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Stencyl - Create iOS, Android, Desktop and Flash Games without code

Stencyl - Create iOS, Android, Desktop and Flash Games without code

4 Free Apps That Teach the Basics of Coding to Kids If your class is like mine, the kids are always talking about playing video games! Rather than discouraging that interest, I want to harness it to encourage a higher level of thinking in my class. That is exactly what happens when kids explore coding. I love watching their faces as they try to process that people have to "tell" technology what to do in order for a game to work. For many kids, the thought of creating games is even more exciting than playing them. Daisy the Dinosaur (free) - This app is best suited for early childhood students or for a very basic intro for older students. Hopscotch (free) - Created by the same developer as Daisy the Dino, this app takes coding/programming a step further. I also suggest checking out the Hopscotch Teacher Guide provided by the app developer. Cargo-Bot (free) - This is a game-based app that teaches coding as kids progress through challenges in the game.

How to Build an iPhone App From Scratch (For Non-Technical People) Updated on March 10, 2014 In the beginning, apples grew on trees. But the all powerful iOverlord, Steve “I-fired-you-yesterday” Jobs was not impressed, and so set forth to bring light to the four corners of the world. The App The inclusion of apps gave the iPhone something that was considered so hi-tech, people actually called it trans-tech (like trans-food but without the trans-fat.) Today, each iOS app is used with a near religious significance, with the user being immediately drenched in its techno-geek spunk as soon as the app is gently caressed on their cool iPhones. What’s Your Angle? First off, you need to have an angle. How big should the objects on screen be? Also, some other things to ponder about are: A finger is larger and less accurate than a mouse. Making an outline is a great way of adding fresh and creative ideas to your app as you go along. Note: There are also some good online tools that can help you transfer your sketched into a digital format. Identify Your Strengths Xcode

6 Free Apps to Teach Coding Skills 17 May I’ve shared some of my favorite apps for teaching coding skills to students. From early elementary through high school, each one has a place in the hands of students holding a tablet. Whether you incorporate these apps into a lesson in math or science or provide time during an after school program for children to develop problem solving skills, you’re sure to find one on this list that meets the needs of your students! Codecademy Hopscotch Daisy the Dinosaur Cargo-Bot Tynker Kodable Looking for more of my favorite apps? 24 Super Cool Free Science Apps Like this: Like Loading... Tags: coding, iPad education, STEM

How To Make Your Own Apps Before ever suiting up, all fire-engine operators are taught about friction loss, in which water pressure is reduced by friction inside a fire hose. It's a complicated calculation, dependent on hose diameter, type and length, as well as water velocity. Getting it right is vital. Many departments post cheat sheets for estimating pressure. Mike Raben, a firefighter in Louisville, Colo., found a more modern solution online: a custom-built calculator app for Google Android phones. Here's the twist: Neither Raben nor Carolan are programmers. GameSalad is a similar application for Mac OS, which streamlines the process of creating Web, iPad and, of course, iPhone games to a point where nonprogrammers have found success in the notoriously crowded App Store. How It Works Smartphones may inspire countless "wouldn't it be cool if..." moments, but the gulf between those who can conceive of apps and those who can build them is expansive, and filled with code—cold, syntactical, inscrutable code.

Lightbot is a Brilliant Introduction to Coding for Children Our Verdict PaperZip | On 28, Aug 2014 Use basic coding principles to guide a robot and light up the tiles. Suitable for: KS1/KS2 Price: £1.99 Lightbot App Review Programming is essentially a set of commands that dictate what happens in a piece of software, such as a website or application. This simple concept is a great example of how programming works. As with most gaming apps, the further you progress, the more difficult it becomes. Download on the App Store How To Create Your First iPhone App (2012 Edition) Apps for Computer Science As part of the new primary curriculum for ICT, there is a significant emphasis on computer science. Below I've included what the children should be taught and a selection of apps which can be used in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Key Stage 1 Pupils should be taught to: understand what algorithms are, how they are implemented as programs on digital devices, and that programs execute by following a sequence of instructionswrite and test simple programsuse logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs Key Stage 2 design and write programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or simulating physical systems; solve problems by decomposing them into smaller partsuse sequence, selection, and repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output; generate appropriate inputs and predicted outputs to test programsuse logical reasoning to how a simple algorithm works and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs Codea: £6.99

How to design a mobile application - This is a designer's guide to the app design process. Step-by-step approach and recommendations. "Design is a funny word. Despite a popular believe that designer’s job ends when you hand the designs to the development team, it’s just the opposite. In this post I will take a look into the steps to follow when a mobile designer is fully consumed by a project, working along side of the development team. Assessment of the tasks Work on any product begins with an assessment of the tasks. 1. The most important thing that you need to understand is the business goal. 2. If you put enough thought in analysis of the product’s audience, you will save yourself a lot of errors as well as boost your chances of impressing your audience. 3. Think about the most popular way that your application is going to be used. Competitor Analysis 1. 2. Much like #1, spend some time analyzing the app store in which your applications will get published. 3. Search for inspiration and interface mechanics 1. 2. 3. 1. 2.

8 iPad apps to Teach Coding and Programming With the changes in the National Curriculum for ICT in 2014 introducing a greater emphasis on coding and programming, there is a greater demand for easy to use programming tools for children. One of the best ones, Scratch, sadly doesn’t work on an iPad at the moment. Here are some alternatives that do. 1. This free, fun app helps teach the basics of simple programming. It’s a simple, easy to use app which gives children an easy introduction into simple programming. 2. Developed by the same team behind Daisy the Dinosaur, Hopscotch is a free app which allows children to create their own games and animations with a simple programming language. When you’re finished with a script, press play to see the code in action. 3. The Bee Bot app from TTS has been developed to mimic the familiar Bee-Bot floor robot. The app has been developed with 12 levels encouraging progression. It’s an excellent free app, and I highly recommend it! 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Got any other favourites?