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How to Easily Edit a Resume Anytime Needed. How many times did you miss the opportunity to land a dream job because you didn’t send your resume on time?

How to Easily Edit a Resume Anytime Needed

If you are counting, then you can probably relate with the following situation. You noticed, or your friend sent you a great job ad that perfectly describes you and you think: “Wonderful, I’ll definitely apply, I just need to adjust my resume.” That’s understandable given that it’s very important to create a resume that fits a job description and requirements.

That will bring you one step closer to landing a new job. However, as it usually happens, you procrastinate and wait the last minute and then, of course, something goes wrong and technical problems arise. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be like that. PDF to Word Convert will easily and successfully convert your PDF resume into an MS Word document on your iPhone or iPad. Step 1 Download PDF to Word Converter from the app Store. Step 2 Step 3 You’ll find your document among converted files. Snap Studies: How Brands Can Connect with Snapchat Fervent User Base. Description : When Snapchat first burst onto the scene in 2012, it attracted millennials and Gen Z-ers in droves.

Snap Studies: How Brands Can Connect with Snapchat Fervent User Base

But brands (for the most part) stayed away - they were still trying to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And millennials and Gen Z-ers loved having a network all to themselves, a space where they could communicate with their friends all day without any brand interruptions. This peaceful paradise didn’t last too long, however, as brands quickly took notice of Snapchat’s impressive user stats. Investing in Regenerative Medicine at the Local Level. Tread Carefully With Unpaid Internships.

How to Convert PDF to CSV With PDF Converter Elite. How to Convert PDF File to JPG Format for Free. Ways That Tech Can Help When You Have to Move on Short Notice. 6 Ways to Nurture Learning for Digital Natives. For many people, the term ‘digital native’ might sound a little strange.

6 Ways to Nurture Learning for Digital Natives

It’s not literally someone who lives on the internet, as that might be a little bit impossible. What it does offer, though, is a term which has become increasingly popular in the last decade and a half. Coined by the excellent Marc Prensky in 2001, this term – the digital native – describes the inability to help the next generation, namely the digital natives who were born in the millenia learn in and through technology. Teachers and educators are increasingly finding it more difficult to relate and understand the needs of the generations that preceded them. Today, as the infographic below shows, people like digital natives tend to get their information through the web and have a different means of learning and then processing information. So, what are some other ways can ‘digital natives’ be taught? 1. 2. 3. This is a major issue and one that has to be addressed. 4. 5. 6.

The Most In-Demand Online Marketing Skills for 2017. Importantly, as a contemporary marketing assistant or agent it is incremental to know where you should be looking to expand to so that it helps you ensure that 2017 can start as positively as possible, here are some of the most likely in-demand online marketing skills for 2017.

The Most In-Demand Online Marketing Skills for 2017

Marketing Demands Are Smaller One thing to notice is that people aren’t looking for campaign managers, nor are they as obsessed with SEO and SEM at the moment. 5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale. Three Ways to Protect Your Students From the Dangers of Technology. Kids today live in a world where you cannot escape technology.

Three Ways to Protect Your Students From the Dangers of Technology

The internet is all around you, from vehicles that use technology to park themselves to home thermostats that can be controlled half way around the world using a smartphone. Because the internet is such a beneficial part of our lives, kids have a hard time understanding the drawbacks behind it. The *Official AndreasCY* - Upcoming December Articles. The *Official AndreasCY* - What's New #7. The *Official AndreasCY* - Bonus Reads #4. The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life. However, for many, social media is a monster – one that won’t be going back in its box anytime soon.

The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life

This is a major issue; as social development is going to be majorly dictated to by the evolution of social platforms. So, how does the development of social platforms have an impact on our daily lives? Is it possible that Facebook and Twitter etc. now help to determine the day-to-day existence of many people? We’ve moved long beyond that period. A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards. There are many sites for personalizing greeting cards and sending them to friends and colleagues for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc.

