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Amazing Tiny House on Wheels: Truck Converted Into Gorgeous Solar Powered Off Grid Home

Amazing Tiny House on Wheels: Truck Converted Into Gorgeous Solar Powered Off Grid Home
The off grid home is truly a self-sufficient design providing energy via roof mounted solar panels. Built by Joseph Tayyar, this wonderful example of ingenuity and sustainability is a tiny house worthy of the name. How would you like to live in this? It doesn’t come cheap at $225k, but that cost is spread out over several years. Though this home is not quite affordable for many folks looking to move off grid right away, it does show what is possible with designing and building with recycled/repurposed vehicles, and high-technology. This tiny home is self-sufficient, and mobile. via: via: Images: Comments comments Related:  Housetruck/Bus Styleideas

Joe’s Truck House I don’t feel I missed anything beyond this form of life. Yes, I gave up a lot of stuff-books, clothing and other unnecessary things we all registers. But gained freedom. Real freedom. A work truck converted into a rolling home. Funny Looking Tower Generates 600% More Electrical Energy Than Traditional Wind Turbines The Sheerwind wind turbine promises to produce 6 times the electrical power than traditional wind turbines. This funny looking wind tower acts like a funnel, directing the wind from any angle, down through a tube to a ground based turbine generator. The funneling of the wind through a narrow passage effectively creates a “jet effect” increasing the velocity of the wind, while lowering the pressure. This is called the Venturi Effect. As such it can capture and generate electricity at a much lower wind speed than current wind power technologies. The idea is so simple, so elegant, and promises to produce so much more energy at lower cost and more efficiently, that it might just be the answer to many problems with current wind turbine technology. This technology is not really new in the science of fluid dynamics, however this is a new way to generate electricity, and if successful, promises to grow the wind energy in a more eco-friendly way than ever thought possible. via: Sheerwind Comments

Sol Haus Design's 140 Sq. Ft. Tiny House: Would you live here? This 140 square foot tiny house on wheels sits on a 20′ x 8′ utility trailer. It’s designed to be self-sufficient and is the home of Vina Lustado at Sol Haus Design. She will be using portable solar panels and passive solar heating/cooling approach to go off the grid. The walls, ceilings and floors are highly insulated to help with this and additional heating is provided by a propane gas fireplace. Like most tiny homes this one has an upstairs sleeping loft with a big skylight so you can see the moon and stars before bed time. Unlike most skylights in tiny houses, this one can actually open to let in the breeze. Image: Sol Haus Design on Facebook I encourage you to learn more about this tiny home and enjoy the rest of the tour (in photo and video) below: Image: Sol Haus Design on Facebook So how tiny is 140 sq. ft.? For those of you, like me, who have in the past wondered whether you should go tiny or small. “Tiny vs Small” (400 sf and 140 sf side by side) Image: Sol Haus Design on Facebook

Custom Truck RV: Modern Motorhome Living or a Tiny House? I usually show you tiny houses on wheels but today I’m showing you a modern truck RV/motorhome by MCM Design. Besides that I also like to share teardrop campers and other RVs with you too. So today I ask you the question, “would you rather go with a modern motorhome like this… Or a tiny house on wheels?” Have a look below first and then decide. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments at the bottom on what you’d prefer. I think this motorhome is so well designed that I wondered if some of us would consider something like this over a tiny home on a trailer? Exterior of Modern Motorhome by MCM Design Interior with Skylight, Kitchen, Bedroom and Living Area Storage Staircase View of the Kitchen View from the Bedroom Large Bathroom with Shower 3D Floor Plans Floor Plan with Details For more designs from this architect click here to go to his blog.

Subtle Subterranean House is Underground & Understated Many underground homes have relatively extreme designs, either due to ultra-wealthy clients who give their architects a (literal or at least metaphorical) blank check to design a luxury dream house, or because of existing conditions (for instance; retrofitting an old military base and/or missile silo to be a new home). This modest alternative shows the power of simplicity in a nonetheless remarkable minimalist home in the ground. BCHO Architects started by carving a basic box-shaped void into the earth, holding a place for the space with likewise simple retaining walls of rough and raw board-formed concrete. The displaced soil from the digging process was used for the rammed-earth parts of the final structure. There is also a heavy-and-thick theme that runs throughout the different materials, structures and supports of the home.

Historic Shepherds Huts - on the move A quick note to say that the excellent site dedicated to shepherds' huts - Historic Shepherds Hut ("a web based archive dedicated to record survivors and the forgotten part they once played in our country's rich agricultural past") - is heading to a new location at because of hosting problems. They're still in the process of moving everything across but it's worth changing your bookmarks now as they are also planning to expand the site to deal with lots of new huts which have come their way as a result of recent media coverage. Incidentally, if you have a shepherd's hut for sale, please do contact Shedworking - there were many, many disappointed readers who were very interested in the last one we advertised (including the editor of a wellknown national magazine) that I'm sure you'd find a buyer quickly. Our Monday posts are sponsored by garden2office, the Swedish garden officespecialists.Click here for more details.

Housetruck that looks like a Tiny House Last year I interviewed Rob Scott who builds these wonderful housetrucks that look just like tiny houses. If you haven’t had a chance to read the interview click here for that article. He recently finished yet another tiny house on a truck and he gave me the go to share it with you. One thing is for sure, Rob’s housetrucks sure beat living in a pickup truck. Enjoy the photos of the housetruck below then share your favorite part about it in the comments. As you can see this one is already equipped with a porch, plenty of windows, and a large sleeping loft. Built in porch is in the rear of the structure along with the front door. Stained glass has been used throughout the entire truck which makes it even more amazing. Also see Rob Scott’s Photostream on Flickr for more photos of his projects. Two other housetrucks that resemble tiny homes: There are so many creative ways to build your own little house.

Wood, Stone & Glass Home Brings the Outside Indoors Many architects talk of responding to the site and integrating their buildings with the surrounding natural environment, but few execute that intention with the compelling completeness shown in this house design. Moreover, the decisions that shaped this unique home were driven as much by sustainability and energy savings as they were by aesthetics and formal considerations. The glass roof that spans the main structure allows natural lighting deep into the Base Valley House while providing a way for breezes crossing the site to pass through and cool the structure. Bedrooms carved out of the ground below are kept out of the sun and cooled year round by the surrounding earth. Encased in wire mesh, stone retaining walls continue seamlessly from outdoors through the inside of the house, providing structural support to hold back surrounding dirt.