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CMS DAM Social Portals WCM

CMS DAM Social Portals WCM

To Solve a Social Problem, You Need More Than a Theory — You Need a Randomized Controlled Trial - Wired Science In 1993, after five years of grad school and low-wage postdoctoral research, Michael Kremer got a job as a professor of economics at MIT. With his new salary, he finally had enough money to fund a long-held desire: to return to Kenya’s Western Province, where he had lived for a year after college, teaching in a rural farming community. He wanted to see the place again, reconnect with his host family and other friends he’d made there. When he arrived the next summer, he found out that one of those friends had begun working for an education nonprofit called ICS Africa. At the time, there was a campaign, spearheaded by the World Bank, to provide free textbooks throughout sub-Saharan Africa, on the assumption that this would boost test scores and keep children in school longer. While chatting with his friend about this, Kremer began to wonder: How did ICS know the campaign would work? But soon after Kremer returned to the US, he was startled to get a call from his friend. India, 2004–2007

Digital Asset Management Software and Premedia Services | Widen Accueil How to Choose an Open Source Content Management System by | August 2005 | Content Management One of the most frequently asked questions received at Packt is 'What is the best open source Content Management System for me?' This isn't the easiest question to answer, however we asked Chanh Ong, a computer specialist and contributor at for his views, and this is what he had to say... I want to define a couple of important concepts before going into the detail of this topic. What is a Content Management System (CMS)? What is the scope of the document that covers CMS? What is the definition of content? And finally... Your criteria:One of the most basic steps involved in a CMS selection effort is to determine your requirements. Content or Purpose: Defining the purpose of your content is just as important as defining the content itself. Hands-on:With the above understanding of your requirements, this is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. Research:Where should I begin? Comparison. CMS top hits. How about other kind of CMS?

A Trace in the Sand, Software Architecture Journal by Ruth Malan April 2014 It's Me Day! Woohoo! What's a Trace? My Trace is a playground for developing ideas, for exploring architecture and the role of architects. It is a journal of discovery, and traces my active reflection. Oooo, look: I'm a people, I'm a people!! And look what Peter Bakker did! Image by Sara B. No Point Left Unmassacred [my modus operandi] [The first bullet brought to you by Brenda Michelson. ] More? Oh. here, have a meeting (via Kai Schlüter) My Trace. "Bang your head against the wall, to activate your brain" -- Thea, lyrics to a song about school :-) You're welcome. Um. “The primary indication, to my thinking, of a well-ordered mind is a man's ability to remain in one place and linger in his own company. 2. Abstraction Powertools Naming Architecture Sustainability Measuring Architecture Sustainability, Koziolek, H. Image source: shamelessly hoisted off the internetz To Feature Flag or Not to Feature Flag Feature Toggle Code Snips Yesterday: Today: Source for that cartoon is Abtruse Goose O.P.C.

Digital Asset Management | Electronic Document Discovery - MerlinOne World Wide Web Consortium OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR Defining a federated document transport infrastructure for business document exchange Kenneth Bengtsson,, ChairSven Rasmussen,, Secretary Table of Contents Announcements The OASIS Business Document Exchange TC approved a revised charter on 19 April 2012 ( The TC email archives will also remain permanently available at: and Overview The OASIS BDXR TC advances an open standards framework to support public e-procurement and e-invoicing. The original OASIS BDX TC was formed to advance the messaging portion of PEPPOL. All those involved in e-procurement and e-invoicing are invited to participate in the BDXR TC, including public and private sector agencies, enterprises, solution providers, consultants, and researchers. For more information, see the BDXR TC Charter. Subcommittees No subcommittees have been formed for this TC.