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Greek Garlic-Lemon Potatoes Recipe

Greek Garlic-Lemon Potatoes Recipe
About a month back, a dear reader Sudha asked me for a Potato recipe which is my all time fav. She said she loved roast potatoes and that which makes it often. She asked me if I had a twist to regular roast potatoes. This recipe "Patates sto Fourno" is a Greek recipe for Garlic and Lemon Potatoes. It is a staple in taverna menus and I read that it is usually served with roasted chicken/grilled fish dishes. The potatoes are mostly cubed and browned. It is also usually Oven Roasted and I have done that too when I have the time but most of the times I just want to do it fast. Basic Information Prep Time: Under 15 min Cook Time: Under 30 min Serves: 2 people Ingredients Method You can either cube the potatoes or chop it like wedges. Heat 1 tbsp oil and butter in a large skillet over med-high heat. brown the potatoes on both the cut sides, each side about 5-6 minutes. Reduce the heat to med-low, cover and cook the potatoes until tender. 10 members have made this recipe! Did you make this recipe? Related:  Chips/wedges/skins

Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup by Barb on October 9, 2012 Vegan Broccoli Cheeeeese Soup Whew… what a weekend! As you already know we put our house on the market and it went under contract really fast- faster than we had anticipated. I’m going to fill in some of these recipes over the next few weeks, because they all came out amazingly. Rosemary Crostini w/ Spinach DipGarlicky Mini-Toasts with Green Chile HummusButternut-Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms5-Minute Sweet n’ Spicy Meatballs and PineapplesChips w/ Spicy Cilantro Cream, Beans & CornLemon TartlettesAutumn-Spiced Popcorn (in adorable little muffin cups!) Yep- it was all vegan! But enough about finger foods- I have the “fall bug” and I only want to think about soups. True story: After Jason ate this soup he accused me of being some kind of sorcerer for being able to make it taste so cheesy Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup (makes 6-7 servings) Ingredients: Directions: Water sautee onion for 6-7 minutes, then add powdered garlic and leave in for another minute or so. Enjoy!

Ricotta Cheese and Zucchini Gnocchi / Gnocchi di Ricotta e Zucchine Grate the zucchini on the smallest holes of a stand cheese grater. Wrap the zucchini in a double thickness of paper towels and squeeze the excess water out. The zucchini needs to be very dry otherwise too much flour will be used and your gnocchi will have you tearing out your hair. Aim for 1 cup of well squeezed zucchini. Set aside. Heap the flour on a work surface, add the salt and pecorino cheese and blend well with your hands. Roll up your sleeves and use your hands to blend everything into a ball of dough. You will find that as the dough rests, it will be easier to handle. Divide the ball into quarters and roll each quarter out on a lightly floured surface into an 18 inch long rope the thickness of your middle finger. Place the gnocchi on a towel lined baking sheet in single layers as you form them. To cook and sauce: decide how many to serve. Heat the gnocchiin the sauce and toss them gently to coat well. Want to make them ahead? This recipe is featured on show 2011 – Zucchini.

Best Chips - The trick to making the perfect homemade oven chips every time There's simply no alternative to proper homemade chips. Once you master the secret on how to cook homemade chips for yourself, you'll never want to buy shop-bought again. So, if you're wanting to make crispy and delicious homemade oven chips more regularly, follow the expert advice from the GH cookery team. This content is imported from {embed-name}. First up, it's all about using the right potatoes. The key to the perfect chip, is to use a floury potato like King Edward or Maris Piper, and ensure they're cut into evenly sized, uniform fries. Then you should rinse them under cold water to get rid of starch before parboiling them in a large pan of well salted water. In the meantime you should pre-heat a baking sheet in a very hot oven – 220°C (200°C fan) mark 7 - with a couple of spoonfuls of oil. But before you go reaching for your trusty olive oil, don't! This is not essential, but this step helps them crisp them up later! Le Creuset BUY NOW John Lewis, £15

33 Cheap Ways to Spice Up Your Rice Whether you use white, brown or yellow rice and whether you cook it in a rice cooker, on the stove or in the microwave, rice is one of the easiest, most frugal things you can cook. There are many reasons why we love rice. It’s pantry friendly and lasts for a long time, it’s easy to make meals out of leftover cooked rice and, best of all, it’s cheap! But eating it plain is not going to satisfy many people for very long. The key to spicing up cheap kitchen staples is knowing what cheap ingredients you can add in to make a delicious dish. Easy Stir-Ins Before we talk about actual recipes that involve rice, let’s just start with simple stir-ins that can be added easily to cooked rice to make it unique and tasty. Butter and parmesan cheeseToasted sesame seedsPeasCreamy gravyCinnamon and brown sugarSauteed garlic, mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc.Broccoli flowerets and cheeseToasted peanuts or cashewsBlack beansCilantroCrumbled baconTomato chunksScrambled eggsSoy saucePesto sauceFresh spinach

Stuffed Zucchini I like the simple things in life. Simple ingredients, simple techniques, maximum flavor. But I guess you know that by now. Especially when you hand me a recipe that doubles as an appetizer or side dish, you just reel me in. Stuffed zucchinis are so versatile. So lately I’ve been wondering if there are easier and faster ways to prepare them. Now please, please, don’t tell me you’ve been doing it like this for 10 years straight! Ingredients: 1 tbsp sour cream 1/4 to 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp curry powder 1/2 tomato 1 tsp thyme 2 zucchinis 1 onion cheese pepper Optional: bacon Directions: Preheat your oven to 400 (200C). Give the zucchini a good scrub. Slice them in half length-ways. Spoon out the guts. See the pink ‘bracelet’ I’m wearing? Now give the zucchini pulp a good chop, also chop a small onion and 1/2 a tomato while you’re at it. Notice how I didn’t use garlic for a change? When the onions are almost done, add 1/4 tsp curry powder and cook everything for an additional 30 seconds.

