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Mathematics fiction books These novels and other fiction books have some elements of mathematics, or feature real or fictional mathematicians. Frequently these books use narrative devices to explore mathematical topics. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Pages in category "Mathematics fiction books" The following 34 pages are in this category, out of 34 total. Apostrophes TermSciences - Terminologie Scientifique Spanish Language Style Guide and Glossaries | DigitalGov The Spanish Language Style Guide is a resource for government employees, translators, and communications professionals who work with the government to improve the way we communicate with the public in Spanish. The guide contains information on grammar and style issues as well as glossaries to standardize the use of Spanish across government. The guide was peer reviewed by Leticia Molinero, Maria Cornelio and Jack Segura, members of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE). ANLE has an agreement with GSA to help improve and standardize the use of the Spanish language in government communications. Please Note: We continue to make improvements to this guide, so please send any comments or suggestions for additional resources to Laura Godfrey, Manager,

How to Write Guide: Introduction to Journal-Style Scientific Writing Introduction to Journal-Style Scientific Writing [ Table of Contents ] [ PDF Version ] | Get Your Thoughts Organized | Who is Your Audience? | Prose and Style | Abbreviations and Tense | First vs. Third Person | Use Active Verbs | References | Plagiarism Overview A critical aspect of the scientific process is the reporting of new results in scientific journals in order to disseminate that information to the larger community of scientists. Communication of your results contributes to the pool of knowledge within your discipline (and others!) and very often provides information that helps others interpret their own experimental results. Ladd Library links: Writing and Citing Guides Top of Page Plagiarism (use of others words, ideas, images, etc. without citation) is not to be tolerated and can be easily avoided by adequately referencing any and all information you use from other sources.

Longest novels This is a list of the longest novels over 500,000 words published through a mainstream publisher. The longest novel is Artamène ou le Grand Cyrus, originally published (1649–54) in 10 parts, each part in three volumes. Artamène is generally attributed to Madeleine de Scudéry.[1] Composing a list of longest novels yields different results depending on whether pages, words or characters are counted. Length of a book is typically associated with its size—specifically page count—leading many to assume the largest and thickest book equates to its length. Word counts are a direct way to measure the length of a novel by a measure that is unaffected by variations of format and page size. Comparison of methods[edit] Three possible ways to determine length exist and each has its own method for determining length. Novel definitions[edit] What counts as a novel is another variable. List of longest novels[edit] See also[edit] Four Great Classical Novels, an overview of five very long Chinese classics

Errores ortotipográficos en textos redactados en español | Introducción Frecuencia de fallos en las traducciones Este artículo ponencia surgió tras constatar la frecuencia con la que se encuentran ciertos errores de ortotipografía en traducciones al español, especialmente del inglés al español. Algunos traductores —o quizá todos nosotros en alguna ocasión— tomamos los signos de puntuación del texto original como delimitaciones físicas de nuestro trabajo. La ortotipografía en la traducción Puede definirse la ortotipografía como «la materia que trata la correcta acentuación y puntuación de los textos, además de la correcta utilización de ciertos signos complementarios». Ausencia de documentación Sobre estas importantes cuestiones existen algunos buenos libros, pero no tantos como sería deseable, sobre todo en formato de vademécum o manual de consulta rápido para redactores, traductores y escritores. Disparidad de criterios Comillas Existen tres tipos de comillas: las latinas o españolas («»), las altas o inglesas (“”) y las simples (‘ ‘). 1. 2. 3. 1.

Explorations of Style | A Blog about Academic Writing APA Formatting and Style Guide Coming Soon: A new look for our same great content! We're working hard this summer on a redesign of the Purdue OWL. Worry not! Our navigation menu and content will remain largely the same. Summary: APA (American Psychological Association) style is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences. Contributors: Joshua M. Please note: Some electronic citations necessitate the use of brackets; APA style dictates that brackets should directly surround their content without spaces (e.g., [bracketed content] should look like this). Article From an Online Periodical Online articles follow the same guidelines for printed articles. Author, A. Bernstein, M. (2002). 10 tips on writing the living web. Online Scholarly Journal Article: Citing DOIs Please note: In August of 2011 the formatting recommendations for DOIs changed. Because online materials can potentially change URLs, APA recommends providing a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), when it is available, as opposed to the URL. Abstract