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Top 7 Foods to Eat during Pregnancy – lifestylevistablog. While you are pregnant, you can’t do whatever you want.

Top 7 Foods to Eat during Pregnancy – lifestylevistablog

From your foods to your exercise routine, everything should be done according to the advice of your doctor. While planning diet for pregnancy, you should remember that now you’re not only eating for yourself. There is a little life growing inside you and it gets nutrients from whatever you eat. For the growth and development of the embryo, you should plan your diet wisely. Top 5 Quick Hairstyles for Busy Morning – lifestylevistablog. Is it your bad hair day?

Top 5 Quick Hairstyles for Busy Morning – lifestylevistablog

Top-5-home-remedies-to-say-goodbye-to. Having long and beautiful hair is a dream of all women.


But, do all dreams come true? No, if you don’t put enough effort. The-best-techniques-to-kiss-your. Is this your first time too?


Then, you must have butterflies in your stomach. Yes, guys also feel same excited and nervous like girls when it comes about the first kiss. 7 Ways How To Overcome Depression After A Break up. Being in love makes you feel alive, isn’t it?

7 Ways How To Overcome Depression After A Break up

Suddenly, your whole world transforms around you and even the most ordinary things become beautiful. It feels like a beautiful dream and you never wish to wake up from it! But the truth is not all relationships last and often love fades away. Sometimes when you wake up, you realize that you are alone! You feel dejected. Post-breakup depression is one of the most rampant problems faced by our generation. How to Improve Marriage Relationship between Husband and Wife. When people get married to someone, they feel intense love for that person.

How to Improve Marriage Relationship between Husband and Wife

With the course of time, the initial overwhelming feelings are submerged by the regular duties and responsibilities one has to perform in this society. It happens mainly to the wives that they feel lonely sometimes in their marriage and complain that their husbands won’t give enough time to them. Marriage is an institution which can run smoothly if both perform their shares the best. How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth, Lose Weight After Pregnancy. How to Stimulate Brain Development in Children or Infants. Parenthood is not an easy process.

How to Stimulate Brain Development in Children or Infants

Your baby is the most precious gift in your life and you have to value him equally with the best upbringing. You want nothing but the best for your baby as he/she is the most precious bundle of joy in your life. At the same time it is important to know how to stimulate brain development in baby so that he can grow up as an intelligent and smart child, ready to take the world as he/she grows. Therefore, it is important to induce the ability to reason, acquire planning skills and develops a rich communicative language. For those bright twinkling eyes, you would certainly want the best tips for stimulating brain development in children so that you can bring up a smarter next gen x. What to Eat During Pregnancy, Diet For Pregnant Women. Our house is running upside down these days!!!

What to Eat During Pregnancy, Diet For Pregnant Women

Do you know why? Because my elder sister is 5 months pregnant and we all are staying alert always. Our world is revolving around her and she is throwing all her tantrums upon me….Yeah, I know, she is going through a difficult period and why younger sisters are there for!!! Mom is keeping eyes on her diet and dismissing all her desires of eating junk foods. We can’t take any risk after all. 8 Awesome Dress up Ideas to Wear on a First Date. Oh Yes!

8 Awesome Dress up Ideas to Wear on a First Date

Makeup Tips and Tricks For Working Ladies. Trust me, if anyone else is busier than the bees on this planet- it the working women.

Makeup Tips and Tricks For Working Ladies

I really wonder how they do it. But yes, they do it, and they do it really well. The task is really not an easy one. A working woman has to manage the home more than anybody else and work at the same time. 10 Awesome Places In the World You Must Visit Before You Die. St. Augustine once said “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

Whether you are someone who suffers constantly from wanderlust or are just someone who wishes to explore natural beauty in its most primitive and sublime form, travelling to new places can open your mind up to new adventures and possibilities. There is beauty around us, everywhere, just waiting for us to be explored. Effective Home Remedies to Treat Skin Rashes in Your Child. There is a saying that all children are blessed with good skin. We love the soft and tender skin of any kid. I miss those days of my childhood when I was blessed with such a nice skin. I often see many mothers worried about the skin rashes on their baby’s face. Mostly due to excessive heat, sweat and also due to diapers, rashes appear. Rashes are very itchy and uncomfortable for any kids. What are the common skin diseases in children?

EczemaSeborrheaContact DermatitisPrickly HeatHives. Tips on How to Get Respect in a Relationship. To build a strong relationship, respect for each other is very necessary. Love and respect- both are complementary to each other. If you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you must respect the person as well.

Reasons How Facebook Can Ruin Relationships. I have always had a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite active on social media platforms including Facebook but I use it mainly to keep in touch with my old friends as well as colleagues. That’s about it. But the problem that people mostly face these days is when they get too involved with social networking sites. Social networking sites play a crucial role in break-ups and divorces in today’s day and age!

How to Increase Your Height Naturally, Best way to Increase Height. Natural Hair Growth Tips For Women, Fastest Way To Grow Hair. Every woman dreams of having long, silky, smooth hair like Rapunzel. She is the only childhood fantasy we all have. But the reality for us is not the same. Top 5 Haunted Graveyards in India. Top 5 Haunted Graveyards in India Ever heard of the spooky stories and incidents that happen in the graveyards? When we were kids we have heard about these spine chilling ghost stories that still scare us in our wildest dreams…am I right?

Reasons Why are Guys Scared of Commitment, Commitment Phobia. My best friend, Nitara, have just broken up with her boyfriend and she remains so upset now-a-days. Last weekend I spent some time with her and got surprised about the reason of her heartbreak. That guy was not ready to get married. He had made it clear to her that he won’t commit for lifetime relationship. But, she thought she can change him which didn’t happen, actually. I’ve mixed feeling about it. No Commitment, Darling!!