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Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

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Connecting Classrooms 'Connecting Classrooms prepares children to take their place in the 21st century,' says Karen Noble, Head Teacher, Juniper Green Primary School. Watch UK and Nigerian teachers benefit from gaining understanding of other countries’ education systems and become better equipped to teach about global issues, while improving their own teaching and curriculum. Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme, which offers: School partnerships - get the support you need to build a sustainable relationship with a link school Professional development for teachers - get equipped to tackle global themes in the classroom with our fully funded, regional face-to-face workshops and online courses British Council International School Award - gain recognition for your school.

12 PROJECTS United Kingdom An open source homescale vertical axis wind turbine, that can be made from recyled materials. Based on the Lenz2 VAWT design, the current version outputs 1 kW in a 60 km/h wind, and has been tested to absorb at least 105 km/h. And it costs $30 to make. Investments Have Impacted Over 100 Million Lives Our companies have improved the lives of more than 100 million people around the world, have created or supported tens of thousands of jobs providing income and skills training in the markets we serve, and are beginning to show what is possible in solving the world’s most intractable problems. Every investment we make has the goal of creating outsized social impact. The headlines are too familiar: billions of people without access to clean drinking water, a safe place to live, high quality healthcare, or reliable and affordable electricity to enhance productivity. Billions. We bring patient capital to solve some of the world’s toughest problems head-on, and our most important scorecard is impact. Acumen’s metrics framework is designed to tackle difficult questions – how do we know whether the health clinic we have invested in is truly reaching the poor?

Smart City & Living Accelerator · Amsterdam Startupbootcamp is the number 1 accelerator in Europe. Startupbootcamp will innovate the Smart City & Living ecosystem by providing the most promising startups in the "Smart City & Living space" (see definition below). This means that we'll realize together with the selected startups in 3 months what normally will take you 18 months. Sounds impossible...have a look at what our 200 startup alumni have to say about us. Over the 3-6 month program, 10 selected high potential startups will accelerate their companies with the help of our team of world class entrepreneurs which include: > founders of SBC Global and serial entrepreneurs Patrick de Zeeuw, Ruud Hendriks & Marc Wesselink;> 150+ mentors from startups & companies like Nest, Tesla, Cisco, IBM,, Thales, Vodafone, Alliander, Eneco, Amazon, Samsung and many many more; > 1.000+ angels & VC's like Accel, Endeit, Earlybird, Sunstone, Google VC, Cisco VC and many more.

One Foundation We welcome you to join us and make a donation to the Jet Li One Foundation Project. All donations received will be deposited directly into the account of the Red Cross Society of China, earmarked for use by the Jet Li One Foundation Project. The Red Cross will disburse funds and the Jet Li One Foundation Project will oversee all expenditures to ensure accountability and transparency in the use of donated funds for their intended purposes. We invite the media and general public to help supervise this process. While we are always exploring new methods for collecting donations, the best and most cost-effective method for foreign currency donations (including USD) is currently an online donation through the secure, verified, and simple-to-use Paypal system.

All Aboard the Connected Classroom! Edublogs Teacher Challenges One of the most popular host and destination for teacher blogs has compiled a series of simple, ten-step professional development challenges to help you build a following: Start off with the “Build a PLN” (professional learning network) challenge to see how you can build a following through blogs and Twitter, and... ...then bring it back to your class with the “Blogging with Students” challenge and see how to help your class connect with others around the world Freedom of Panorama under threat On Tuesday, June 16, the legal affairs committee voted on my report on the review of EU copyright rules. While I managed to negotiate compromises with all political groups on most of my proposals, one area where we couldn’t agree to a compromise was the right to publish pictures of public buildings and artworks such as sculptures permanently installed in public places. In some countries such publications require a permission from the architect or rightholder of the public artwork, while the majority of EU member states enjoys the so-called Freedom of Panorama, which allows anyone to publish photographs, documentary films and other works depicting public places without restriction. My draft report pointed out that the need to acquire a licence for such everyday activities as sharing one’s holiday pictures on social media was anachronistic and that Freedom of Panorama should become a rule in the entire European Union. If this amendment became law, what would that mean in practice?

Juan David Aristizábal Ospina Juan David created an online platform so reporting on social change could be shared and, importantly, acted on. Colombian citizens need to see positive experiences of social change to be fully engaged citizens, and inspired to make change themselves. He has built Buena Nota into a notable impact catalyst for leading social projects and ventures, deepening their results and their social footprint. Buena Nota has involved a number of distinct social projects with national impact in its focused message and connecting key social projects and entrepreneurs with volunteers with needed skills who are committed to help. The core notion is to help identify and give voice to messages anchored in action.

The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies The Founder Institute is the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies. In our four-month, part-time program, you can "learn by doing" and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback. Plus, you are not required to quit your day job to participate. Founder Institute Montreal Spring 2014 Semester

Home Drishtee works with communities in rural India Current Situation / Challenge : These communities are today in a difficult situation as their sustainability is being challenged by growth of manufacturing and large scale industrialization. The situation has become more complex with the increase in cost of agriculture and poor land management. While we have some extreme cases of farmer suicides in some locations, most Indian villages are seeing a far lower growth than the average inflation in the country. Able bodied men are forced to migrate to cities in search of livelihood for their family back home. 10 ways to teach creativity in the classroom Education expert Sir Ken Robinson notes that in the factories of the 20th century, creativity was not valued. Yet in the startups of the 21st century, it’s critical for success. What can teachers do — right now — to prepare students for the world of the future? Below, 10 ways to teach creativity in the classroom:

Why you shouldn’t be surprised that prisoners crushed Harvard’s debate team The Bard Prison Initiative made headlines recently when its debate team beat Harvard University's in an intercollegiate competition. But the privately funded program, in which incarcerated men and women earn degrees from Bard College, has been around for 15 years. In this 2012 clip, professors and students explain how the program works. (Bard Prison Initiative/Frank duPont/wdfilms) Last month, a debate team of three inmates with violent criminal records defeated a team of three Harvard University undergraduates. Global Poverty Project Global Poverty Project advocates and campaigns to enable a global environment in which nonprofits, corporates, and multi-laterals can work most effectively together to achieve an end to extreme poverty. As such, Global Poverty Project focuses on: Our advocacy work is structured around our policy framework, and is enabled by our initiatives such as the Global Citizen platform and events such as the Global Citizen Festival.

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