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ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt! I am so in love with this restyled sweatshirt. When Amanda sent it my way I think I gasped aload! It's so beautiful, simple and cozy. Who doesn't want to look pretty in something so comfy! Here's how you can make your own... Supplies needed: sweatshirt, crochet doilies, scissors, pins, thread, bias tape, crochet or embroidery thread, sewing machine, crochet/lace trim (optional).

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Your sweater can be washed on gentle cycle and either hung to dry or dried with low heat. Thanks so much, Amanda, for sharing this beautiful idea! Boutique minimalist. Hello lovelies, how are you doing? We are racing towards the weekend, aren’t we? Yay! I just hope for a more beautiful weekend than today, because it started well and then boom, all dark and rain! Great! But let’s move on to more beautiful things, shall we? We have a new sponsor’s interview and i absolutely love that i get to be introducing this girl as a place for twiggs sponsor!

Her work is stunning and absolutely charming! Hello there! Hum, very nice! Do you know something… i will meet your best friend in a while… what could he/she say to me about you? Imagine that it is 1985… what are you doing? In three words… can you describe me your work? Let’s say i love jewelry and end up on your shop… what do you think will make me buy something from you? What would be your next step as a business owner? If you think about your business, and your ups and downs, what do you think has worked for you in all these years you’ve been an entrepreneur? Yay a coupon code for us!

Necklace + Bracelet Projects. A few months ago I ordered some jewelry-making supplies from a new Etsy shop, Geometric Land. Jewelry making projects are some of my favorite because when I’m done I get to wear them! And while I’ve been thinking about what to do with these supplies forever, it wasn’t until today that I got to work. My original plan was to add some color using a few different colors of blue paint. First, though, I needed to choose a chain. I had a thinner more antique chain from Michael’s or a thicker chain that came from Fire Mountain Gems. I tried the Michael’s chain first and could have just stopped there. I think the simple shape of the bead is beautiful and it looks great just like that.

But I didn’t stop there, because I then I wondered how the brass tube would look threaded on some metallic leather cord. Yeah, pretty awesome. So easy I could make hundreds of these in an afternoon. But I still had plans for a chain bracelet with colorful stripes so I went back to work. Then add the chain. Inspired Jewel Hair Pins. The moment I saw Honor’s SS13 collection, I loved it. And not just the feminine clothes and great sunglasses, but also the hair: braided, with sheer faceted jewels everywhere. And of course, I knew those could and should be DIY-ed. I put together this easy tutorial so you can make your own Honor-inspired jewel hair pins. What you need: bobby pinsdrilled faceted jewelstransparent beading/fishing plastic stringsuper glue The first thing I did was to pass a piece of string (8-10 cm long) through a drill in the jewel and then through the head of the bobby pin.

After letting it dry, I passed another string through the second drill and repeated the first steps: wrap around, knot, glue. Experience talking. Like this: Like Loading... Collar. You know these guys, right? They have been a hanging out at SeptemberHouse for a few years and I get asked about them all the time. I thought these embroidered pendants would make a good tutorial to share for the "Stitch-tember" festivities. And yes, I am opting for a birthday theme. My SeptemberHouse birthday is coming up very soon (it will be 4 years - can you believe it?) And September is a huge month for birthdays in my family so we are always knee deep in birthday cake around here. I chose a cake image but you can use whatever you like for your necklace. Let's get started, shall we? 1. You'll also need a small piece of fabric. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. To finish it off I snip the floss ends and use a needle to tuck in any bits that can still be seen.

I should be sure to say that this is how I have made these embroidered pendants but there may be other methods out there that work just as well or even better. Bleach heart tee. Laptop sleeve. Yesterday at work, three things came together that instigated a perfect Friday afternoon project: Yvonne had a yard of kitschy pin-up girl fabric, she wanted to learn some new sewing techniques, and we noticed our co-worker, Nathan, needed a new laptop sleeve. I sketched up a design, and after hunting down the perfect leather strap from someone’s unused messenger bag, we set to work. While Yvonne did all the cutting and sewing, I guided her on the construction, and together we laughed every step of the way. The sleeve fits a 13″ MacBook and has three layers of material: the print is a lightweight cotton, quilt batting provides padding, and dapper wool suiting lines the interior.

