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3 Common Mobile Challenges in Government Agencies. Intranets Are Dying, Long Live the Mobile Intranet. Insights Portal. Mobile Loyalty. Bringing Framework to Mobile Security. DMI Mobile Inspection. Mobile Productivity. What's the cost of developing a mobile app? Who are the top mobile agencies in the world? Removing the dangers of BYOD. Today our working lives are almost 24/7 and often we’re working away from the office.

Removing the dangers of BYOD

To stay connected we use our mobile phones for email and business, even on vacation. So, it’s not surprising then, that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is on the rise in the enterprise. Leading Energy Company Case Study. Why most mobile app developers suck. Guest View: Enterprise mobility: A promise unfulfilled. The consumer mobility market has experienced massive growth, largely driven by the sale of smartphones, which topped 1.2 billion units sold globally in 2014, an increase of 28% from 2013.

Guest View: Enterprise mobility: A promise unfulfilled

This consumer adoption subsequently drove the Bring Your Own Device movement, as employees demanded the right to bring their own mobile devices into their workplaces. Ninety-five percent of employees now say they use at least one personal device for work. In turn, companies adopted mobile device-management solutions for security and control, largely to protect company information and applications.

This resulted in companies locking down employee devices to provide secure access to personal information-management (PIM) applications such as e-mail, calendar and contacts. Despite the ascent of mobile devices in the workplace, fewer than 25% of companies have built or bought a mobile app beyond PIM apps. Where are all the apps? Major trends in the Mobile Industry.

Top 5 reasons why your mobile app will fail. Mobile Ticketing. Royal Bank of Scotland Case Study. Anheuser Busch InBev Case Study by DMI. Scorecard for Choosing Mobile Technology. iPads in the Enterprise - Are you the 94%? Allergan Case Study. Top 10 Mobile Trends 2015. The Ten Steps for Mobile Success. Brand Vegas Case Study. African Wildlife Foundation Case Study. White Paper - Harnessing Mobility in Retail. Get Ready for Mobile Apps 3.0. Why Your App Wont Be Used By Your Employees. Managed Mobility Services. Addison Lee - Putting The Customer in Control. Enterprise Mobility Market Quadruples in 4 Years. 6 quick tips for a successful retail app. 5 Tips for Implementing Privacy Rules in Your Mobile App. TechPro Essentials – Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences: Which Approach is Right for You? Mobile has profoundly transformed the way merchants and customers interact.

TechPro Essentials – Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences: Which Approach is Right for You?

The technology has opened up unprecedented possibilities for improved customer experience, personalized interactions—sometimes in real time—and greater revenue. However, enterprises are struggling to provide an optimal mobile experience for their customers, while keeping website maintenance costs low. Guest article by Sam Ganga, President of Global Mobility Services at DMI The rapid proliferation of mobile devices—smartphones, tablets and wearables, as well as other mobile devices used in-store—has an impact on the various sales channels currently offered. This article will explore and define the three fastest-growing trends for addressing ecommerce through the mobile web and provide the pros and cons of each: Responsive Web Design (RWD), Adaptive Web Design (AWD) and a blended approach known as RESS.

Currently, these are the three approaches to address ecommerce across multiple mobile devices. Benefits. Boosting the productivity of Britian's Favorite Baker. Introducing a Top Level Domain for NYC. Mobile Strategy Framework. DMI — Built to Reinvent Business through Mobility. Mobility Strategy. The 25 points checklist to upload your app to the appstore. Mobile loyalty solution best practice. 7 tips for successful m-commerce. How can mobility transform your business? Addison Lee launches Apple Watch compatible booking app. Addison Lee has upgraded its mobile booking app to allow compatibility with the Apple Watch.

Addison Lee launches Apple Watch compatible booking app

The app allows customers to discover the journey price, track the drivers arrival and store recent addresses from the watch face. Developed by app company DMI, the functionality is available free to Apple Watch owners as part of the existing iOS app, which facilitates thousands of monthly bookings. Peter Boucher, chief commercial officer, Addison Lee, said: “Following the global expansion of our business in New York earlier this year, we wanted to create an updated mobile app that would benefit not only our European-based customers, but also our increasing number of busy, on-the-go clients across the Atlantic. The new version of the app, together with the version for the Apple Watch, will aim to provide our passengers with an even greater user experience.”

Mobile Marketing: What’s Working and What’s Next. Five Ingredients for Successful Open Innovation Initiatives. What iOS 9 Means for Developers. - Mobile Marketing Universe. Mobile App Marketing Strategy: Filling the Funnel vs. Low-Cost App Install Campaigns. Clutch Identifies Early Leaders in Wearable Application Development. WASHINGTON, June 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Clutch published its first piece of research on wearable application development.

