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The Teacher's Guide To Badges In Education

The Teacher's Guide To Badges In Education
What encourages students to do well in school? Often, it comes down to grades. Many students will work harder in order to earn a higher grade. Colleges want to see good grades. Parents want to see good grades. Grades are good, right? Unfortunately, some students are not motivated by grades. Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts Boys and girls in the scouting program earn patches for three things: progressing through the scouting program, attending a special event, or accomplishing a specific goal. The patches are a source of pride to the scout who earned them, and they are a way to show off what they have accomplished to others. The values of every organization change, and when that happens new badges are created to encourage members to gain those skills. The Use Of Badges In The Military The Scouts’ use of badges was borrowed from the military which has been utilizing badges for hundreds of years. Video Game Achievements Badges from the video game Crysis – via MadMagnet Targets Specific targets.

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Easyclass - A Free Multilingual Online Course Management System Easyclass is a newer entry into the online course management market. When it comes to user interface, Easyclass lives up to its name by being quite easy to use. I was able to create a course in Easyclass in less than five minutes and at no point in that time was I wondering what to do next. On Easyclass you can host classroom discussions, post assignments, post resources for students, and deliver online quizzes to your students. To get started on Easyclass you create a class and either invite members or tell all of your students to visit the site and enter a class ID code. Digital Badges: Examples, Ideas and Info So who is actually using digital badges for kids and schools? here are some examples (see below for ideas specifically for the Research Study): Fonticharo, K. and Elkordy, A., “Getting Started with Digital Badges,” Fall 2013 MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Education) Journal: ; scroll to find article.

5 Awesome Resources for Badges in the Classroom Pinterest Gamify Your Classroom With Digital Badges!Adding game mechanics to your classroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Digital badges are a great way to get started with gamification. Recognize learning achievements in your classroom with badges to motivate and challenge students to reach the next level.

How To Create A Student Badge Leaderboard Using Google Apps This year I've been developing the role of 'Digital Leader' in my school to support our move to BYOD. Through research of the benefits of gamification, I decided that I wanted to be able to award badges to students to certify their skills and urge them to support others and develop skills. Mozilla Open Badges seemed like a good place to start, but it was tough to tailor to what we needed, and would be another set of login credentials for students to remember/set up.

15 Technologies That Were Supposed to Change Education Forever Gotta give them credit, they were pretty much right on the money in most cases. 1. Electrified Books at the Turn of the 20th Century - "machines that translated books into audio" - Audio books. 2. Gyroscopic Cars in 1912 - "distance will be annihilated with the rise of new transportation technologies" - Pretty much true, even if not via gyroscope cars or pressure tubes. 3. Creating Badges with Google Sheets - Teacher Tech Thinking about adding badges to your class? There are many ways to award students badges including using Class Badges. If you would like to organize your own badges here is a system you may want to try that uses Google Sheets. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Drive (

3 Ways To Use Data In The Classroom The phrase “using data to drive instruction” is showing up everywhere in education circles lately. Particularly with the incorporation of the Common Core State Standards, and new standardized tests and teacher evaluation systems, the way that teachers use data is becoming more and more important. But what exactly does it look like in the classroom? And how can technology help make the process more manageable? Using data in the classroom doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. My favorite way to use data in my eighth grade English Language Arts classroom is to use formative assessment data to drive instruction and for intervention.

Badges How to: Using Your Classroom Rubrics to Design a Badge System Recently teachers and administrators have been asking us for ideas on how to go about implementing badges in their own schools. In this post, I’m going to describe two approaches for how to take existing classroom rubrics and design complimentary badge systems. This approach has several advantages: a significant part of the work necessary for designing the badge system has already been done in developing the rubric,teachers can continue to assess students with a proven rubric andthe badge system integrates well with the existing learning activities. Approach 1: Recognize Skills and Achievements

Badge Alliance » Why Badges? badge [baj]: a special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc. (Source: A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. From the Boy and Girl Scouts, to PADI diving instruction, to the more recently popular geo-location game, Foursquare, badges have been successfully used to set goals, motivate behaviors, represent achievements and communicate success in many contexts.

Everyone in Education Should Care About Digital Badges: Here's Why A “digital badge” is an online record of achievements, tracking the recipient’s communities of interaction that issued the badge and the work completed to get it. Digital badges can support connected learning environments by motivating learning and signaling achievement both within particular communities as well as across communities and institutions.

Create Games with Construct 2 The Construct 2 start page Quick & Easy Bring your work to life in hours and days instead of weeks and months. With Construct 2 making games is a piece of cake: just drag and drop objects around, add behaviors to them, and make everything come alive with events! With a quick and easy to grasp Ribbon interface, you have clear access to a wide set of tools that allows anyone to jump into game creation with little to no prior game development knowledge.

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