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ZUCCHINI MUFFINS. Savory. dense. moist. vegan. gluten free. have I sold these to you already?


In my humble opinion, there are few things better than a muffin straight out of the oven, and these are packed with flavour and are still healthy! So don’t be afraid to indulge in more than just one. ingredients. Kale + mustard muffins. On one of the days my mom was in the hospital, I was chatting with one of the nurses and I was thrilled to learn that he had the same semi-plant-based food love that I do.

kale + mustard muffins

So I asked him what kind of recipes he was interested in lately, and without hesitation, he said he was on the lookout for a savory vegan muffin. Woah. Yes please. Up until that moment I had not really considered a savory muffin, but then I became obsessed with the idea. Fast forward to a day after that conversation, I arrived home to a package with Anya's (Golubka) new book, The Vibrant Table. I opened the book and the first page I landed on was for kale and mustard muffins. When discussing savory muffins with my mom's nurse that day, we talked about how good it might be to toss in some caramelized onions into the savory muffin batter, so I decided to do just that here to sub for the cheese that Anya used.

Spinach Muffins. © 2010 Green Kitchen Stories Hi there.

Spinach Muffins

We are back. After one week of snuggling/adoring/talking/singing/kissing/feeding/diaper-changing little Elsa we feel it is time to start spending some time in our Green Kitchen again. Fear not – all you loving mums and dads out there – we will not take our eyes off of her just yet. Instead we will start out easy, with some recipes we tried out at the last week of Luise’s pregnancy. We came up with this recipe while dreaming of all our upcoming spring picnics. Gluten Free Spinach and Carrot MuffinsMakes 12 small muffins 1 cup buckwheat flour 1/3 cup cornflour 1 tsp baking powder 3 tbsp flax seeds (milled) or boiled quinoa 1/2 tsp salt & pepper 1/2 tsp nutmeg (grated) 3 eggs 1 cup yoghurt (we used a dairy-free soygurt) 200 g fresh spinach leaves (roughly chopped) 2 carrots (grated) 1 onion (grated) 1/2 organic lemon (juice and peel) 1 clove garlic (mashed) top with: 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds Set the oven at 350°F.

Spinach and cheddar muffins. August 04, 2011 I went on a market yesterday and found an amazing leafs of a spinach.

Spinach and cheddar muffins

I had to buy them (since I love the taste of spinach) and figure out how to use it. While I was looking for an inspiration, Food Beam blog was very helpful, and I’ve started to bake muffins. It must be delicious, because Tomasz had six of them at once (again!). You will need (for 12): 30g of butter1 small onion, finely sliced1 big clove of garlic , finely chopped1 chili pepper, finely chopped350g of flour2 ½ tsp baking powder abig pinch of black pepper200g of cheddar, grated250g of milk1 egg130g of spinach Preheat the oven to 170°C.

Melt the butter on a frying pan and fry the onion on a medium heat till golden, then add the garlic and the chili and mix it well to combine the flavors. Healthy Zucchini Muffins. Healthy Zucchini Muffins These last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind.

Healthy Zucchini Muffins

Between two trips back home to Wichita to be with family, deadlines and projects galore due for work, and a host of morning coffee dates, impromptu lunches, margarita happy hours, evening grill-outs and late-night front porch talks filling just about every little hour in between…I feel like I have barely blinked…and the summer is already half over. Poof. How does that even happen? Well, I guess the old saying explains it all. Pumpkin and feta muffins. October 27, 2011 Autumn is over here.

Pumpkin and feta muffins

Leaves are getting brown, the sun rises after 7 am and it’s cold. But also, this weekend is a Halloween weekend and I can’t wait to wear my costume! And I’m still on a pumpkin recipes, trying to find the best breakfast ever and these muffins are quite close to it. You will need (for 12 muffins): 2 cups cubed pumpkinolive oilsalt and pepper to taste1 large handful of baby spinach, chopped2 tbsp chopped cilantro3 tbsp sunflower seeds¾ cup freshly grated Parmesan½ cup cubed feta2 tsp whole-grain mustard2 large eggs, lightly beaten¾ cup milk2 cups flour4 tsp baking powder1 tsp sea salt Preheat oven to 200C and grease a 12-hole muffin pan with the butter.

Start with the pumpkin. Two-thirds of the pumpkin move to a large bowl and mix it with the spinach, cilantro, sunflower seeds, Parmesan, two-thirds of the feta, and the mustard. Spoon the mixture into the muffin pan and each hole with the remaining pumpkin and feta. Enjoy, Marta Source: 101 Cook Books. Cheese, tomato and basil muffins. July 26, 2011 Claire is still with us.

Cheese, tomato and basil muffins

Small Kiwi backpacker who makes my days and helps me with waking up at 7 am to make some muffins. Tomasz is happy, Claire-Bear is happy and I’m happy, because I have time for my morning coffee and internet addiction. You will need: 150 g self-raising flourpinch of salt100 g yellow cornmeal65 g cheddar cheese, grated50 g sun-dried tomatoes in oil, chopped2 tablespoons chopped basil1 egg, lightly beaten300 ml milk2 tbsp extra virgin olive oilbutter to serve Heat an oven to 180 C and oil 8 muffin tin holes.

Enjoy, Marta Source: All colour cookbook.