Clutch Identifies Early Leaders in Wearable Application Development

Following the release of the Apple Watch and rising consumer interest in wearable devices, Clutch, the leader in online mobile app developer reviews, has identified firms that have taken an early lead in developing apps for wearable devices. Photo - Photo - The following companies were highlighted as early leaders in wearable application development: Redmadrobot, Fuzz, Lounge Lizard, Stanfy, Softeq Development, DMI (Digital Management, Inc.), Digital Brand Group, Lemberg Solutions, Plastic Mobile, and SWARM. Clutch analysts conducted a thorough examination of app development firms that have already completed successful apps for wearable technologies. "Our wearable application development research will continue to grow and this is a category Clutch is excited to see expand," stated Ryan Stevens, a lead analyst at Clutch.

Aerosoles. 3 Trends That Are Shaping Mobile Commerce. DMI Delivers Insights Into the Transformation and Impact the Internet of Things Will Bring to Today’s Businesses. Interview: Weighing the Options for Mobile Design. May 26, 2015 Due to the rapid-fire rate of technology change, it has become hard for organizations to keep up with mobile standards and trends.

Interview: Weighing the Options for Mobile Design

But they’d better catch up fast – Google now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, rewarding websites that are fully optimized for mobile platforms. As enterprises struggle to provide an optimal mobile experience for their customers while keeping website maintenance costs low, they also must overcome confusion caused by the proliferation of terms such as Adaptive Web Design (AWD), Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5 and native app development.

In this interview, Sam Ganga, President, Global Mobility Services and Mobile Innovations Officer at DMI, speaks with IT Briefcase on the three fastest-growing trends for addressing ecommerce through the mobile web and provide the pros and cons of each. Q. A. Pros and Cons of outsourcing mobile development. Success Criteria for A Great Mobile Health App.

Why do iPhone apps look so much better than Android apps? Mobile Strategy Handbook Chapter 6: How to chose the right technology? Native, HTML5 and more... Mobility Trends in Government. Federal News Radio. Why A Responsive Website is Better Than a Mobile Optimized or Adaptive Website. WMI - 5: Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms. Why employees won't use your app. What is the cost of developing a mobile app. 5 Ways to Invest in Privacy in 2015. Target makes bold mobile statement to drive Lilly Pulitzer sales - Mobile Commerce Daily - Marketing. Lilly Pulizter is offering bold and bright prints in its current collaboration with Target Target is leaning heavily on mobile to make the most of its buzzed-about tie-in with the Lilly Pulitzer brand, leveraging social media, SMS and email to target style-savvy young consumers.

Target makes bold mobile statement to drive Lilly Pulitzer sales - Mobile Commerce Daily - Marketing

The collection is employing social media tactics, deals through text messaging and email updates, but the most exciting feature is its digital party available through mobile. “Marketing is often a numbers game, producing as much content as possible is the goal but appearing stale and repetitive is the obvious downside,” said Mark Cluett, marketing manager at Polar, Toronto. “By taking unique approaches like this, Target ensures they differentiate themselves from the noise and own a unique path for original content and ideation which thrives on mobile.

Bluetooth beacons vs Wifi vs NFC. DMI - Happy Friday everyone! Let's finish off the week... PhoneGap, the only cross platform solution that works. Mobile app testing roles : The QA Super Heroes. 5 Critical KPIs for Measuring Mobile App Marketing Success. Mobile Strategy Handbook Chapter 7: 6 steps for Mobile Application Testing - QA. How to Survive Mobilegeddon. Bringing Mobility to the Mission. In the federal space, the mission is driving mobility.

Bringing Mobility to the Mission

If you attend a consumer electronics trade show, you will find that every mobile device gadget and widget on the market is promising value in seamless integration. That seamless integration is what often sells the consumer on a mobile device or platform. In our personal lives, we want our devices to work easily and to share our data across devices. While we also care about things like battery life and security, those needs have been shown to be secondary to ease of use. Not so in the federal space. Federal missions, ranging from law enforcement to inspection to field services, did not drive mobility into the federal environment until after security and utility improved. Can Someone Hack Your Banking App? Weighing In on Wearables: Confessions of a First-Time User. MWC 2015: A Recap of the Key Announcements, Highlights & Trends.

Why a Mobile Optimized Site Is Better than Responsive Web. "Top 8 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015," from DMI/FCW. Critical Read 8 mobile trends for 2015 By Colby HochmuthMar 03, 2015 What: "Top 8 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015," from DMI Why: With "mobile first" marching orders, many CIOs in the federal government have to strategize how to equip employees with technology that will improve productivity.

"Top 8 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015," from DMI/FCW

Sam Ganga, executive vice president of commercial division at DMI, said the influx of so many devices can cause a problem. MWC Day 3 and 4: Robots, IoT Gadgets and Enterprise IoT in Practice. Catch the highlights from the first half of MWC15. It's mobile's world, we just live in it. Mobility Management Trends for 2015. The mobile transformation is accelerating.

