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Homemade Floor (and All-Purpose) Cleaner

Homemade Floor (and All-Purpose) Cleaner
When we moved into our new house a couple months ago, I was so excited to not see one single inch of carpet in the whole place! Not the living room, not the bedrooms, nothing – woohoo! I hate carpet. But with my new-found excitement, came some new-found stress as well, since our dark-coloured floors now showed EVERYTHING. I initially tried my all-purpose cleaner, which is just a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water with some essential oils – seriously, it’s a great all-purpose spray for everyday, quick clean-ups and wipe-downs. Then, in my search for a homemade floor cleaner, I found this recipe which mixes equal parts water, vinegar, and alcohol, with a few drops of dish soap. Even the hubby noticed how clean and shiny they were, and he never notices that stuff – so I took that as a huge compliment! Where can I buy the cleaning equipment? I use my old Swiffer mop, which works just fine. This is a low-traffic area of the house (only part with nice light for pictures), hence the shine. Related:  cleaning/maintenancestyle

6 Reasons Why My Cleaning Solutions Are TOTALLY BOSS « Reasons Why Or, 6 Reasons Why These Magic Mixes Will Cause You To So Deeply Regret All Those Years and Dollars You Wasted On Commercial Products That You May Need Grief Counseling 1. They are homemade. As Pinterest users can testify, anything DIY is automatically more awesome than the alternative. [SIDE BONUS: The more stuff you make at home, the more prepared you are for the zombie apocalypse.] 2. Everything you need to mix your own cleaning solutions can be found at your local supermarkets, and you probably already have a lot of this stuff at home. Easy enough, right? Liquid Castile soap –> in the organic beauty aisle*Essential oil (choose one with antiseptic properties) –> ditto*Rubbing alcoholWhite vinegarCornstarchBorax –> in the laundry aisle by super washing sodaBaking sodaOlive oil *I can usually find these for cheaper on Amazon than in a store. 3. Before you mix up your solutions (recipes below), you have the exciting task of deciding which scent combinations to use. 4. 5. 6. Homemade = cool

Lemon Juice & Knives. Who would have thought that Lemon Juice could get rid of the rust spots on your knives? Not this girl! I am a very neglectful knife owner. It's one of my flaws that I've been working on ever since last Thanksgiving when my Mom (who bought us our knife set as a gift a while back) and I were cleaning up, I went to put the knifes in the dishwasher and she looked at me appalled and told me they should not be washed in there and needed to be hand washed. Oops! Well I've been trying since then to be good about it, but let's face the facts...I'm not. I decided to do a little Google searching and I found out that Lemon Juice is the key. Go ahead, try it.

Tiny Owl Teachings: Planning to take the FTCE SAE (K-6) Exam? Read this first! Preparing to take the Florida Teaching Certification Exam: Subject Area Exam (Kindergarten-6th Grade)? There are a lot of resources available on the internet and for purchase. An overwhelming amount of it is terrible, out-dated, and won't help you pass the test. How do I know? I just took it... and passed! Test Breakdown: 225 Questions. 4 hours and 20 minutes. 65% must be answered correctly to pass (147 questions). Section 1: 125 Minutes (45 Questions Each) Language Arts and Reading History and Social Studies Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Health Section 2: 135 Minutes (45 Questions Each) Science and Technology Mathematics The Test: When I went into the test, I went in feeling confident I would pass. After the Reading and Language Arts portion of the test, my confidence began to dissolve: the Social Studies and History portion totally threw me for a loop. The Science and Technology portion of the test: You will need to know what a chordate is. Tips: Resources that are ...meh

Uses for vinegar Unleash the power of white vinegar―an all-purpose cleaner, brightener, herbicide and more. Just a bit of this multitasker, straight up or mixed with water, can replace many pricier products huddled under your sink. Try these tips to see how vinegar can make your life cheaper and easier. 1. Freshen up the fridge. Clean the shelves and walls with a solution of half water and half vinegar. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Spring Clean Your Mattress I’ve been making my way through the bedding in our home giving it a good Spring Cleaning. It feels so nice! Saturday we even had enough warm weather to open up the windows! My home always feels cleaner after it has been aired out a bit after the long winter. Spring cleaning mattresses is a simple process for me. Next I lift the mattress and box springs off the bed and thoroughly vacuum and dust. I lay the mattress back into place and make my own special concoction. Using a kitchen strainer sprinkle the baking soda mixture all over the mattress and let it sit. Using the hose end of your vacuum and an upholstery attachment, thoroughly vacuum the mattress. The word lavender is derived from the Latin “lavare” meaning to wash…. When I get in bed after a deep clean like this, I wonder how I ever slept a wink in my dusty bed. Next step is washing the quilts on our beds…. but that’s for another day.

Stocks Basics: What Are Stocks? The Definition of a Stock Plain and simple, stock is a share in the ownership of a company. Stock represents a claim on the company's assets and earnings. As you acquire more stock, your ownership stake in the company becomes greater. Being an Owner Holding a company's stock means that you are one of the many owners (shareholders) of a company and, as such, you have a claim (albeit usually very small) to everything the company owns. A stock is represented by a stock certificate. Being a shareholder of a public company does not mean you have a say in the day-to-day running of the business. The management of the company is supposed to increase the value of the firm for shareholders. For ordinary shareholders, not being able to manage the company isn't such a big deal. Another extremely important feature of stock is its limited liability, which means that, as an owner of a stock, you are not personally liable if the company is not able to pay its debts.

