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Hashtagify Popular Hashtags: Global Top 30 Get daily, weekly or monthly updates about the top hashtags for: any language. Just type your email address, choose your frequency and click "Get Free Updates". This chart shows the top 30 hashtags by popularity on Twitter during last week, for tweets in any language. Period Popularity is a 1-100 rating to compare the popularity of the hashtags.

Public Partnerships (PPL) Please select your state to get program forms and information. Having Problems? Click here. Public Partnerships is pleased to provide financial management services for the Individuals and Employees who are a part of the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Self-Directed Supports Program. Individuals/Designated Representatives enrolled in the Self-Directed Supports Program can: Effective Teaching Strategies: Advice for Teachers (Grades K-12) - TeacherVision Use a list that provides a quick reference to the methodology of effective teachers. Strategies for Direct Instruction Specify clear lesson objectives Teach directly to those objectives Make learning as concrete and meaningful as possible Provide relevant guided practice Provide independent practice Provide transfer practice activities Strategies for Students with Disabilities * Sequence – Break down the task, step by step prompts. Drill-repetition and practice-review – Daily testing of skills, repeated practice, daily feedback.

Independent Media Center West Papua: Neglected genocide - 29 Nov 2013 Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. West Papuan activists and families have been forced to flee to the jungle for safety. Indonesian security forces are conducting scores of raids, sweeps and offensives against West Papuan civilians.

Will Our First Black President Succeed in Enslaving America? Al Sharpton and Barack Obama just had another top level racist pow wow at the White House where they decided that blacks suffer disproportionately from having to work without getting the proper wages. According to Sharpton, “It’s not just having a job; but having wages that are guaranteed to provide for our families. We had full employment in the black community during slavery. We just didn’t have wages.” First, it seems the cart is pulling the donkey, a cart full of racist rants pulling a deceptive and disingenuous Democratic donkey. Shouldn’t the Obama donkey be pulling for jobs before increased wages are even discussed?

BBC Trending Image copyright Anadolu Agency/Getty Live video stream apps, like Facebook Live and Periscope, seemed to be the medium of choice for a new digital generation in Turkey this week, as they spread the news of recent political turbulence to the world. In January 1991, Peter Arnett reported live on CNN from the Al-Rashid hotel as the first air strikes of the Gulf war hit the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. This was the moment of CNN's pioneering 24-hour news channel, changing the information sharing landscape permanently. Twenty years later, at Tahrir Square in Cairo, a new form of information sharing came into fruition. Cedar Wood 12' x 12' Gazebo with Aluminum Roof by Yardistry I love the way this gazebo turned out once we were done putting it together! It definitely takes several hours to put together. We unpacked every piece along with the hundreds of screws, bolts, washers, ect.

Imagination > News Public demo versions of the IMAGINATION prototype are now available. Please try them at and let us know what you think. 2009. Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A. By a vote of 6-3 The Supreme Court is allowing Texas’ draconian voter ID law to be enforced for this year’s election. According to Scotusblog, this is the first time since 1982, the Supreme Court allowed enforcement of a restrictive voting law after a Federal Court ruled the law is unconstitutional. In a blistering six page dissent Justice Ginsberg, joined by Justices Kagan and Sotomayor said, St. Charles Live Music & Concerts Music is in the air in St. Charles. Bring a blanket and relax as the Municipal Band plays along the riverfront. Or rock out at a show from the Music On Main concert series.

Best of Russia on display The motto of the exhibit—“the main thing is not winning but participating”—is often seen as consolation for losers, but in the Best of Russia 2010 contest, this phrase is synonymous with success. An extremely large number of photos were eliminated in preliminary screening. The jury received 26,546 photos from across the country and had to select 365—the number of days in the year, so all the photographers who made the list are automatically winners. The exhibit is far from an endorsement of the official view of “the Russian way of life.” There are plenty of pictures among the winning photos that do not reflect mainstream views.

US Humanitarian Aid Flowing To ISIS Significant US and international humanitarian aid has been flowing to ISIS-even as bombs rain down from US warplanes on ISIS positions. The aid is mostly food and medical equipment. A debate has been sparked between Western officials over whether to continue it or not. Advertisement-content continues below The aid convoys have to pay off Islamic State emirs (leaders) in order to be able to deliver their cargo. One aid coordinator told the Daily Beast: “The convoys have to be approved by ISIS and you have to pay them: The bribes are disguised and itemized as transportation costs.” Missouri Labor Regional Claims Center Claimants Jefferson City 573-751-9040 Kansas City 816-889-3101 St.

The IRS never loses. They lurk in the shadows watching, waiting to strike at your most vulnerable moment. by bowshere May 27

Pour lire de temps en temps, au cas où il y aurait quelque chose de non-biaisé. by frederic.larochelle Feb 12

I read fox only occasionally. Generally I goto the BBC, AJE, and Google News first and I like to try and get a wider version of events. by gsears841 Jun 23

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