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The Shoebox

The Shoebox
Tiny house on wheels built by Tennessee Tiny Homes. Photographed by Butch Boyd. Related:  TH Collection 3

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Big Enough to Start a Family? Published onSeptember 23, 2013 I thought I’d let you know that Dee Williams and her team at PAD Tiny Houses have made the Sweet Pea tiny house design available to the public. It’s a design that was created for their friend Gina who wanted a tiny house that she can maybe start a family in. What do you think? Can you see yourself starting a family in this tiny house? Photos by Chris Tack Do you think this tiny house is spacious enough for a young family who enjoys simplicity? Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Do You Think it’s Enough to Start a Family In? Exterior – Hitch Side I love the little bump out that gives you just that little bit of extra space. Interior of the Sweet Pea Tiny Home I really like how there’s a lot of open space when you come in. Looking Towards the Sleeping Loft and Kitchen Pretty Big Kitchen for a Tiny House, Right? Closet Space I think closet space might be one of the biggest challenges for a family living in a tiny house like this. Bathroom in the Sweet Pea Tiny House

Home sweet home! Girl, 14, builds herself a tiny $10,000 house as tribute to her late father It took Sicily Kolbeck, of Georgia, a year and a half of labor and $10,000 to build the 128-square-foot bungalow with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom Sicily lost her father, Dane Kolbeck, in a car accident a month after construction beganShe plans to take her tiny dwelling to Baltimore when the family move there in the summer By Snejana Farberov Published: 18:42 GMT, 27 May 2014 | Updated: 10:36 GMT, 28 May 2014 Building a house from scratch, even a tiny one, is not for the faint of heart, but 14-year-old Sicily Kolbeck has proven she has what it takes to see her passion project through against overwhelming odds. Kolbeck, from Marietta, Georgia, started work on her diminutive dwelling, lovingly dubbed La Petite Maison, when she was 12. At the time, the girl was searching for an outside-the-box idea for a school project when she stumbled upon a sizable online community of DIY builders specializing in downsized homes. Scroll down for video

979 Sq. Ft. Cabin for Small Family This two-level cabin or F House is 979 sq. ft and certainly big enough for a small family. The outdoor patio provides extra space for gathering with family and friends. The design is minimalist mixed with modern. As you go inside through the large glass doors you will be right in the kitchen. The living room, dining area and bathroom are also on the lower level of the cabin. The large patio glass doors provide the kitchen with plenty of natural sunlight. I really love the bathtub because it can be lit up with LED lights, allowing it to glow from within. Check out this small cabin and see what you think. 979 Sq. Images © Daniel Moulinet Resources: Trendir (as seen on)Humble Homes (as seen on)Daniel Moulinet (photographer)Lode Architecture If you enjoyed this 979 sq ft F House for small family you’ll absolutely LOVE our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more! The following two tabs change content below.

TH 227 This tiny house on wheels was designed and built in one semester by students in The Semester in Sustainable Design/Build in 2011. It is 227 square feet and resides in Massachusetts. A 227 square feet tiny house on wheels in Massachusetts. Shared by Kate Stephenson. Photos and build by Yestermorrow Design/Build School. Seelenkiste - allergutendinge „...You must recover your awareness of the physical world. Architecture may be a tool to emphasize our senses and sharpen our consciousness of reality, which tends to be erased by speed and over-information.“ -Didier Faustino- Der Traum von Arkadien ist tief verwurzelt in der Tradition der europäischen Kulturgeschichte. Mit unserem Projekt begeben wir uns ebenfalls auf die Suche nach Arkadien. Nach der Fertigstellung wurde die Seelenkiste an verschiedenen Orten aufgebaut um diese zu erforschen. Umsetzung des Projekts im Frühjahr 2012 Bauhaus- Universität Weimar Professur Entwerfen und Baukonstruktion Prof. Konzept & Ausarbeitung: Matthias Prüger Manuel Rauwolf Ulrike Wetzel Betreuung: Dipl.- Ing. gefördert durch: Vielen Dank an: Vielen Dank an: Patrick Certain, Ringo Gunkel, Stefan Gräbner, Sabrina Hoeck, Till Hoffmann, Lena Heinkele, Florian Kirfel, Alexander Koch, Cornelia Müller, Elisabeth Kunkel, Fabio Magnago, Moritz Nicklaus, Marco Rüdel, Robert Sass, Maria Schoenen

