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Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

News & Agenda - A Century of Pastoe Pastoe marks its centenary on 13 April 2013! We’re not about to let this special milestone go unnoticed and we’d love to have you involved in the events. For more information, please visit the jubilee website From 23 February to 2 June 2013, there will be an exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL). A team of designers, architects, artists and photographers of national and international importance will be helping decide on suitable content for the festivities. The program is being put together around three themes: History, Environment and Innovation. 12 PROJECTS United Kingdom An open source homescale vertical axis wind turbine, that can be made from recyled materials. Based on the Lenz2 VAWT design, the current version outputs 1 kW in a 60 km/h wind, and has been tested to absorb at least 105 km/h. And it costs $30 to make.

Mimi Ito Biography Mizuko Ito is a cultural anthropologist of technology use, examining children and youth’s changing relationships to media and communications and is Professor in Residence and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Chair in Digital Media and Learning at the University of California, Irvine, with appointments in the University of California Humanities Research Institute, the Department of Anthropology, and the Department of Informatics. Her work on educational software appears in Engineering Play: A Cultural History of Children’s Software. Smart City & Living Accelerator · Amsterdam Startupbootcamp is the number 1 accelerator in Europe. Startupbootcamp will innovate the Smart City & Living ecosystem by providing the most promising startups in the "Smart City & Living space" (see definition below). This means that we'll realize together with the selected startups in 3 months what normally will take you 18 months. Sounds impossible...have a look at what our 200 startup alumni have to say about us. Over the 3-6 month program, 10 selected high potential startups will accelerate their companies with the help of our team of world class entrepreneurs which include: > founders of SBC Global and serial entrepreneurs Patrick de Zeeuw, Ruud Hendriks & Marc Wesselink;> 150+ mentors from startups & companies like Nest, Tesla, Cisco, IBM,, Thales, Vodafone, Alliander, Eneco, Amazon, Samsung and many many more; > 1.000+ angels & VC's like Accel, Endeit, Earlybird, Sunstone, Google VC, Cisco VC and many more.

Five Ways to Expand Your Empathy - The School of Life It is usual, at this time of year, to make a series of earnest New Year's Resolutions which by tradition you resolutely fail to keep. Why not try promising yourself some New Year's Explorations instead and widen your personal horizons. Expanding your empathy might offer just what you are looking for. Empathising is an avant-garde form of travel in which you step into the shoes of another person and see the world from their perspective. It is the ultimate adventure holiday far more challenging than a bungee jump off Victoria Falls or trekking solo across the Gobi desert. Here are my five top tips for transforming yourself into an empathetic adventurer over the coming months.

Russia: Political Ambitions for Most Influential Blogger? This post is part of our special coverage Russia's Protest Movement. Earlier this week, on August 1, members of Aleksei Navalny's inner circle announced [ru] that they are forming a new political party called “People's Alliance.” For the time being, Russia's most influential blogger — a man many are now calling the leader of the anti-Kremlin opposition — will not be joining the party, but this has not stopped wide speculation that it could become an important vehicle for Navalny in the future. The minds behind People's Alliance include Vladimir Ashurkov (executive director of Navalny's anti-corruption fund), Georgii Alburov (coordinator of Navalny's elections-monitoring project), and Leonid Volkov (an Yekaterinburg politician and e-Government prophet), among others.

Freedom of Panorama under threat On Tuesday, June 16, the legal affairs committee voted on my report on the review of EU copyright rules. While I managed to negotiate compromises with all political groups on most of my proposals, one area where we couldn’t agree to a compromise was the right to publish pictures of public buildings and artworks such as sculptures permanently installed in public places. In some countries such publications require a permission from the architect or rightholder of the public artwork, while the majority of EU member states enjoys the so-called Freedom of Panorama, which allows anyone to publish photographs, documentary films and other works depicting public places without restriction. My draft report pointed out that the need to acquire a licence for such everyday activities as sharing one’s holiday pictures on social media was anachronistic and that Freedom of Panorama should become a rule in the entire European Union. If this amendment became law, what would that mean in practice?

The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher, by John Taylor Gatto Call me Mr. Gatto, please. Twenty-six years ago, having nothing better to do, I tried my hand at schoolteaching. The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies The Founder Institute is the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies. In our four-month, part-time program, you can "learn by doing" and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback. Plus, you are not required to quit your day job to participate. Founder Institute Montreal Spring 2014 Semester Team-Building Exercises - Team Management Training from MindTools Planning Activities That Actually Work Learn how to plan effective team-building activities with your people. You've probably been involved in a team-building activity at some point. Perhaps it was a weekend retreat, or an afternoon at the climbing gym learning to rely on one another, or a day on the golf course getting to know everyone. But, whether or not you and your colleagues enjoyed the experience, what happened when your team members returned to the office? Did they go back to their usual behavior – perhaps arguing over small assignments, or refusing to cooperate with each other?

Weltevrede The blogosphere has played an instrumental role in the transition and the evolution of linking technologies and practices. This research traces and maps historical changes in the Dutch blogosphere and the interconnections between blogs, which — traditionally considered — turn a set of blogs into a blogosphere. This paper will discuss the definition of the blogosphere by asking who the actors are which make up the blogosphere through its interconnections. This research aims to repurpose the Wayback Machine so as to trace and map transitions in linking technologies and practices in the blogosphere over time by means of digital methods and custom software. We are then able to create yearly network visualizations of the historical Dutch blogosphere (1999–2009). This approach allows us to study the emergence and decline of blog platforms and social media platforms within the blogosphere and it also allows us to investigate local blog cultures.

Why you shouldn’t be surprised that prisoners crushed Harvard’s debate team The Bard Prison Initiative made headlines recently when its debate team beat Harvard University's in an intercollegiate competition. But the privately funded program, in which incarcerated men and women earn degrees from Bard College, has been around for 15 years. In this 2012 clip, professors and students explain how the program works. (Bard Prison Initiative/Frank duPont/wdfilms) Last month, a debate team of three inmates with violent criminal records defeated a team of three Harvard University undergraduates. Re-imagining education: from Gandhi’s grandson to a school without classrooms A few months ago, on a remote island off the coast of Stockholm, I met another Change Leader who has truly re-imagined learning for the 21st century. Following a tragic case of vandalism in which his school burnt down to the ground, principal Lennart Nilsson asked his local community what they wanted their new school to look like. Parents, policy makers, teachers and pupils collectively decided on a new kind of learning environment – rooted in the ‘real world’ and based on the natural ways children learn. Pupils work in mixed-aged teams of around 75 children and have sub-teams within that group.

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