Mobility Management Trends for 2015

No longer limited to smartphones and tablets, the mobile ecosystem has expanded to include wearables, smart sensors for industrial machinery, appliances, health monitors – even toothbrushes. This broadening array of connected devices is giving rise to exciting new solutions, services and business models. New white paper available: "Enterprise Mobility Management Trends for 2015" Plan your Approach Now to Succeed in the New Year The mobile transformation is accelerating. In 2015, how will your organization keep up? Read the White Paper: Enterprise Mobility Management Trends for 2015 To learn the technologies and approaches to enterprise mobility management that will prove most successful in the coming year.

Here’s a look at six key trends that are shaping the industry and the way we approach mobility management. What’s fueling the growth of outsourced mobility managementWhy telecom expense management (TEM) should be a part of your planWhat does the introduction of BES 12 mean for BlackBerry’s prospectsHow BYOD adoption is changing in the US and abroad How to adapt to increasing concerns about mobile securityHow the Internet of Things will impact your mobility management strategy. Considering a Managed Mobility Service Approach? Five Key Questions to Consider. The increasing use of mobile devices is claiming an increase in the share of enterprise IT spending, as indicated by Gartner, which recently revised its IT spending (upwards) in its Forecast Alert: IT Spending, Worldwide 3Q14 Update report. Managing enterprise mobility is increasingly critical to operations of an enterprise but it in itself is typically not a key business differentiator.

It is important to do well, but it is not a core competency for an enterprise. This makes it a good candidate for the outsourced approach. Are You Using Your Data to its Fullest Potential? Data monetization has fast become a key area of interest across many industries as companies everywhere are seeing the value of their data not just operationally but also as a data ‘product’ that they can commercialize and take to market. DMI was recently cited in Forrester Research “It’s Time to take your Data to Market”, specifically relating to this topic. Our organization has always strived to be a trusted technology solutions provider and thought leader in the big data space, and we are proud to be one of the vendors included in this new publication.

Can Enterprise Apps Deliver 10x ROI? Imagine if there was a guaranteed way for enterprise apps to generate 10X ROI for organizations? Actually, there is! Over the past few years, we have seen this time and time again, with some organizations having done it multiple times. Enormous productivity gains are there for the taking for businesses that are prepared to change the way they work, with gains ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions in incremental revenue and cost savings.

How can this be done? Our take on a few of Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for 2015. We had a great time attending and sponsoring the 2015 Gartner Symposium/IT Expo in Orlando, Florida. It was a heady opportunity to step back and look at the big picture – envisioning where things are going and what it means to us all. Gartner published a list of 10 Top Technology Trends for 2015 at the event.

Looking at the five trends that resonated most with us, there’s a fascinating progression that begins with the concept of “Computing Everywhere,” adds “Advanced, Pervasive, and Invisible Analytics” and leads ultimately to the world of “Smart Machines.” Gartner predicts that “The smart machine era will be the most disruptive in the history of IT.” We believe they’re right – and it’s both scary and exciting.

Computing Everywhere. Valuable Insights for Mobile App Development. As part of a new series of regular insight posts, we start with a focus on key lessons in the differences between external and internal mobile development and various mobile application development platforms. New York City Taxi movement data, reveals more information than you think, if you use it right. Same goes for Security Event data. In a very interesting and detailed blog post, a researcher at Neustar performed analytics on the open source data provided by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission logging all trips driven by NYC taxis in 2013.

The access to this information can be tremendously useful for city planning to determine traffic patterns, time and seasonal differences in traffic, which roads are used most, that might require more timely maintenance, etc. Mobile App Marketing Strategy: Filling the Funnel vs. Low-Cost App Install Campaigns. It’s not uncommon for startups developing new apps to aspire to be the next Uber, Candy Crush or Instagram. But unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet when it comes to marketing a mobile app. It’s easy to be lured by the appeal of low-cost, app-install campaigns when you’re struggling to market your app and drive downloads. These are essentially “get rich quick” schemes – promising a certain number of downloads at an extraordinarily low cost. Bringing a Framework to Mobile Security.

One night in Seattle and a road warrior’s “insight” from it. I am a road warrior and I am also one of those 173 million folks in the US who have downloaded apps on their smartphone (according to ComScore smartphone market penetration is approximately 72% today and this number is predicted to increase to 75% by the end of year). Like most of the road warriors, I have my preferred travel partners – airline, hotel, credit card companies, and mobile carrier. Mobile Application Security. Mobile strategy framework for 2015 and beyond. The Internet of Things to get Hacked - DMI. Internet of Things Privacy Conference - DMI. Last week, I participated on a panel for the TRUSTe Internet of Things (IoT) Privacy Summit at a beautiful resort in Menlo Park, California. The event brought together people from many different companies, large and small, as well as privacy advocates and legal experts.

Videos of the event can be found here. Our Top Tips For Your Mobile Loyalty Solution – Part two - DMI. Developers’ top iOS8 features - DMI. The launch of iOS7 in September last year was the biggest overhaul of iOS for end users since the launch of the iPhone. The iOS8 SDK announced recently at WWDC with its more than 4000 new APIs and changes is probably the biggest enhancement Apple has created for developers. Our Top Tips For Your Mobile Loyalty Solution – Part one - DMI.