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New Business Ideas, Innovations And Opportunities Around The World

New Business Ideas, Innovations And Opportunities Around The World

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s May 2011 Trend Briefing covering THE F-FACTOR The INTERNET OF CARING THINGS means connected objects that serve consumers' most important needs: physical and mental wellbeing, safety, security, oversight of loved ones, and more. You're probably already familiar with the innovations that have blazed an early CARING trail. The Nest smart thermostat*, NIKE fuelband and Fitbit, for example. Propaganda Posters Highlight Proper Phone Etiquette Comic strip cartoonistTed Slampyak has created a series of propaganda posters that highlights proper phone etiquette when in public. Check them out below: [via Ted Slampyak] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Trends, Economy, Markets, Keynote Speaker Media interview before Prime Minister's Global Forum in Latvia - Patrick Dixon's opening keynote at Riga International Leadership Summit Topics: global economy, social media, sanctions against Russia, future of Baltic companies, Scottish independence, green tech, altering the human race using biotech, intuition in business decisions, dangerous obsessions with shareholder value, and what companies will most succeed in tomorrow's world. "Our world will be increasingly interconnected and we will see key examples where a single event has triggered a wide range of unexpected results. Expect successful corporations to develop more agile and dynamic leadership, with alternative strategies for innovation and change." The keynote will create a broad 5-10 year vision of tomorrow’s world, based on fundamental trends which will dominate corporations and governments.

6 Hottest Internet Business Models for the Small/Home Business Owner The Web is moving towards a new direction. From simply being an information resource, the Internet is becoming a user-centric platform focused on the needs of users. As Newsweek in their recent cover said, this new phase is “Putting the ‘We’ in Web” (April 3, 2006 issue, pages 47-53) with the “Internet’s ability to empower citizens and enrich those who help with the empowerment.” The Web is becoming deeply collaborative, allowing people to work simultaneously on the same tasks at the same time (example is project collaboration application such as BaseCamp). Many of the new success stories are riding on the powers of social networking (think the very popular; while others rely on user-driven content to create useful resources (great example is Wikipedia). The New Web has turned instant messaging into a crude application with the more powerful instant-voice-messaging and instant-video-messaging applications (Skype is a perfect example).

100 Sources of Idea Fuel for Tech Entrepreneurs This post is #19 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 101. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week!

Business Idea Center Industry Interest Profession Startup Toolkit Once you've found the right idea, these guides can help you get started. 10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be The Year You Quit Your Job Editor’s note: James Altucher is an investor, programmer, author, and several-times entrepreneur. His latest books are I Was Blind But Now I See and 40 Alternatives to College. Please follow him on Twitter @jaltucher. People read TechCrunch because they want to create something, they don’t want to follow orders all of their lives, and they want financial freedom. I’m being blunt. The above three items feel good.

Trend map for 2007 and beyond Given it’s festive season now, it’s probably time for a bit of fun. and Future Exploration Network have collaborated in producing a map of major trends for 2007 and beyond, across ten segments: society & culture, government & politics, work & business, media & communications, science & technology, food & drink, medicine & well-being, financial services, retail & leisure, and transport & automotive. Click on the map below to get the full pdf. Trend Blend 2007+ map Inspired by the subway map for a well-known city, the map shows some of the major trends in each of these segments, as well as the key intersections between the trends.

Women Home Business: Small Business Success Stories When making the decision to become an entrepreneur, the first question that often comes to mind is: “What business should I start?” With so many home business ideas out there, we have selected ten businesses that we found to be ideal, suitable and practical for home-based women entrepreneurs and work at home moms. 1. 150 Resources for Tech Startups This post is #14 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 174. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 09), and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog. Looking for a job? Consider creating your own.

50 Important Advice and Things To Know That People Usually Aren't Told About Life is complicated. It is not easy, smooth, or even consistently comprehensible. However, as frustrating as it may be, it is wonderful. The world has infinite possibilities for everyone, even when things seem hopeless. No one person has all the answers to living a happy life, but each individual has something to share. Trend map for 2010 and out to 2050 For the last few years Richard Watson of NowandNext has created annual trend maps based on city subway maps. This year he has been more ambitious, creating a highly detailed map with five time zones, ranging from 2010-2015 out to 2035-2050. For the previous three trend maps (shown at the bottom) I collaborated with Richard and we co-branded them with Future Exploration Network, however time pressures this year meant that I haven’t directly contributed to the 2010 map.

Home Businesses You Can Start Quickly There are a few businesses that you can get up and running quickly if time is of the essence. If you've just lost a job or you can't take the one you have much longer, here are several fast start ideas. 1. Private Tutor. To start this business, you would have to be qualified in at least one academic subject, have some teaching skills and experience (being a training instructor could qualify). The subjects usually requiring tutoring are math, foreign language and any of the sciences.

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