The leather strap, adding a woodsy lumberjack touch, was sewn into the bottom seam and glued on lengthwise using strong contact cement. The fabric generated a buzz in the office. Patterned Heart Tights. Okay, I'll admit, I'm a little smug about this project. I love how it turned out! Plus it's inexpensive and cheap, my favorite kind of project. Read more to see how to make your own patterned tights. Supplies: tights, acrylic paint, fabric medium, sponge paintbrush, heart punch, adhesive vinyl or contact paper. Step 1: Punch out a LOT of hearts (or any other shape) from a piece of adhesive vinyl or contact paper. I punched out a little more than 50 hearts from a couple of vinyl scraps. Step 2: Cut around each heart 'negative' (aka not the actual punched heart, but the hole it leaves behind).

Step 3: Place your cut outs on your tights in whatever pattern you'd like. Step 4: At some point, insert paper strips into your tights to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side. Step 5: Apply your paint + fabric medium mixture (follow the directions on the fabric medium bottle) in a dabbing motion. Voila! FYI - these tights are from the $5 tight section at Target. Hairbands-pulseras. When I was engaged, my sister gave me the best no-snag hair ties. They were awesome, but there’s only so long a married girl can rock fabric hair bands that say “I do” and “bride to be.” In search of post-nuptial hair bands, I found that they are quite expensive. Anthropologie has adorable color combinations, but they are $12 for 5 bands. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. When I saw the world’s easiest DIY directions on Simple Medicine, I set out to see how many I could make myself for $12. Go ahead, guess… 80 hair bands! Now the question is: what the hell am I supposed to do with eighty hair bands?

Materials: stretch elastic (I purchased mine here) (I used 5/8″ elastic on the glitter and “fold over” elastic for the rest) Instructions: *Clarification required: By purple hazing, I just mean rocking out. ** Not going to make them? *** Are you a fellow Blogger? Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet. DIY Crochet Bracelet. This DIY Crochet Bracelet in white and gold is a perfect complement to most any outfit. This simple DIY tutorial will show you how to easily make your own.

Large chain1 Toggle closure3 Jump ringsEmbroidery flossFray check or another liquid fabric glue step 1 Measure your wrist and cut your chain by opening one of the links in the chain. I recommend making your chain shorter than you normally would. Remember that your jump rings and closure will add an extra inch to your bracelet. step 2 Add your jump rings and your closure.

Put one jump ring on the side with the circle closure and two jump rings on the side with the bar. step 3 Youre ready to crochet. I used 6 strands of embroidery floss together to get the look I wanted. Make your loop to start your crochet, (you can see a tutorial here) then continue single crocheting in each link down one side of your bracelet. When you are finished, pull your yarn through and knot it. Step 4 Repeat step 3 down the other side of your chain. Bead & Chain Bracelet. One can never have enough bracelets for a fun arm party. So, this week we are getting high on a gold chain and pearl bead bracelet DIY. You just need a few tools and supplies and you will be upgrading your wrist action in less than 30 minutes. Lets get started! Here’s what you’ll need: 30cm Gold Chain (Chains with medium size links work better)31cm Gold/Brass Jewelry Wire (I used 0.44mm size wire)25 Gold Pearl Beads (I used 5mm size beads by Jewelry Essentials from Michael’s)Jump-ring & ClaspJewelry Wire Cutter or ScissorsPair of Jewelry Pliers Step 1: Begin by cutting the wire into three 4cm, two 3.5cm, and four 3cm pieces using the wire cutter or scissors.

Step 2: Open a link at one end of the 3cm chain and attach it to any link on the 24cm chain. Step 3: Pick a link that’s right in the middle of the top half of the 24cm chain. Step 4: Now that the wire is attached to the chain, add 5 pearls beads on the wire. Step 7: Secure the beaded wires on the bottom half the 24cm chain. DIY Heart Cutout Dress. I posted about how to do this heart cutout dress a while back, but I never got around to properly photographing any of the dresses that I've created heart-shaped chunks in. :) (Three so far.) I need to graduate to other shapes. One reason I love the dress cutouts is because you can put different patterned shirts underneath the dress and it creates an entirely new look.

