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CMS DAM Social Portals WCM

CMS DAM Social Portals WCM
Like their commercial brethren, you can see a kind of restless desire among the major open source WCM projects to go "up-market," by making their systems more enterprise-friendly -- and by extension more complicated... Understanding the difference between Mobile Application Management and Mobile Experience Management can help enterprise technology leaders take their mobility strategies to the next level... This activity strengthens my belief that cloud-file sharing as a simple, stand-alone category of tools is not going to persist for long...

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To Solve a Social Problem, You Need More Than a Theory — You Need a Randomized Controlled Trial - Wired Science In 1993, after five years of grad school and low-wage postdoctoral research, Michael Kremer got a job as a professor of economics at MIT. With his new salary, he finally had enough money to fund a long-held desire: to return to Kenya’s Western Province, where he had lived for a year after college, teaching in a rural farming community. He wanted to see the place again, reconnect with his host family and other friends he’d made there. When he arrived the next summer, he found out that one of those friends had begun working for an education nonprofit called ICS Africa. At the time, there was a campaign, spearheaded by the World Bank, to provide free textbooks throughout sub-Saharan Africa, on the assumption that this would boost test scores and keep children in school longer. ICS had tasked Kremer’s friend with identifying target schools for such a giveaway.

A Trace in the Sand, Software Architecture Journal by Ruth Malan April 2014 It's Me Day! Woohoo! OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR Defining a federated document transport infrastructure for business document exchange Kenneth Bengtsson,, ChairSven Rasmussen,, Secretary Table of Contents Announcements The OASIS Business Document Exchange TC approved a revised charter on 19 April 2012 ( and begins work under its new charter on 02 May 2012. The record of the TC's activities under its earlier charter remains publicly available at: OASIS Emergency Management TC Enabling information exchange to advance incident preparedness and response to emergency situations Elysa Jones,, ChairCamille Osterloh,, Secretary Table of Contents

Enterprise Architecture for Emerging Technology: Build, Buy or Open Source As companies transition to more flexible IT platforms, they are searching for guidance on how to determine whether they should build their own application, use packaged applications from an ERP vendor, adopt an open source platform, or leverage a SaaS solution. It’s not an easy decision to make. Whether custom-built or vendor-based, projects can fail. Before making the transition, you should carefully consider the following differences surrounding support, customization and deployment. All things being equal, the primary difference between open source and vendor products is the source of support.

ITAG : Enterprise Architecture Guide The MIT Enterprise Architecture Guide (EAG) documents MIT's architectural principles and goals, the current state of MIT's enterprise architecture, and a future state architectural vision. The EAG also includes information regarding the ITAG architecture review process. Since this document serves to inform developers about available enterprise tools and services, we expect the EAG will be useful to enterprise system developers across the institute. Because this is a constantly evolving document, community feedback will drive future ITAG agendas and thus influence content in future versions.

Enterprise Architecture - Homepage Turn on more accessible mode Skip Ribbon Commands Skip to main content Contact Us | Help About Your Part Architecture Library SOEA – Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture: Before talking about success in the public sector it is necessary to take a brief look at what success is within the public sector – a question with different answers depending on who you ask. A manager within the public sector success is typically based on the size of his/hers budget and/or number of staff. As SOA and EA potentially promises to reduce both of these, SOA is really not that appealing to public manager.

Building Sustainable Banking Architectures Mike Walker Microsoft Corporation February 2007 Revised March 2007 Applies to: 2007 Microsoft Office System Microsoft BizTalk 2006 Sustainable Banking Solutions Summary: In this article, we will use a banking scenario to focus on some of the specific needs for financial services. This scenario will provide means for partners and customers to integrate banking applications and establish consistency in this integration. This article describes the Loan-Origination Reference Architecture Pack. (25 printed pages)