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How to Learn JavaScript Properly – JavaScript Is Sexy Learn JavaScript Properly (For Beginners and Experienced Programmers) This study guide, which I also refer to as a course outline and a road map, gives you a structured and instructive outline for learning JavaScript properly. In fact, you will find two study guides below, one for absolute beginners and the other for experienced programmers and web developers. Single page apps in depth (a.k.a. Mixu' single page app book) This free book is what I wanted when I started working with single page apps. It's not an API reference on a particular framework, rather, the focus is on discussing patterns, implementation choices and decent practices. I'm taking a "code and concepts" approach to the topic - the best way to learn how to use something is to understand how it is implemented.

jQuery Chart Library for Web Developer There are many javascript chart tools available on the web. Javascript code can easily plot beautiful charts and graphs. This is a list of javascript charts and graphs open source libraries that can help you plot charts easily using JS. Although a web application can use many ways to depict graphs or data, still client side processing of data reduces the load on server and improves overall latency. Open source JavaScript charting libraries are great tools for implementing data in the form of charts and graphs at the client side. 35 top examples of JavaScript JavaScript creates platforms that can engage a user and ensure that they remember your site and continue to revisit. It can be used to create games, APIs, scrolling abilities and much more. The internet is full of web design inspiration, including great examples of JavaScript being used to bring a website to life and provide great user experiences. Here we pick some of our favourite examples of JavaScript in action for your inspiration. 01.

35 CSS-Lifesavers For Efficient Web Design CSS-design is not easy. We need to find workaround across browser inconsistencies, not that easy CSS-concepts and quite counterintuitive CSS-solutions. However, there are effective and useful CSS-tools and Smashing Magazine reviewed many1 of2 them3 in our previous posts. Shoot to kill; CSS selector intent – CSS Wizardry – Web Performance Optimisation 17 July, 2012 Written by Harry Roberts on CSS Wizardry. It’s worth noting that selector intent is something I completely made up at some point today; if you think there’s a better name then please let me know! Let’s take a closer look at the .header ul{} example. Let’s imagine that ul is indeed the main navigation for our website.

Detecting the ‘Tap’ event on a Mobile touch device using javascript Currently we can use different types of events to control a touch gesture on a mobile device using javascript, but unfortunately they are not enough to detect all the huge amount of behaviours that an User could do with a touch gesture. Some of the events that you can catch having everything under control are touchstart, touchmove, touchend and touchcancel. In one of my projects I needed to detect the ‘Tap’ event that is a bit different from the ‘touchstart’ event *, so I found this solution that works pretty well, and here you can get the code. *The Tap event should not be confused with the click because they are two things completely different1 jQuery Solution

[Announcement] WebEngage Notifications: adding awesomeness to user messaging Hello, It gives me immense pleasure to announce an ultra-cool, new add-on to WebEngage. After our in-site feedback and survey products inside WebEngage, we are very close to releasing the third product in our bundle – Notifications. Simply put, notification is a plug-n-play, DIY messaging tool for your website. The illustration below, tries to explain the product idea - stringify - JavaScript The JSON.stringify() method converts a JavaScript value to a JSON string, optionally replacing values if a replacer function is specified, or optionally including only the specified properties if a replacer array is specified. Syntax JSON.stringify([, [, ]]) Parameters value 30+ Free jQuery CSS Notification Plugins & Tutorials Those beautiful jquery css notification plugin design are important any kind of notify action on web, you can download free example code and learn more on tutorials. It is my favorite jquery notification that i have collected such: jquery notification bar, jquery lightbox notify, jquery ui notification, jquery push notification, jquery notification popup, notification error, message, information, warning and success. You may like this: jquery mouseover effects NeatNait oldscholl Glossy Notifications More Info

The Front End Developer's Dilemma Learn Development at Frontend Masters Hello, my name is Geoff and I am a web designer. At least, that’s what I tell people I do for a living, because it’s what most people understand.