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Healthcare Access and Treatment Saude Crianca's Success Rates Featured in New York Times "Fixes" December 11th, 2013 "….it’s worth paying attention to the work of an organization called the Associação Saúde Criança (ASC), based in Rio de Janeiro, which helps poor, urban families with seriously ill children. A recent study conducted by three researchers from Georgetown University found that the organization produced surprisingly strong results..." More Healthcare Access and Treatment news

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Investments Have Impacted Over 100 Million Lives Our companies have improved the lives of more than 100 million people around the world, have created or supported tens of thousands of jobs providing income and skills training in the markets we serve, and are beginning to show what is possible in solving the world’s most intractable problems. Every investment we make has the goal of creating outsized social impact. The headlines are too familiar: billions of people without access to clean drinking water, a safe place to live, high quality healthcare, or reliable and affordable electricity to enhance productivity. Billions. Social entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. More specifically, social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value. They pursue opportunities to serve this mission, while continuously adapting and learning.

Juan David Aristizábal Ospina Juan David created an online platform so reporting on social change could be shared and, importantly, acted on. Colombian citizens need to see positive experiences of social change to be fully engaged citizens, and inspired to make change themselves. He has built Buena Nota into a notable impact catalyst for leading social projects and ventures, deepening their results and their social footprint. By Social Entrepreneurs, For Social Entrepreneurs® Welcome to former Social Edge users! Social Edge was an online community created by the Skoll Foundation from 2003 - 2013. The site has since closed as we have focused efforts on the new Skoll World Forum platform.

Global Poverty Project Global Poverty Project advocates and campaigns to enable a global environment in which nonprofits, corporates, and multi-laterals can work most effectively together to achieve an end to extreme poverty. As such, Global Poverty Project focuses on: Our advocacy work is structured around our policy framework, and is enabled by our initiatives such as the Global Citizen platform and events such as the Global Citizen Festival. Over the past three years, our advocacy work has leveraged more than $16 billion and over 40 policy commitments from world leaders and corporations, which are set to affect the lives of up to 259 million people. Education | Health | Food | Water and SanitationFinance and Innovation | Women and Girls | Environmental Sustainability

The New Heroes . What is Social Entrepreneurship? Photo: Mitch Wilson A social entrepreneur identifies and solves social problems on a large scale. Just as business entrepreneurs create and transform whole industries, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing opportunities others miss in order to improve systems, invent and disseminate new approaches and advance sustainable solutions that create social value. Refugees welcome: inside Melbourne's social enterprise cafe boom Alhagie had always wanted to come to Australia. The 23-year-old Gambian national dreamed of the opportunities that were on offer here, and gained refugee status a year ago after he finished high school. He is now at university in Melbourne, but his biggest struggle has been finding a job to support himself. Pavithra, 26, came to Australia a year ago from Malaysia, and faced the same problem.

Co-Existence To put it to you plainly and not beat around the bush, I have always expected myself to do something GREAT. Something BIG. Actually about doing a lot of GREAT and BIG things. Of creating something of value, worthy of this world. It is perhaps why I embarked on this journey right now and have on so many other occasions in my life. Social enterprise: An idea whose time has come It has for many people been a long time coming – yet we are now witnessing a growing global conversation that reflects the speed, depth and breadth at which the social enterprise movement is coalescing across the world. More than ever before we are creating opportunities to come together across organisations, sectors and countries and explore a collective purpose to address environmental and social issues that mainstream economic systems have continued to compound. The recently concluded Social Enterprise World Forum in Milan is one example, bringing together social entrepreneurs and government ministers, professors and social impact investors along with development professionals and policy advisers.

#smcampn As I woke up to the morning news on February the 15th I was shocked to discover that my hometown Chelyabinsk in Russia was struck by a meteor. As the day progressed, many Russian people started uploading their photographs and videos online across various platforms. I remembered the Crowdmap experiment that we did in the Social Media Campaigning class and I thought that it might be helpful in this real situation to gather all the content about the meteor in one place. I have used the template that we set up in the class but i had to make a few changes:

Setting up a social enterprise You must choose a business structure if you’re starting a business that helps people or communities (a ‘social enterprise’). If you want to set up a business that has social, charitable or community-based objectives, you can set up as a: If you’re setting up a small organisation like a sports club or a voluntary group and don’t plan to make a profit, you can form an ‘unincorporated association’ instead of starting a business. Community interest companies (CICs) A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.

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