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Enterprise Crowdsourcing Platform

Enterprise Crowdsourcing Platform
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Skapa bättre presentationer « Sundhults blogg Under knytkonferensen Sobra|tankar höll jag ett föredrag om att skapa bättre presentationer. Här är en inspelning av föredraget, och kompletterande länkar och källansvisningar. Jag tycker det personligen är kul att föreläsa och hålla föredrag, och det gör att man hela tiden vill bli bättre och förstå hur jag kan nå ut med mitt budskap och fånga intresse bland åhörare. När det dykt upp länkar om presentationsteknik har jag läst med stort intresse. De gånger jag lyssnat på föredrag som varit bra har jag funderat varför jag tyckt att just detta föredrag varit bra. Det är de intrycken, samt mina egna erfarenheter jag samlat för att göra den här föreläsningen. I slutet finns det några filmer som visar hur presentationsverktyget Keynote kan användas. Inspelning från föredraget Keynote-presentation Några källor I presentationen nämner jag Carmine Gallo som skrivit boken Presentation secrets of Steve jobs. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – Carmine Gallo Fler källor Prezi

LiveOps Cloud Contact Center | Virtual Call Center Software | On-Demand Customer Service and Support Solutions Vera Solutions - Data Solutions for Social Change The Future of Crowd Work Aniket Kittur Carnegie Mellon University - School of Computer Science Jeffrey V. Nickerson Stevens Institute of Technology - Stevens Institute of Technology - School of Business Michael S. Stanford University Elizabeth M. Northwestern University Aaron Shaw Harvard University - Berkman Center for Internet & Society; University of California, Berkeley - Department of Sociology John Zimmerman Carnegie Mellon University Matthew Lease University of Texas at Austin John J. New York University (NYU) - Department of Information, Operations, and Management SciencesDecember 18, 2012 16th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Coooperative Work (CSCW 2013), Forthcoming Abstract: Paid crowd work offers remarkable opportunities for improving productivity, social mobility, and the global economy by engaging a geographically distributed workforce to complete complex tasks on demand and at scale. Number of Pages in PDF File: 17 Keywords: Crowdsourcing, crowd work, organization design, research vision Suggested Citation

Introducing The Curator's Code: A Standard for Honoring Attribution of Discovery Across the Web by Maria Popova UPDATE: Some thoughts on some of the responses, by way of Einstein. UPDATE 2: This segment from NPR’s On the Media articulates the project well — give it a listen. Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.” ~ Ray Bradbury You are a mashup of what you let into your life.” ~ Austin Kleon Chance favors the connected mind.” ~ Steven Johnson As both a consumer and curator of information, I spend a great deal of time thinking about the architecture of knowledge. Until today. I’m thrilled to introduce The Curator’s Code — a movement to honor and standardize attribution of discovery across the web. One of the most magical things about the Internet is that it’s a whimsical rabbit hole of discovery — we start somewhere familiar and click our way to a wonderland of curiosity and fascination we never knew existed. In both cases, just like the words “via” and “HT,” the respective unicode character would be followed by the actual hotlink to your source.

designs_for_a_future_crowd_work_market_proposal.pdf Juan David Aristizábal Ospina Juan David created an online platform so reporting on social change could be shared and, importantly, acted on. Colombian citizens need to see positive experiences of social change to be fully engaged citizens, and inspired to make change themselves. He has built Buena Nota into a notable impact catalyst for leading social projects and ventures, deepening their results and their social footprint. Buena Nota has involved a number of distinct social projects with national impact in its focused message and connecting key social projects and entrepreneurs with volunteers with needed skills who are committed to help. The projects with which Buena Nota works vary widely in scope, but all have a potential for national social impact—once they attain a better understanding and expression of their efforts. Apart from these close interventions, Buena Nota’s online platform cultivates multiple connections between social projects and a wider audience on the platform. read less

Business Translation Services Crowdculture Tips For Requesters On Mechanical Turk: The Reasons Why Amazon Mechanical Turk No Longer Accepts International Turkers As many of you may have heard, Amazon is not approving international Mturk accounts anymore. In 2012 Amazon put a hold on accepting new worker accounts for a couple of months. When they started accepting new workers again, it was only for workers in the United States. There are three reasons for this: Fraud - Amazon was having a difficult time verifying these accounts and a lot of fraud was occurring from outside the United States. Complaints - Requester complaints about the quality of work is the second reason. Blocks - Blocks are a way Amazon to monitor worker accounts, although Amazon does not tell requesters this. Since Americans are verified using Social Security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards and addresses, American workers would protect and guard their accounts to ensure they are not suspended. Requesters are starting to take notice of this. For instance, CastingWords is now making their own interface because they need these international workers.

Advocacy | Global Poverty Project Global Poverty Project advocates and campaigns to enable a global environment in which nonprofits, corporates, and multi-laterals can work most effectively together to achieve an end to extreme poverty. As such, Global Poverty Project focuses on: Our advocacy work is structured around our policy framework, and is enabled by our initiatives such as the Global Citizen platform and events such as the Global Citizen Festival. Over the past three years, our advocacy work has leveraged more than $16 billion and over 40 policy commitments from world leaders and corporations, which are set to affect the lives of up to 259 million people. Education | Health | Food | Water and SanitationFinance and Innovation | Women and Girls | Environmental Sustainability For individuals, families and communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty, they need to be able to meet their basic needs of life – including clean water and basic sanitation.