A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

However, the personalization process on many of those sites comes down to simply inserting a line of text into an already created image or animation. Those solutions are great when we don’t have much time for original design, but we still want to show we’re thinking of someone. On the other hand, there are web apps such as Cherami Cards that help people fully customize their online cards, which can make the recipient feel really special. Though this piece of software is not about boosting productivity or revolutionizing any industry, like some powerful programs that we can’t live without, Cherami can be a very handy partner in “boosting relationships” and stirring someone’s emotions.

Let’s see how it works, and then we can give you some tips on how and when to use it. Why It's Worth Investing in Machine Learning for Medical Diagnosis. Description : Machine Learning can be considered as an important subfield of Artificial Intelligence.

Why It's Worth Investing in Machine Learning for Medical Diagnosis

During the last decade, Machine Learning is widely used in a variety of areas, including the complex healthcare industry. The healthcare landscape can be divided into three main categories. These include: Augmented Reality and Its Applications for Education. The Impact of Augmented Reality on Education Imagine that you are a student who is sitting in a history class.

Augmented Reality and Its Applications for Education

The lesson you are going to learn is about Egyptian Temples. Augmented Reality has the potential to create a realistic 3D environment of the temple and you will be able to learn it in more of an interactive and appealing way without even leaving the classroom. You can view every corner of the temple and get a clear view of it. That’s the beauty of AR. Augmented Reality can be used in education via many different methods. Even though Virtual Reality mainly focuses on games, it can be used effectively in training and education as well. The Enormous Rise of Artificial Neural Networks. Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water. Should you wish to explore some of them, the following article will provide you with an overview. 1.

Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Bioluminescent Octopus. The Latest Updates on Cancer Treatment. 6 Steps to Help Startups Establish as Businesses. Starting a new business is not an easy thing to do under the prevailing economic conditions of competitiveness. Once you manage to launch your startup, still you will have to go through a lot of hassle in order to establish it as a business. We’ve gathered a list of some useful tips that you can keep in mind in order to establish your startup as a strong business within a short period of time. As a young entrepreneur, you need to be equipped with a good sense of timing. 4 Key Elements to Redesigning Learning Spaces for the 21st Century. Within a field of fast changing nature of technological progress and the emergence of new pedagogical theories such as design thinking, maker-spaces, flipped learning and blended learning among others, it is extremely important for learning spaces to evolve along with time.

Here we sum up ways in which to re-design your school or classroom in a way that is meaningful to nurture 21st century learning. At the moment, millions of dollars are being invested on constructing new school buildings. Are they really worth the investment? How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts. How Fast Do you Lose Track of Your Cash? Do you find it hard to keep track of your daily spending? Many people often have problems with handling their finances, day-to-day spending and taking care of their bills, so they turn to technology for help. Ask any millennial and they will tell you the importance of managing your cash in today’s world… There just isn’t any money we are ready to give up that easily! If you are an avid fan of money, you should consider using technology to help you save your money. There are many useful apps that can provide the same user experience as if you were reading out the receipt just handed to you. Money in the Bank, Tracking Ain’t Easy!

The *Official AndreasCY* - Upcoming September Articles. The *Official AndreasCY* - Inspirational Quotes #2. The *Official AndreasCY* - Vintage Articles #2. The *Official AndreasCY* - What's New #5. The *Official AndreasCY* - Bonus Reads #3. The Importance of Leading by Emotions. Personal Learning Networks for Educators. The Growth of Cloud Computing Markets. Description : The cloud computing markets are growing at a rapid pace. People prefer to incorporate cloud technology in their day to day work because of its convenience. According to the reports of IDC, public cloud spending is expected to grow to more than $195 billion in 2020 from $96.5 billion in 2016. Cloud computing is growing at a robust rate at the moment and it has a promising future. Essential News – Web Services. An Overview of the Human Genome Project. Human genome is significant as it can provide with answers to questions like why we age, what genetic markers are, what causes and cures illnesses and many more.

