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10 magically meticulous design style guides

10 magically meticulous design style guides
This is heading directly into geek territory. But we are self-confessed geeks, particularly when it comes to logo design, typography and pictograms. And that leads us to the meticulously regulated world of brand style manuals... A style manual, or style guide, is a set of standards for the design of documents, signage, and any other form of other brand identifier. The reason for their existence is to ensure complete uniformity in style and formatting wherever the brand is used to ensure no dilution of that brand. We love the obsessive nature of these, and so here we've gathered 12 of the best to inspire you when you create your own brand style guides... The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Graphics Standards Manual was created by Danne & Blackburn in 1974 when NASA changed from its original crest-based logo to the 'worm' logotype that we are now familar with. The manual has recently been revived thanks to a Kickstarter campaign to fund its reissue. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.

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Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites Advertisement A website is never done. Everyone has worked on a project that changed so much after it launched that they no longer wanted it in their portfolio. One way to help those who take over your projects is to produce a style guide. Show Reels *NEW* - 3D Artist & Motion Designer JR Schmidt - 3D Artist & Motion Designer Show Reel - 2013 Show Reel 2013 from J.R. Schmidt on Vimeo. Show Reel - 2011 2011 Filed under 2D, 3D, Motion Create a Company Style Guide Every company has its own style, and style guides help you maintainconsistency throughout your website and marketing. A company style guide is an outline of how you will present and promote your company and build yourbrand. The guide encourages consistency in writing and design, which gives a connected and unified feel to your company’s identity. It gives employees and clients a common understanding of the look and personality of your company.

40 brand logos with hidden messages A brand is arguably a company’s most valuable asset, but it’s the brand logo in particular that really speaks volumes about the company. Every aspect of the design conveys a certain message to consumers — whether it’s the personality of the brand, the company’s values, or the target audience. It’s a hugely important part of a company’s branding strategy, and an enormous amount of time and money is invested into creating the perfect logo. We are exposed to hundreds (if not thousands) of different brand logos every single day, but there are actually a number of subtle design features you may have never spotted before. Take a look at some of the most recognisable brand logos in the world (a very close look) and you’ll spot hidden messages within dozens corporate brand logos. Some are well-known, some you won’t have seen before.

50 Meticulous Style Guides Every Startup Should See Before Launching All good brands have a great style guide. Creating a simple booklet that catalogues the specific colors, type, logos, imagery, patterns, taglines, etc. of a brand makes sure the brand machine runs smoothly. To prove why you shouldn’t let your style guide go by the wayside, we’re going to take a look at 50 stunning and detailed examples of style guides that are sure to encourage you to begin compiling your own. And when you’re ready to put that style guide to work, trial it the fun way, by designing a branded social media graphic in Canva (click here). 01.

Systems Thinking for Breakthrough Business Performance The headlines rolled across my feed like the credits on a blockbuster movie. Something big seemed to be happening but I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It seemed that Zappos—the popular business management poster child for happy employees and customers—just announced it was adopting some new-fangled “boss-less,” “hierarchy-less,” “structure-less” management system called Holacracy.

Calatrava Chess Set by Thomas Perrone at Calatrava Chess Set by Thomas Perrone A tribute to Santiago Calatrava. Views: Favorites: How To Write A Style Guide Introduction In publishing and media companies, use of a style guide is the norm. However, style guides can also be useful for any organization that prepares documents for clients and the public. Creating a Rockstar Brand, Logo & Styleguide in Illustrator Designing a strong, coherent graphic brand identity is one of the most rewarding tasks in graphic design. It is a unique opportunity to create something that will go on to be used in many different places, applications and designs. In this multi-part tutorial series I'll take you through the processes and design I used to create the Rockable Press brand and its many different applications both offline and on. We'll begin by looking at the creation of the Rockable logo, look and feel and brand. Branding Beyond Graphic Design