Easy Tile Grout Cleaning DEAR TIM: I’ve tried tile grout cleaning on the floors of my home with little success. The grout just doesn’t come clean. The tiles themselves don’t look like they used to even though I’m using those newer pad-cleaner contraptions. Is there a miracle method that you know of for cleaning ceramic tile grout? Have you had this problem in your own home? Judith P., Forest Park, IL DEAR JUDITH: Tile and grout cleaning was the bane of my existence for years at the last house I lived in. Powdered oxygen bleach, a scrub brush and some water are all you need to make tile and grout look like new. It became crystal clear what the issue was one day when I decided to really scrub the grout. Regular soaps seemed powerless as well as tile and grout cleaning equipment that I rented. My tile & grout cleaning problems disappeared about 15 years ago while I was researching how to properly seal and clean a deck. I tried some of this product and couldn’t believe what I saw. Column 817

My Top Ten Repurposed Household Containers I am one of those people who has a really hard time throwing used containers away! I’m not a candidate for the show “Hoarders”…yet. :-) But I just hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good, perfectly reusable things. Especially when they can be so helpful around the house in other ways. However, there is a problem with my need to re-use/repurpose containers….I can’t stand the labels and printing that come along with said containers. But by far my FAVORITE way to use the yogurt (sour cream) containers is to pack my homemade frozen yogurtin them to give away to friends and family. So that is #1 on my list of my Top Ten Favorite Repurposed Kitchen Containers….. #1 Yogurt containers Here are #2 through 10……… #2 Juice bottles These are my lifeline when it comes to making homemade laundry soap. #3 Baby wipes containers I think we could all come up with a dozen different uses for these versatile little containers! #4 Mason jars Did I mention this list is in no particular order or preference?

Top 10 Iron-Rich Foods: Foods High in Iron Eat these to pump up your diet Why do I need to register or sign in for WebMD to save? We will provide you with a dropdown of all your saved articles when you are registered and signed in. It used to be called "iron-poor blood," but now we know it as anemia. Whatever you call it, one way to help treat it is to eat foods rich in iron (most doctors recommend taking a supplement, too). To boost the amount of iron in your diet, try these foods: Red meat Egg yolks Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards) Dried fruit (prunes, raisins) Iron-enriched cereals and grains (check the labels) Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops) Turkey or chicken giblets Beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans Liver Artichokes And here's a tip: If you eat iron-rich foods along with foods that provide plenty of vitamin C, your body can better absorb the iron. Continue reading below...

Putting a new commode in a bathroom or powder room yourself saves plumber fees, and it's less scary than you might expect Materials:• Toilet with tank and seat• Nut driver (optional, but it makes life easier)• Phillips head screwdriver• Flathead screwdriver• Crescent wrench (or ratchet set)• Channel lock pliers• Wax ring with bolts included• Bathroom/kitchen caulking• Braided toilet connector (most toilets and cutoff valves require a 3/8- by 7/8-inch connector)• Spare coins (cheaper than toilet shims) Unless you are a seasoned plumber or have a very strong stomach, I also recommend gloves and a rag for removing the old wax ring and bolt. If you are a seasoned plumber or a dock worker, just wipe the old wax on your jeans.

{2} Simple Glass Cleaners For Sparkling Windows and Mirrors As odd as it may seen, I have never done a post on homemade glass cleaner before. However, I have addressed cleaning windows and mirrors quite a few times. Here are a couple “blasts from the past”: These techniques and formulas have done a great job, but I’ve always thought I was missing something…and then it came to me…grease-cutting action! I don’t know about you….but we get plenty of greasy fingerprints on our mirrors and windows (and other shine-able surfaces!). So I decided to make up a big bottle of this recipe I found on Margarets Cleaning website. She uses this glass cleaner in her cleaning service to save money and to remove greasy fingerprints with just a swipe! Since we just got finished having tile installed in our kitchen and EVERYTHING is covered in dust and filth….this big bottle is going to come in handy! Ingredients Empty gallon jug (I used one of my favorite re-purposing containers…a Minute Maid OJ jug).1/2 cup ammonia16 oz. rubbing alcohol1 teaspoon blue Dawn dish detergent

Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules For Winners & Life Code Review Dr Phil Life Code Review After talking with feuding sisters and identifying them as BAITERs, Dr Phil offered advice and solutions. In Life Code, Dr Phil wants to help people become their best selves. He said that the old rules just don’t apply anymore and it’s time for a new rule book. Dr Phil: Sweet 16 Rules for Winners In order to win, Rebecca needs to look at the Sweet 16 and come at life from a place of strength. Advertisement Grout Cleaning Tips & Recipes A few of the recipes below contain ammonia, or bleach, or vinegar (I’ve also included other homemade solutions that are gentler to use). There are some who claim that these items will degrade grout over time–what that amount of time is I don’t know (5 years? 50 years?) or that they may affect it in a way that makes them more susceptible to future discoloration. I can’t confirm the deterioration claims since I haven’t witnessed those problems myself. These items will help kill bacteria and remove stains, but make sure to rinse well with clear water. If you’re concerned about deterioration, use them well diluted (will reduce its effectiveness), or only in extreme situations, or try a method without using those ingredients at all. Tip: After you have brightened things up, apply a fresh coat of sealer so it is protected and harsh methods won’t be necessary on a regular basis. Important: Test colored product first before using any method to make sure it won’t be discolored. Mildew Stains