This dress can be a Christmas dress with a sequin shirt or a Valentine's Day dress with a red shirt. I am also wearing my DIY Jeffrey Campbell wedges here. (Eep! You can create these cutouts in any shape and put it anywhere on your clothes. For this project you need:♥Dress (preferably not jersey knit, stiffer fabrics work best)♥Some sort of ribbon, lace, something to pin around the edges of the cutout heart. I would say the skill level needed for a heart cutout is basic, but you have to have pins. Step 1: Lay out some tape over the area where you want to cut a heart. And Voila! Necklace. Whenever I go over to Chameleonic's I usually peak inside her closet (I'm only a peeper because she has a lot of cool stuff) and on the way out I would touch her Rachel Roy necklace. I love it so much but it's just too bad that the necklace is few seasons old so I can't buy it... So I made my own version of it! Here are the steps: 1.

You would need a thick gold chain, wires, various stone beads and the usual jewelry making tools. 2. 3. 4. I love how versatile this necklace can be, and hey ma, it dangles around my neck with no clasp! {Photos by LoveK; wearing Modcloth two tone jacket, Rock & Republic by Victoria Beckham jeans} Bracelet. DIY Wrapped bracelets Tuesday September 4 2012 When I paid our local bead store a short visit last week, I saw some wrapped bracelets that were really easy to re-create. What you’ll need: 20 cm of chain (I used approx 17cm)*50 cm of wax cord**end cap with eyelet2 eyeletsclosure2 pliersscissors * cm to inch converter ** rigid and thin enough to pull through the links of the chain twice How to: (yes, that’s a lot of words, but it’s really easy, I promise!)

Measure out approx 17 cm of the chain, or so much that the connected chain fits your wrist snuggly. All done! The first bracelet needs a little practice, but after that, it will take you no longer than 5 minutes to make the next one. Cost: €1.15 for the chain + €0.25 for the wax cord + €0.20 for 2 eyelets + €0.20 for the end cap + €0.50 lock end piece = € 2.30 per bracelet! Photo credits: For life's a DIY project. most recent tweets: Bandeau Top and Collar Necklace. I've had this spring outfit in mind for awhile now!

I wanted to use a sheer blouse as a way to both play up and down the saturation of a brightly printed fabric (by creating a bandeau top to wear beneath it, and a collar made from the same material to go on top). The vintage scarf below was perfect for this. I used to wear it all the time, but the past couple of years has seen it just sitting in my closet, mostly because some areas had become frayed and worn, and like everything else in my life, has way too many coffee stains.

This project let me finally bring my bandeau top idea to life while using the parts of the scarf that were still in terrific shape. So excited to be able to wear it! Materials -rectangular scarf -5" wide piece of elastic Bandeau Top:Step 1: Measure around your chest with a tape measure. Step 2: Cut your materials. Step 3: Fold the fabric in half longways...

Step 4: ... and pin. Step 5: Sew the two long sides. Step 7: Sew straight across. and the back like this.... Peinados. DIY bracelet. As a teen, I was obsessed with making Friendship Bracelets and I’m so pleased to see they have made a comeback recently! My favourite type is the easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet made with embroidery thread and a few knots. This is a great project to make in front of the TV, so I hope the DIY tips below will mean you can all join in my favourite 90s craft trend! I picked up my pastel coloured threads in the charity shop. I also found a lovely vibrant pink and some royal blue for an upcoming embroidery project for my friend’s wedding gift. Start by cutting 5 lengths of embroidery thread each around 60cm long. Divide the threads either side into colour order from the outside in. Starting on the left hand thread (mint green in the image below), loop it around the next thread in the sequence and pull tightly to the top of the strand.

Repeat this sequence in turn for each thread, knotting from left to right. The chevron pattern should cover the top of your wrist. And you’re done! Earrings. Moño de bolitas. Flower sunglasses! Pulsera y anillo. Braided bracelet. Chan Luu Bracelet. DIY Hex Nut Bracelet. Metal Necklace de triángulos. Infinity scarf. Animal Necklaces.