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Enterprise Application Integration for Retail Solutions

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How BizTalk helps in integrating Multiple business Process system to streamline your retail operations.

Importance of Supply Chain Management for Business Growth. Synchronization between legacy system and logistics application using BizTalk. Posted in - Case Studies Date - 07 Apr. 2015 A US based leading supplier of eye health products, such as contact lenses and lens care products through its global business divisions in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Synchronization between legacy system and logistics application using BizTalk

Objective The client wanted to develop an automated solution to manage its supply chain and logistics management processes. The solution will be used to plan dispatches and calculate cost of delivery. It would also work in synchronization with the various legacy support systems. Challenges. How does Enterprise Application Integration Empower your Business. - Data Center PostData Center Post. Enterprise Application Integration - Anthony Marion, business development manager at LogicalTech SysTalk, says: With the ever increasing dominance of IT in businesses, software applications have played a major role in allowing enterprises, whether big or small, to manage business services of critical nature with greater ease and automate handling of vital elements of a transaction such as customer relationship and business intelligence behind the curtains by multi-utility software.

How does Enterprise Application Integration Empower your Business. - Data Center PostData Center Post

There is no denial to the fact that these software bring tremendous benefits by streamlining business processes, enabling healthy data collection and analysis and assisting improved internal and external communication with parties. However, despite such efficient software, information that needs to be shared between several applications has to be stored in silos which necessitate manual sharing of data between different applications when the need arises. Information Sharing Process Automation. Enterprise application integration:Time to get it all together.

Enterprise application integration (EAI) involves connecting internal applications, such as financial, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship planning and mainframe systems, with one another and with other transactional e-business systems, writes Dougal Watt.

Enterprise application integration:Time to get it all together

5 Must-Have Attributes of Future-Proof Application Integration. David Akka is the Managing Director of Magic Software Enterprises (UK).

5 Must-Have Attributes of Future-Proof Application Integration

Application integration solutions have become key enablers for business success by allowing enterprises to increase competitiveness through streamlining business processes, increasing operational efficiencies and creating new innovative services. However, changing business environments and technologies, including the surging popularity of cloud-based applications, the shift to enterprise mobility and the need for real-time information mean that IT managers need to demand more from their application integration solution.

Before investing in an integration solution, organizations should make sure that it will support both current and future requirements while still being be cost-effective to implement and maintain. Omnichannel retail solutions a top priority among retail CIOs - Microsoft Dynamics AX Community. GitHub Enterprise comes to Microsoft Azure, GitHub launches Visual Studio 2015 integrations. Successful CMOs achieve growth by leveraging technology.

GitHub Enterprise comes to Microsoft Azure, GitHub launches Visual Studio 2015 integrations

Join us for GrowthBeat Summit on June 1-2 in Boston, where we'll discuss how to merge creativity with technology to drive growth. Space is limited. Request your personal invitation here! SAN FRANCISCO — At Build 2015 today, Microsoft announced new integrations with source-code repository startup GitHub, including an extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 software and the inclusion of code samples from GitHub in Visual Studio’s Bing Developer Assistant extension. Now developers will be able to open up GitHub repos right from inside Visual Studio, or click just one button on GitHub to open a repo in Visual Studio. Microsoft also revealed today that GitHub Enterprise software for storing private bits of code is becoming available on the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Microsoft has been embracing GitHub more and more. Microsoft offers its own online repository for holding open-source projects, CodePlex. Powered by VBProfiles. Gartner predicts strong supply chain management software growth.

The desire from customers to get accurate forecasts and insights into fluctuations into demand for their products is fuelling significant growth in the supply chain management software market.

Gartner predicts strong supply chain management software growth

According to Gartner the market for software that provides users with intelligence around their supply chain is growing at its fastest annual rate at 12.2% last year and the market will hit the $10bn mark this year. The customers that were quizzed by the analyst house not only revealed a yearning to get more visibility of what was happening to demand but also indicated that if possible they could be attracted to a single platform if it delivered visibility and improved communication between buyers and sellers. "The market for supply chain technologies is buoyant," said Chad Eschinger, research vice president at Gartner. Microsoft updates its BizTalk integration server and services. Microsoft has updated its BizTalk Server and Services offerings.

Microsoft updates its BizTalk integration server and services

BizTalk is Microsoft's integration server with an installed base of 12,000 customers, according to the company. The server includes more than 25 adapters for connecting systems inside and outside a customer's organization. BizTalk Server 2013 R2 can run in the cloud in a virtual machine on Windows Server and/or connect to the cloud in a variety of ways, including via Azure BizTalk Services.

Azure BizTalk Services allows users to build enterprise application integration (EAI), EDI (electronic data interchange) and B2B (business-to-business) apps and services on Azure. At the TechEd 2014 conference last week, Microsoft officials unveiled a preview of a new feature of Azure BizTalk services known as Hybrid Connections. The goal of Hybrid Connections is to make it appear that Azure users can access on-premises resources as if they were located on the same private network, and vice versa.