As a result, finding answers for this scientific puzzle has become part of an interesting competition. Entrepreneurs who start working on this field will be able to learn a lot of new things. The *Official AndreasCY* - Upcoming August Articles. The *Official AndreasCY* - What's New #4. Why Alarm Dealers Should Be Promoting Video Surveillance. In the earliest days of electronic home security, video cameras were considered an extra only the wealthy could afford. 5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools. How to Edit Bank Statements on a Mobile Device. How Mobile Technology Has Enhanced Everyday Life. The Potential of Blended Learning for Steering Education. The *Official AndreasCY* - Upcoming July Articles. The *Official AndreasCY* - What's New #3. The *Official AndreasCY* - Bonus Reads #2. Essential News – Web Services. A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles.

Hey guys. The *Official AndreasCY* - Summer Greetings 2016. There Is a Shirt Out There for Everyone. Everyone comes in different sizes. The *Official AndreasCY* - Inspirational Quotes #1. The *Official AndreasCY* - Vintage Articles #1. Self-Driving Cars of the Imminent and Distant Future. Sadly, the flying car is still the domain of science fiction. Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun. There are multiple reasons for using labels: to inform users about the product’s contents, to make the product look attractive so people would be interested in trying it out, to help people organize their belongings, to alert others about potential dangers of using an item, etc. 3 Reasons the Hoverboard Is So Important. The *Official AndreasCY* - Upcoming June Articles. The *Official AndreasCY* - What's New #2. The Best Men’s Dress Shirts to Wear this Summer. Spotify vs Apple Music; Where Does the Scale Lean?

You can't Attend a Business Meeting Without the Right Shirt. Essential News – Web Services. DIY Home Automation and Affordability. The *Official AndreasCY* - Bonus Reads #1. Essential News – Web Services. Is the Nearshore Trend All about Cost? The nearshore trend began in the previous decade but did not start gaining steam until just a few years ago. Now it seems to be spreading like wildfire. As it does, experts are stepping back and asking whether this trend is really just about cost. I don't think so.

The *Official AndreasCY* - Upcoming May Articles. The *Official AndreasCY* - What's New #1. Get HQ Professional PowerPoint Presentation Templates and Diagrams with Powered Template. Despite the advances in technologies and new tools emerging on a daily basis, when it comes to presentation software, PowerPoint is still the king. A Breakthrough Discovery. The discovery of Einstein’s gravitational waves reported during a blockbuster announcement in a news conference on February 11, 2016 at Washington DC, is making waves all over the world. Tech Gadgets That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level. An Anatomy of Deeper Learning and Best Strategies of Implementation for 21st Century Education: The Research Findings.

10 Gadgets that Will Make your Life so Much Easier. How to Convert PDF to Word for Free. 15 Ed Stories to Read Over the Weekend. The Research Evidence. The History of Voice Recognition Software. 6 Learning Trends Driving Education in 2015. How to Dress for Success. Here’s What You Need To Know. Stephania Savva on Twitter: "Trending News just for you: via @andreaschriscy #tech #science #business #news. The 2 Food 3D Printers you Absolutely Need in your Kitchen. Trending Tweets. What Makes Me, Innovation From Down Under. #OFFICIALANDREASCY - OFFICIALANDREASCY. Trying to Improve Productivity in the Workplace? Try These Unconventional Methods. Trending Tech Accessories Taken for Granted. Top 5 Things Every Mobile Gamer Must Have. Space Travel and Exploration: Dreaming About the Future of Space Tourism. Portrait Video Is Here To Stay, Just Accept It ... All The Things You Should Know About Windows 10. Build your Entire House Using a 3D Printer.

Let's talk about Ello, the New Social Network. The Fast Boys Are Back With An Epic Trailer. 5 Keys To Launching A Startup. 10 Gadgets to Help You Catch More Fish. The Battle between Windows, Chromebook and Mac. 3 Technological Advances That Will Change Driving. Samsung Offers Hot Line of Products This Fall. Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business. The Hottest Fitness Gadgets on the Market.