Spices for potato wedges Co-op Good As Gold salted caramel ice cream, 480ml When the weather gets warmer, it’s tempting to overindulge in frozen sweet treats. So we’ve added this virtuous version to our range — it has just 285 calories per tub! Creamy ice cream is swirled with delicious salted caramel, so it will satisfy your sweet tooth on a warm summer’s evening. Serve with fresh fruit or scoop into an ice cream cone to enjoy on the go. Pizza pasta bake Can’t choose between pizza and pasta? Feeds 4 • Ready in 1 hour, plus cooling 1 red and 1 yellow pepper, cut into chunks½ aubergine, cut into chunks1 tbsp Co-op olive oil300g Co-op penne400g tomato sauce1 tsp dried oreganoHandful basil, chopped, plus leaves to garnish100g pack Co-op Milano salami, cut into 1cm strips125g ball Co-op mozzarella, grated300ml Co-op semi-skimmed milk2 large Co-op British free range eggs8 Co-op piccolo tomatoes, halvedRocket, to servePreheat the oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/Gas 7. Check our recipe for the Ultimate tomato sauce here

25 HairStyle TUTORIALS & EXTRAS! Looking GOOD! With the holidays also come a bunch of parties! Some of them are just family gatherings, some other ones are work related and some are hosted by great friends. Whatever the occasion is I think we ladies deserve to look good, regardless of our age, size or taste. So I put together for today’s Sunday Best 25 tutorials of hair-styles and some few other EXTRAS for inspiration! The Messy Side Updo. What I like about this hair is that you can wear it casually or dress it up with some cute hair pieces for a more formal look. I love it! tutorial The Gibson Tuck Elegant, simple, chic… perfection! Her beautiful hair makes me want to color mine… I love the red! tutorial EXTRA: Greenlicious! I thought it would be fun to throw in this list some eye makeup tutorials also. This color palette is perfect for the Holidays! It would look great with brown eyes also… How do I know? I have done it! tutorial The Side Chignon You La La! So pretty and romantic! tutorial Side Knot Two minutes and you look fabulous!

Hasselback Potatoes These Hasselback potatoes looks beautiful, don't' they? Here, I also added several cloves of garlic to these Swedish version of baked potatoes to enhance the flavor. It turned out great, they were very delicious, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.. Hasselback Potatoes (Printable Recipe) Ingredients 6 Medium Size Potatoes 2 - 3 Cloves Garlic, thinly sliced 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 30 g Butter Maldon Sea Salt Freshly Ground Black Pepper Method Preheat the oven to 220˚C (425˚F). Arrange the potatoes in a baking tray and insert the garlic in between the slits. Bake the potatoes for about 40 minutes or until the potatoes turn crispy and the flesh is soft.

No salt French fries Adding salt to food is something you might do without even thinking. But have you stopped to check whether it’s actually needed? Is your food lacking sweetness, sourness or savouriness, for example? Perhaps it just needs more creaminess? No-salt French fries (V) (GF) We’ve baked our chips in a smoky paprika marinade for extra flavour Serves 4 • Ready in 40 mins, plus soaking THE KNOWLEDGE: Chips are often deep-fried and heavily salted, but ours are baked using a flavoured oil instead. THE METHOD:Leaving the skin on, cut 2 large Co-op baking potatoes into fries. Spring leek soup with dumplings (V) Make the most of this seasonal vegetable in our vibrant soup. Serves 4 • Ready in 45 mins THE KNOWLEDGE: Building up layers of flavour in your dish guarantees maximum punch. Herby ricotta omelette (V) (GF) You can easily double this recipe, if you’d like to make more Serves 1 • Ready in 10 mins Tips & tricks Maximise flavour with canny use of herbs, spices and other seasonings

Veggie Burgers for Now and Later - an article from Food52 Gena Hamshaw of the blog Choosing Raw eats a mostly raw, vegan diet without losing time, money, or her sanity. Let her show you how to make "rabbit food" taste delicious and satisfying every other Thursday on Food52. Today: Gena converts us to the delicious, versatile convenience of veggie burgers with a recipe for Zucchini Quinoa Burgers. Veggie burgers. To many, the expression itself is a contradiction in terms. If you've never had a veggie burger, the whole notion of making a grilled patty without meat may seem kind of crazy; if you're one of the many people who has experienced a lousy veggie burger, then you might not wish to repeat the experience anytime soon. So what's a veggie burger, anyway? I've experimented with countless combinations and approaches to veggie burgers, and I have my personal preferences: varied and creative herbs and spices, ample use of beans and lentils to add protein and texture, and the unexpected inclusion of veggies. 1. 2. 3. 4. And as for toppings?

ginger fried rice According to my calendar — the one I believe I just looked at for the first time since last September, when someone made my life go all date- and timeless — the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day this year. In New York at least, the Lunar New Year is an excuse to eat egregious amounts of fried rice, spare ribs and to make your way through Chinatown streets over piles of strewn red paper* from firecrackers. Valentine’s Day, however, is dominated by French food because what could be more romantic than copious amounts of wine, butter, cheese, steak and chocolate? Or, you could stay in and have a little of both. The result is so staggeringly delicious, you might forego serving it with anything else. * Wait, do they still do this? Two years ago: Matzo Ball SoupThree years ago: Miniature Soft Pretzels Ginger Fried Rice A Mark Bittman adaptation of a Jean-Georges Vongerichten recipe, with a bunch of notes added Serves 4 In a large skillet, heat 1/4 cup oil over medium heat.

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