Man Builds Remarkable 280 Square Foot House | SF Globe Do you ever look around your house and wonder, "how and when did I collect all this junk?" After seeing this home, we here at SF Globe are definitely considering a simpler life! Chris Heininge comes from a family of "gifted craftsmen, artists, and designers." His family has designed and built over 100 homes in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Influenced by his teenage years as a Christian Missionary in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and India, Chris adopted the principle of "tiny living." While living in Aurora, Oregon in 1999, Chris began building the first in his series of tiny homes. Here is an overview of one of Chris's mobile tiny homes. Here's the view from the outside: Uploading... Living room view from the kitchen: The stairs to the loft with storage space underneath and a cozy fireplace: The kitchen with all-new appliances (all included in the price of the home!) The loft bedroom: The bathroom with a full-size jacuzzi and bath tub: All of this goes for about $70,000.

Tiny House Vacations: Garden Pod Micro Cabin in Winchester on August 22, 2014 If you’re into tiny house living too when vacationing you might consider staying in a micro cabin like this garden pod instead of in a motel. Many times you can also save money doing this, as in this case. This beautiful tiny backyard cabin in Winchester is a fantastic getaway if you’re in the area. And inside you’ll find everything you’ll need (giving you a taste of the tiny house lifestyle). Images © HomeAway A wonderfully unique cabin in a large garden. Learn more and book your stay if you want to here. If you enjoyed this garden pod micro cabin you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more! The following two tabs change content below. Alex is a contributor and editor for and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. Related Self-Contained Micro Cottage in Winchester, UK This is a self-contained micro cottage in Winchester, UK you can rent for $80 a night as of this writing. April 13, 2016 In "Cabins" November 17, 2013 In "Interiors" 301 Sq.

Mortgage-Free Living in a Hand-Built Tiny Home - Green Homes An Authentic Life, Doin’ What He Loves Just a few years shy of his 80th birthday, Lloyd Kahn is among the most enthusiastic, dedicated, hardworking and athletic — yes, athletic — guys I know. If they were to put a photo next to the definition of “authentic” in the dictionary, it could be a picture of Lloyd. When Lloyd came back from his stint in the Air Force in the late ’60s, he went to work as an insurance broker. His first building project had a living roof. Today he is one of the world’s leading voices in creative, environmentally sensitive, human-centered building practices. A Lifetime Achievement Award. — Bryan Welch, MOTHER EARTH NEWS Publisher and Editorial Director Visit the Image Gallery for a collection of photos of cozy, affordable and inspiring homes. In 1973, we published our first book, Shelter, an oversized offspring of The Whole Earth Catalog that featured 1,000 photos of buildings around the world. The mortgage crisis has devastated housing in North America.

A Family Of 3 Can Live In This Tiny House! Take A Look Inside It seems that tiny homes are taking the world by storm right now. Everywhere you turn, more and more people can be seen downsizing their lives and going the tiny home route. Perhaps they are drawn to the prospect of a simpler life, or perhaps they’re just after some fun, but either way, I think it’s showing people a lot about themselves and their lifestyles. My Experience In a “Tiny Home” I have often wondered myself, “could I live just as comfortably as I do now in a tiny home?” I had the chance to stay in what was like a tiny home. Upon entering, it was immediately apparent that everything you needed was right there in front of you; you could see the entire space and it was well-designed. I stayed with two other people in the home, but even if three of us had to live long-term in a house like that, we could have adjusted pretty easily. The place had a bathroom with a full shower that functioned perfectly. A Tiny Home For A Family of Three The outside of this beautiful tiny home.

The Happy Cheap House is precisely that Every time we show a small prefab the upper case comments pour in: ITS SO EXPENSIVE! There is always the statement that "prefab should be cheaper than site-built" and cost about $50 per square foot," which my dad built his house for on some farm in Arkansas." I try to explain that these houses are built of better materials to higher energy efficiency standards, that it costs more to not build out of carpet and vinyl, that building small costs more per square foot than building big. It never matters. © Tommy Carlsson via Dezeen So when a house popped up on Dezeen that was actually called "the Happy Cheap House" built in Sweden by Tommy Carlsson, I had to check: Is it happy? It is certainly economical with its choice of materials, clad on the outside all round with corrugated steel. The way the roof is framed is really interesting too; you get a downspout with a real slope to it. Inside: drywall and plywood. So what's the sticker on this baby? © Tommy Carlsson via Dezeen