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Know How Apple OS Applications Add Value in Enterprise Mobility

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Recent enterprise research and analysis reveals iOS dominance in usage compared to Android platform. Its fexibility and regularly updating features make it demanding than other platform.

Dedicated Native Apps for Apple Devices That Give Advantages to The Enterprise. Welcome to Forbes. Apple and enterprise: How Apple adding value to enterprises with iOS apps. 4 UX Must-Haves to Maximize Your Enterprise App... - Business Techbuzz - Quora. According to a survey by MGI Research, an independent research and advisory firm, 89 percent of enterprises that participated in the survey acknowledged that user experience is their most important development concern.

4 UX Must-Haves to Maximize Your Enterprise App... - Business Techbuzz - Quora

Another report by SAP revealed that over 78 percent of apps are abandoned after first use. The statement by Adrian Simpson, Chief Innovation Officer of SAP UK &Ireland, that the future of enterprise apps will be more about UX and not just the mobile platform, puts a hallmark on the fact that user experience plays a crucial role in the successful adoption of an enterprise app. When it comes to UX, the first thing most of us think of is design, but there are several other areas that drive and influence the adoption of an app within an organization. Curious to know what those areas are? Let’s take a look at them one by one. UX Essentials help users navigate better through your enterprise mobile apps ScalableA startup today can become a large corporation tomorrow. Consumerization Of The Enterprise Application.

Business Apps UI Design Gone are the days when an application could get away with an interface designed to meet just the basic functional needs of its customers.

Consumerization Of The Enterprise Application

Mobile apps and their usability have changed the way consumers expect technology to operate in their personal as well as professional lives leading to the consumerization of IT in the enterprise. until a decade ago, it was the typical ‘large enterprise’ who wanted its enterprise software to have robust functionality giving little importance to the UX. However, the expectation of the enterprise consumer has changed and they want their business apps to have the same usability and sleekness that consumer apps like Evernote, Instagram etc. have.

They now prefer an ‘uber-like’ experience in the way they consume apps and enterprise technology scrambles to keep up with what is popularly known as the second phase of the consumerization of IT. iPad & iPhone Application Development Company. The iPhone is the most widely used Smartphone in the US with a market share close to 43.9% as reported by comScore in Feb 2016.

iPad & iPhone Application Development Company

But more importantly, app developers on the iOS platform make 4 times the profit than that on the Android Market (now called Google Play), according to app store analysis firm Distimo. It is no wonder that our clients first choose to focus on iOS apps first, something we help them execute on flawlessly. Usability and “slickness” of the iPhone apps are what drives users towards a good app on the iPhone or the iPad. We, at Rishabh Software, understand this well and know how we can help you develop powerful yet sophisticated iPhone applications. By using the latest iPhone SDK and iOS, our iPhone applications can be built to be used across all supported Apple phones and tablets. Custom iPhone App Development Services Recent iOS Apps Developed for Our Customers: iOS App Development Company. Citrix mobile report reveals continued dominance of iOS in the enterprise - Enterprise Apps Tech News. (c) A new report from software giant Citrix has revealed that while the number of devices managed in the enterprise is exploding year on year, iOS remains by far the most popular workplace OS.

Citrix mobile report reveals continued dominance of iOS in the enterprise - Enterprise Apps Tech News

Device numbers in the enterprise grew 72% from 2013 to 2014, with almost two thirds (64%) running iOS, 27% running Android, and 9% Windows Phone. In EMEA these figures changed to 50% for iOS and 30% for Android, while in the Americas the figures stood at 57% for iOS and 27% Android. Asia Pacific saw Android figures increase from 19% to 33% saturation year on year, with the rise of Samsung in the area a likely reason for growth.

By vertical, the legal industry contains the greatest percentage of iOS devices, while finance is made up of 71% iOS. Elsewhere, passcodes remained “by far” the most comment method of device-level enforcement, with more than 90% of respondents using it. Related Stories. Good’s latest mobility index shows iOS go further ahead of Android in enterprise OS race - Enterprise Apps Tech News. (c) Secure mobility provider Good Technology has released its latest Mobility Index report and found iOS is eating more marketshare from Android as an enterprise operating system.

Good’s latest mobility index shows iOS go further ahead of Android in enterprise OS race - Enterprise Apps Tech News

The study, which focuses on Good-activated devices, saw iOS activations rise to 73% in Q414, up from 69% the previous quarter, with Android dropping to 25% from 29% in Q314. Good puts a lot of this rise down to the release of the iPhone 6 in late Q314, again indicating the aggressive pace of the consumerisation of IT. Samsung accounts for nine of the 10 most popular Android devices, while the report found smaller phones were becoming more of a hit with employees; the aforementioned iPhone 6 and Samsung S4 Mini topped larger models for iOS and Android respectively.