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This Wednesday is National Hat Day and we are having a party to celebrate. Don your favorite chapeau and please join us for an Advanced Style Hat Day Party. Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Wine and Snacks will be served from 5:00pm-8:00pm Off Broadway Boutique 139 W 72nd Street (between Columbus and Broadway) 212-724-6713 Hosted by: Ari Seth Cohen, "The Countess of Glamour", Joana Avillez Dress Code: Hats Required Price of Admission: Wear a Hat RSVP:

Well Past 50: The Weblog of Fashion All of the statements below are direct quotes from various fashion and beauty consultants: “Wear v-necks. They draw attention to your face.” 6 Life-Changing Uses for Binder Clips (That You Could've Easily Thought Of) from Look What I Found Yes, it may seem like an ordinary binder clip. And it is. Make no mistake -- it will keep your papers organized with the best of them. 2013 Style99 Fashion Blog Ranking Style99 Methodologylog4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. Traffic is always an indicator of popularity, but related actions like linking to stories of interest, or sharing them on social networks are a greater indicator of influence. After building our initial index of websites, a score is assigned to each blog based on link data and sharing activity across social networks. Links represent 30% of the total score, with weight placed on the number of unique linking websites rather than the number of links in general.

37 Ways to Tie a Scarf Hello there! Welcome to The Knot Library. Are you ready to knot, twist, tie, tuck, loop, braid, fold, and fluff with Scarves Dot Net? We compiled over 50 (and counting!) different ways to tie a scarf, so chances are we have a new knot or two for you! Breakthrough Hair Color System Your Salon Doesn’t Want You to Know About! They may be a young company in the hair care arena, but is already ruffling the feathers of stylists across the country. Explains eSalon’s Color Director, Estelle Baumhauer, “I’ve had outraged colorists come up to me at industry events and say, ‘How could you do this? You’re going to put us out of business!’” Perhaps those colorists are outraged because hair coloring doesn’t have to cost consumers a fortune each month. Because now, the innovators at eSalon have found a way to offer it all – home coloring products at an affordable price with the personal guidance of a highly trained salon professional. eSalon’s haircolor solution

Kidrobot's Blog, The KRonikle UK designer, Aled Lewis crosses the streams of reality and 8-bit with a fun new photographic series. Aled is best known for his clever t-shirt illustrations on Threadless, but his latest project superimposes your favorite pixelated video game characters of yesteryear with photographs of real life scenarios. via fubiz The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2013 Editor’s note: 2015’s list of the best, most interesting websites has arrived! Welcome to one of the web’s most anticipated lists of the year: The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2013. This is the second such list I have made since founding DailyTekk and it’s very special. A website can only be featured ONCE in this annual series, so make sure to check out last year’s list so you don’t miss 100 other amazing sites and blogs. I’ve broken this monster list down into 19 categories and limited myself to five links per category (except for the last category) to ensure I whittled away all but what I thought were the most deserving candidates of right here and right now in 2013.

Galaxy Nail Tutorial The galaxy nail trend is taking off right now, so why not join the fun? Creating this detailed glitter manicure may seem like it could take light years, but with a few colors and a little sparkle, you can have a vibrant nebula on your fingertips too! Base CoatDark nail polish for base colorLight color for base of nebulaTwo to three bright nail polish colors to create nebulaeCosmetic spongePiece of paperGlitter polishTop coat Step 1 Using a dark shade, preferably a deep blue or black, apply one or two coats of nail polish on top of your base coat to serve as the base color of your space design. Then sponge on your first layer of light color (we used a pale green) in thin layers and allow to dry.

Paris Street Style for Women Over 40 or 50 by Christina Gregoire Whenever I go to Paris, I pack a lot of bright and light colored dresses. And, when I get there, I always say to myself, “What the heck was I thinking?” Listen: Samuel L. Jackson narrates "Go the Fuck to Sleep" Author Adam Mansbach, after repeated struggles to get his two-year-old daughter to fall asleep, once sent out a jokey Facebook post reading: "Look out for my forthcoming children's book, 'Go the Fuck to Sleep.'" The one-liner amused many of his Facebook friends, and the next thing you know, Mansbach had assembled some verses, and bootleg PDF copies of the profanity-laced opus were suddenly going viral. The thirty-two-page Go the Fuck to Sleep was picked up by a small Brooklyn publishing house, and even reached number one on Amazon's bestseller list ahead of memoirs by Tina Fey and Steven Tyler, well before its official publication date, which was yesterday. So this children's book for adults is now a full-blown phenomenon, and has weathered a little controversy, as New Zealand Christian group Family First has lobbied New Zealand's booksellers not to sell the book. This all makes for an amusing story, but it gets better.

My Daily Style I do love grey tees, printed jeans and ethnic bags. Here you have a look with all of them! This soft and light tee from Free People is amazing. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit more for better-quality products. Quick nebula nail art tutorial I had some people ask about a tutorial for my intergalactic nails, so I threw together a super quick one that should give you a basic idea. I have a terrible camera, so I apologize for the photos, but I hope it helps! You will need various nail polish(mine are listed in my previous post), a makeup sponge applicator, a small brush or toothpick, and a palette to put the polish on(I used a paper plate). To start, I chose a dark base.

How to Tie a Scarf: Easy Parisian Knots by Christina Gregoire Chic women need to know some simple ways to wrap or tie long, rectangular scarves. If you live in a cold climate or you have visited Paris, you already understand the value of a scarf, and you probably lust after all long, thin scarves (with wonderful drape) in your best colors. Scarves in Paris Fortunately, little Gigi had a mentor who showed her how to tie her sinfully lightweight cashmere scarves when she was a four-year-old. Unfortunately, I was raised by Huns who didn’t know the difference between silk and polyester … or the difference between handmade and machine made.

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