vinaigre coûte 35 centimes environ. Merci à Prisca, lectrice responsable de Terra eco, pour ce tuyau ! Le projet « Donnez-nous une leçon »

Every-day Solutions to Staying Organized source: peter lee This post was originally published several years ago but continues to be one of our most popular. If you’re looking for simple, effective strategies to get organized, start here! The number one question I get from my readers is “help, I’m so overwhelmed with my home, where do I start?” Maybe you can relate? Sometimes it isn’t so much about starting with this pile here or that pile over there but more a matter of introducing a few daily organizational habits to help keep the clutter and chaos from becoming more than you can manage. Here are 10 things you can do today to help you stay organized. 1. Often chaos ensues because we are trying to juggle too many things in our brains. Grab yourself a notebook and just start brain dumping all that needs to be done. source: organizing junkie 2. Now take your list to your calendar (and if you don’t have a central family calendar, get one quick!) 3. You may not be menu planning for the whole week yet, but you can menu plan for TODAY.

Uses for vinegar Unleash the power of white vinegar―an all-purpose cleaner, brightener, herbicide and more. Just a bit of this multitasker, straight up or mixed with water, can replace many pricier products huddled under your sink. Try these tips to see how vinegar can make your life cheaper and easier. 1. Freshen up the fridge. Clean the shelves and walls with a solution of half water and half vinegar. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Spring Clean Your Mattress I’ve been making my way through the bedding in our home giving it a good Spring Cleaning. It feels so nice! Saturday we even had enough warm weather to open up the windows! My home always feels cleaner after it has been aired out a bit after the long winter. Spring cleaning mattresses is a simple process for me. Next I lift the mattress and box springs off the bed and thoroughly vacuum and dust. I lay the mattress back into place and make my own special concoction. Using a kitchen strainer sprinkle the baking soda mixture all over the mattress and let it sit. Using the hose end of your vacuum and an upholstery attachment, thoroughly vacuum the mattress. The word lavender is derived from the Latin “lavare” meaning to wash…. When I get in bed after a deep clean like this, I wonder how I ever slept a wink in my dusty bed. Next step is washing the quilts on our beds…. but that’s for another day.

My Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner I fear I am becoming like the Dad in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. You know the guy who goes around spraying everything and everyone with Windex claiming it’s pretty much the cure for EVERYTHING!MOVIE QUOTE:“Toula Portokalos: My dad believed in two things: That Greeks should educate non Greeks about being Greek and every ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy can be cured with Windex.” Since I discovered the “miracle” of baking soda and peroxide …I can’t stop cleaning stuff with it! , blender and KitchenAid mixer til they SHINE! Today, as I contemplated what I could clean next, I noticed my nasty-looking utensils that are covered with hard water spots and thought….why not!?!? This time I decided to document with pictures. doesn’t really do the Before and Afters justice…I still think it’s pretty dramatic! This is my “recipe”: I put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste. SEE! Never miss a good thing!

Pourquoi et comment se passer d'eau de Javel ? Influencés par la publicité et les traditions, nous pensons souvent que nettoyer ne suffit pas et qu’il faut, en outre, désinfecter toute la maison et même le trottoir ! Pour cela, une « eau » très populaire aux propriétés désinfectantes vantées à grand renfort de publicité, est utilisée à raison de 44 millions de litres/an rien qu’en Belgique ! L’eau de Javel… Il n’est même plus nécessaire d’acheter un bidon d’eau de Javel pour en utiliser. En effet, le marché des produits d’entretien regorge de détergents dits « 2 en 1 » qui cumulent une action nettoyante et une action dite désinfectante grâce à l’adjonction de produits chlorés. L’abandon de cette pratique est pour tout citoyen un geste écologique capital ! Nettoyer nos esprits : la désinfection, ce n’est pas automatique ! Il est utopique de penser aseptiser la maison de fond en comble. Une désinfection n’est utile que lorsqu’un habitant a une maladie contagieuse, soumise à déclaration (salmonellose, certaines hépatites...). VRAI ! FAUX !

on display: wall gallery inspiration » ann beck photography We have had so much fun featuring real client homes, and have gotten a lot of questions from those of you looking to recreate a similar look in your own home but don’t know where to start. We’ve collected some of our favorite layouts that can work in a variety of spaces an created these samples for you to view and get inspired! The sizes of the images depend on the size of the space you have to work with, and whether you are framing the pictures or ordering gallery wrapped canvases, so you can find a style and layout that fits your home and the images you want to showcase! Of course, if you have a session scheduled with us already, we’ll be happy to go over all of this in person, and even put together some samples using your own images, but we thought this could be helpful to get you started, or for displaying old family portraits… or anything in between!

Easy Tile Grout Cleaning DEAR TIM: I’ve tried tile grout cleaning on the floors of my home with little success. The grout just doesn’t come clean. The tiles themselves don’t look like they used to even though I’m using those newer pad-cleaner contraptions. Is there a miracle method that you know of for cleaning ceramic tile grout? Have you had this problem in your own home? Judith P., Forest Park, IL DEAR JUDITH: Tile and grout cleaning was the bane of my existence for years at the last house I lived in. Powdered oxygen bleach, a scrub brush and some water are all you need to make tile and grout look like new. It became crystal clear what the issue was one day when I decided to really scrub the grout. Regular soaps seemed powerless as well as tile and grout cleaning equipment that I rented. My tile & grout cleaning problems disappeared about 15 years ago while I was researching how to properly seal and clean a deck. I tried some of this product and couldn’t believe what I saw. Column 817